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MCN Ride Logger iPhone App - Motorcycle Performance Tracking

MCN Ride Logger iPhone App

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What is the MCN Ride Logger iPhone App?
Discover your ride performance details via the MCN Ride Logger iPhone App. Motorcycle tracking recorded straight to your iPhone Application. Acceleration, speed and time stats all logged and more!

  • Record your location, speed, acceleration and braking continuously throughout a ride
  • Review your ride data at any point via a zoomable map
  • Swap to a graph view to see how you’re riding at different points, comparing in detail
  • Share the details of your favourite rides with friends

The MCN Ride Logger iPhone App delivers your ride performance within a well designed user interface making your performance clear and easy to understand. This Application relies on GPS data that allows your smartphone to use your location and deliver your ride performance in terms of:

  • Speed
  • Average speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Total journey time
  • Total distance

How to use the MCN Ride Logger iPhone App
To get started you simply hit the “start new ride” button on the Application. MCN have extensively researched the best place to store your iPhone (smartphone). The MCN Ride Logger uses GPS satellite positioning to track your route. For best results, your iPhone should be positioned where ever it receives the best GPS signal. This will vary between bikes and riders and may require some experimentation to find the best position.

As with any GPS App, the goal is to give your phone as panoramic and uninterrupted a view of the sky as possible.

MCN has tested the App using a wide range of bikes and riders.

Locations giving consistently reliable results (e.g. works fine for the vast majority of riders)

  • Tank bag map pocket
  • Top of bum bag
  • Rucksack upper/outer pocket
  • Top of tail pack / other bag bungeed to pillion seat
  • iPhone-specific bike mount
  • Outer thigh pocket

Locations giving mixed results (e.g. works fine for some but not all riders)

  • Front jacket pocket (may be worse for sports bike riders)
  • Hard panniers

All of your rides (journeys) will be listed on the App and you can choose which ones you want to re-live. The main dashboard has two options: “Top” or “All”. When “Top” is selected the Application will highlight each of the peak performances from whichever ride recorded them. So you will find your best speed, best distance, best acceleration and best deceleration from potentially different rides. When selecting “All” the App will list all of your rides, with the option to edit them.

We hope you enjoy the MCN Ride Logger iPhone App.