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My bikes:

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Clubs I belong to:

none at moment

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • General leisure riding
  • Longer tours or trips abroad

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

At the moment not very far. Used to ride all year round. But now I`m a bit oldr and got a nice motor I tend to take the soft option and use the car. Not just because of the cold but because of the time it takes to clean the bike before I can put it away after a ride, don`t like to put it away dirty because that`s when the ROT setsin. I do still go out for odd blast. The other year I got a pull on Christmas Day I wasout on my TTS884 Bandit all legal and registered but still got the producer, thought it was all computarised these days.When I do go out I ride round the back roads of Cornwall. My favourite ever was when Irode through Wales South to North, Swansea, I was taking my mate to Scotland to pick up his Bike. We had been to Southern Ireland to the FREEWHEELERS BASH so that weekend I did Cornwall, Wales, Southern Ireland ,Scolandand then back to Cornwall. Set off Thursday AND I was back in Cornwall the following Wednesday. But I stopped off at Hull to look up a Bird I used to know. There`s a lot more but i`ll finish with the thought of the HORNY Bird in Hull.

My dream bike:

Anythink with loads of POWER that can go round corners fast. But if I had to pick one Bike it would have to be a MINT STANDARD Z1 withorigional exhaust.

My favourite music:

Amy Whinehouse

Other stuff about me:

ride f###### f### and can take a bike to bits and put it back together again and also like Renovating OLD JAPs and building bikes if I`m in the mood.

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