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My bikes:




Experience with bikes:

4-10 years

What I use my bike for:

  • General leisure riding
  • Commuting

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

Portugal, usually between Belém and Sintra

My dream bike:

- Honda VFR 1200 Dual Clutch - Honda Goldwing - Honda Pan European - KTM 125 or 250 two stroke - Honda SH300i - custom bike for track only (maybe even a 125cc)

Other stuff about me:

I'm still looking for the perfect bike. So far I had the 08 fireblade but I found that, being a sportbike, it compromised too much for the road. I traded it in for a 2010 XL700V. It took some getting used to, but I ended up enjoying it very much although it's definitely not my style of bike as it doesn't put a smile on my face in the corners, so I sold it also. Now I'm riding a Honda PCX because it's a rocketship (not really, more because it's cheap) I think that, in the distant future, I'll try getting my hands on a sport touring machine like the VFR 1200, the best experience I've had so far when it comes to leisure riding. An SH300i abs would be my nearer choice for commuting and economy conscience riding.

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19 January 2009
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24 January 2013 19:33
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