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My bikes:


Clubs I belong to:


Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

Everywhere thats worth a good long ride as i'm not into short blasts. Touring is my passion having toured most of europe. Regular rides around Wales usually doing 250+ miles & coffee at the Ponderosa cafe etc.Bikes are for riding not looking at in the garage, sport bikes have been swapped for something i can use anytime because here in the uk it's wet more than dry!

My dream bike:

I like all bikes owned 40+ over the years, i couldn't give up GS adventure it's amazing if ridden hard.

My favourite music:

General rock & Punk to easy listening.

Other stuff about me:

Tour now covered 19 countries 54,000 miles in 5 years on my current machine a GSA. Competed at Motocross,had ACU licence road racing,done run wot u brung and tried trials briefly. Now it's touring!

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