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charlotte tagg


My bikes:

SUZUKI GSR600 1986


owner of pet cakes





Clubs I belong to: Current Issue | Trike Magazine, im in this month

Experience with bikes:

A year or less

Type of rider:


Where I ride:

on the road tracks or demos on grass and speedway.

My dream bike:

the one i build myself one day :)they all great in some way

Other stuff about me:

i started trike racing last year because it hadnt been done before and i wanted to know if its possiable my trike are safe and handle around speedway track. id like to get sponsorship and help to start as a sport now they have banned right handed side car racing there is a slot were i can get in with the right backing i want to be the fastest lady on 3 wheels, im doing this so i can help others have as much fun as me especially people that are disabled who cant drive cars or bikes.

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01 March 2012
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16 May 2012 20:20
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