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My bikes:



Car Sales

Clubs I belong to:

I dont have any affiliation to any clubs over the years I have been a member of the BMF MAG RNMCC and various small groups of like minded individuals.

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • General leisure riding

Type of rider:

Older, wiser and slower

Where I ride:

I ride for fun, I also have a couple of cars and a motor home.

My dream bike:

Honda VTR Firestorm

Other stuff about me:

I have been riding since the late seventies. In that time I have had many of the bikes that are now classics. My first bike was a CB50J (not seen one for years) and my latest being my Firestorm. I had a break away for a while but once bikes are in your blood they stay there. I have trouble keeping anything standard and have to tinker!

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