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My bikes:



Transport manager

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • General leisure riding
  • Commuting

Type of rider:

Older, wiser and slower

Where I ride:

Live in Surrey, so anywhere in all directions from there, main rule is anywhere as long as its a fun ride. Annual Brands Hatch track days. Weekend ride outs and bike race meets

My dream bike:

Daytona 675 SE

Other stuff about me:

Been riding since 1976, started with Garelli Tiger Cross Special (the black and red one for those like me who can remember them), didn't fancy a 250 so went onto a Norton 850 Interpol (only slightly illegal at the time), got caught in '78 so had to take my test, then had various Triumphs (Bonnies and a Trident T150) until I left the navy and had to use bike for work every day. Various bikes from the big jap 4 since, last of which was a 98 ZX6R, from new in 98 til 2006 when I had to change it for something more practical (old age kicking in).

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25 March 2009
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23 December 2013 20:42
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