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My bikes:



Truck Parts Sales



Clubs I belong to:

The Order of the Individual Rider(no club)

Experience with bikes:

4-10 years

What I use my bike for:

  • Commuting

Type of rider:

Born again biker

Where I ride:

I live in the Northeast corner of Oregon, USA. I ride 7 miles to work when the conditions are safe. I have ridden to Portland, Seattle, NW Washington Peninsula, Central Oregon and Spokane WA area. One of my favorite spots to go is only a couple of miles northof here. It's a very twisty secondary road that on the east end, goes into the Blue Mountains about 40 miles to the east of me. If you go west, you end up at the Columbia River, where you can either go west to Portland, about 200 miles, loop back here to Pendleton or just turn around, about 30-45 miles, or you can go east up into Eastern Washington, or to Seattle, Spokane, or loop back here through Walla Walla(named after local Indian tribe) WA, about 60+ miles. Just have to watch for semi-trucks during the summer mostly and other farm trucks and tractors, etc., and deer, I've had a couple close calls with them, once literally close enough I could have swatted one's butt.

My dream bike:

A Harley XR1200, a Superglide, another Kawi DL650(first bike 4 yr ago after nothing since teenage dirtbike riding),a Kawi Concours 1400, a 250 Kawi, Suzuki, or Honda on/off road bike to ride up in the mountains, and a Triumph 675, Aprilia ? or good Japanese 750-1000 sportbike. That's good for a while.

My favourite music:

Moody Blues/Pink Floyd

Other stuff about me:

I like to read, esp. motorcycle(including some Btitish)magazines, Hot Rod, American Rifleman(NRA member and shooter)and books of military history.I like model cars and the real thing. Drive a basic '04 Ford Taurus, hope someday to have a Mustang or Camaro that has the engine and suspension to chase sports cars around. I also have a '99 Dodge 1500 2wd pickup, for a short time longer. I like mostly classic rock and some blues and jazz. Though my town hosts what I believe is the 3rd largest rodeo in the US, I watch the goings-on from a distance, it's cool but just not a big interest of mine. I used to dive and ski, maybe do those again some day. My son was a Marine, now in Oregon National Guard, fireman, EMT, college student. Served in both theaters of combat, very proud of him. I work for an International truck dealer west of town.

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