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Balistics Analyst

Clubs I belong to:

Priests of Sin mac,(Hungary chapter)

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

Anywhere i can ride it to its limits

My dream bike:

Mick doohans NSR500, Raineys YZR500,any factory supamoto.

My favourite music:

The Chameleons

Other stuff about me:

I'm an independant minded biker who hates all kinds of authority & conformity.I build every bike i have into a streetfig(i was doing it before s/f mag even exsisted.I love to push my bikes to the limit thru bends,but top sreeds are an irrelevance to me.Biker rallies are where you meet the best folk & are the last true places of personal freedom.

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29 October 2010
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57 times
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02 November 2013 15:45
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