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Where I live:




Clubs I belong to:

Association of British Drivers

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

Type of rider:

Older, wiser and slower

My dream bike:

Honda RC30, Suzuki RG250

My favourite music:

Paul Weller

Other stuff about me:

My riding career on two wheels came to an abrupt halt in 1993 when a "Sorry mate I didn't see you" put me in a wheelchair. But hey, life goes on and now I'm an expert on belly-button piercings, I've got a nice car and a spacious house thanks to the other guy's insurance, and I'm still alive and determined to enjoy every minute... I play basketball, I enjoy wine (but I've only got as far as telling the various grapes apart because I always drink too much to get intellectual about it). I've tried diving and I’ve still got my memories from my bike racing and testing days. Beating Ben Bostrom by a wheel at Daytona in 1993 was a gas. Mind you he was only 18 at the time. The older I get the faster I was.

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02 August 2002
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28 October 2014 13:11
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