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Clubs I belong to:

None. I am a die hard loner.

Experience with bikes:

Up to 3 years

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

Herts / London - think I need to be a little more adventerous!!!

Other stuff about me:

FINALLY back to MCN. been awol for a good while with life taking over. Still a complete loner with no biker friends at all... although hoping to recitfy that at some point. Still on my wee 650cc Bandit Hercules but feeling the need for something fast and sporty. Finished paying off the loan for Herc so he is officially mine mine and only mine. I could never sell him, but I might add to my collection. I am a single, 30 year old who is scheming a road trip to see her parents in Northern Ireland.. I want to live in a tent, travel far and wide and swim in open water. Preferably naked. So bikes, camping, and nakedness outdoors (kidding) are my general fun activities... just need to find little friends to explore this amazing land of England! And I want to live on a barge.. with enough room for Herc to be placed on the back. One can wish...

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21 March 2012
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181 times
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16 August 2013 13:26
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