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Joanne Barbiegirl


My bikes:

YAMAHA FZR400 1989


Uncivil Servant



Clubs I belong to:

The club of life on the streets

Experience with bikes:

4-10 years

Type of rider:

Bikesport fan

Where I ride:

Anywhere not over run by the crazies - car drivers

My dream bike:

MV Augusta F5, only problem is, I might kill myself, would!

My favourite music:


Other stuff about me:

Ardent fan of all things motorcycle racing, you know the sort of thing, the lovely real men it attracts - alright so there are a few who aren't - arrogant obnoxious officials, and yes, I'm an advocate for increased safety standards in motorcycle real road racing. I'm very passionate about worthwhile campaigns particuarly the campaign to Save Our Sport From Evil. You can of course also find me on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook where I'm also a member of the So Cal Retired Motorcycle Road Racers which is a group for road racers who used to race in the AFM, CMC, ACA, WERA amateur races as well as AMA professional classes. Participate in as many track days as can be managed, mostly UK mainland circuits and further afield where on occasions I've tested the kitty litter which many might suggest as being appropriate, the air fencing, and indulged myself in some quite extensive tarmac testing. Nowadays the bikes are hired, borrowed from very trusting friends - not stolen yet, as such. RS125 and RS250 Hondas to CBR600 Honda, Suzuki GSXR600, Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1. Have attended motorcycle races throughout Ireland, the Isle of Man plus BSB rounds, and many World Superbike and MotoGP meetings. Also officiated at race meetings in Ireland, UK, and Europe. My philosophy on life is simple, whatever it is you believe you possess, flaunt it - flaunt it all unashamed - your knowledge, your skills, your body - use your assets to further your career, advancement in your chosen sport, your social lifestyle - whatever your sex, advertise it, flaunt it, use it to your advantage, just think of all the pleasures you'll experience along the way.

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20 February 2010
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130 times
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21 March 2013 15:48
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