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Where is the best place to sell a used Motorcycle?
Find recent testimonials from advertisers on MCN Bikes for Sale on the impartial Review Centre below:


Older feedback, provided directly to MCN:

“The MCN experience was great from start to finish; clear concise instruction all the way through. The website was easy to navigate and ad placement simple to achieve. Got the feeling that you were part of a big family with help only a short call away.”
- John H, July 2013.

“Your service was first class cannot be bettered. So many people enquired about my bike it shocked me. I don't think you can improve on your service! I am as happy as a pig in the proverbial! Thanks so much for the service you gave me.”
- Dave C, July 2013

“We chose MCN not only because it is dedicated to bikes but also because of the reasonable cost of advertising.  We would have no hesitation in using MCN in the future and would also recommend to family and friends.”
- Marion G, June 2013

“On Tuesday 4th June you approved my 'for sale ad' for my Honda Innova. The response was immediate and my bike was sold today (Friday 7th June.) Thank you for providing such an excellent service.”
- Kevin J, June 2013

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“I had a positive experience both buying and selling through MCN so happy to provide a testimonial. I purchased the new bike (Kawasaki ER-6f) privately before selling my bike (Honda CBR125R).

Buying – The categories for selection were clear and allowed me to select the exact bike rather than the family (ER6) that some other sites provide. As I still had my bike, your ‘partners’ support was excellent particularly the 7 day free insurance that allowed me to get the bike home and then arrange the longer term transfer.

Selling – Straight forward. The photo upload was simple and 10 Meg. Limit allowed me to add the quality I wanted. I uploaded at about 16:00 on a Friday. The advert was live by 18:30. I was called on Sunday evening and the bike was sold Monday morning.”
- Jamie S, June 2013

“I found MCN to be an excellent place to sell my bike. Building the ad was simple and the help pages useful.”
- Chris E, June 2013.

“Thank you very much, I am highly impressed with your service and that I had no scammers etc. First person contacted regarding bike has bought it-1 day after placed an advert! Today had another person willing to view and buy. It’s worth mentioning that I had advertised with Autotrader, paid much more for service and all I had was several numbers of scams, not even one genuine interest. Once again massive thank :) Also I have to say that I bought 2 bikes through your website. Top class!”
- Marcin S, June 2013.

“Many thanks to Motorcycle News Classifieds, through which I sold my Kawasaki ER6F in June 2013, the whole process was very simple, efficient & cost effective with my bike selling within 3 weeks. I have also bought bikes through MCN which gave me great choice and peace of mind, I have found sellers and buyers to be genuine with the advice provided by MCN invaluable in ensuring hassle free transactions. I will continue to use MCN as my preferred option for motorcycle transactions in future.”
- Gary S, June 2013.

“I found the MCN website really easy to use and placed my ad within minutes.  I’m sure being able to enter lots of text and high resolution photos helped me to sell my bike, for the price I wanted, all within 2 weeks.   The extras on offer to the buyer such as theft check, insurance, warranty etc. make buying a bike through MCN a much better option than other websites/papers.  The phone number privacy protection was important to me and worked really well.  I didn’t receive any spam calls or texts. So superb value for money and I have no hesitation in recommending MCN.”
- Karen T, June 2013.

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“I researched all the options before choosing MCN to advertise my bike. I looked at trade papers and online auction sites, researched discussion forums but chose MCN because I thought prospective purchasers would be biking enthusiasts and it was important to me where my bike ended up as I had owned it for 10 years.

I initially tried to but my bike on at a price I thought realistic but the online process advised that this was too low. It advised me to up the price by £400. I was unsure, thinking I wouldn't get any interest in the bike, but it sold for the full price on the day it was advertised.

I chose the premium advert option. I cannot say if this helped sell the bike but I suspect it did. As I suspected the new owner was a biking enthusiast and I was happy to sell it to him. Well done MCN!”
- Karl P, June 2013

“I would like to say that I’ve had an excellent service from yourself and that I would definitely use the site again. The site is easy to use and the quick response to enquiries gives confidence for the service. I wish you guys all the best.”
- Armen B, June 2013

“The service offered by the MCN team and their web and print services to see bikes is second to none!  Within a few minutes of my bike being visible on line enquiries were coming in and eventually I sold to one of these. Great coverage and easy to do!”
- Pete H, May 2013

"I believe your service to be 1st class. I really have no qualms with any of your services and will indeed highly recommend it to friends and family. Once I am ready to buy again the MCN website will be my 1st port of call. Keep up the good work and again thank you very much.”
- Julian K, May 2013

“I've used the MCN Classified Ads service twice and sold bikes through it reasonably quickly. I found the ‘Place Ad’ pages easy to negotiate and the pics downloaded quite quickly, all in all a straight forward, simple, easy to use, no fuss process. The advice notes and tips regarding safety and security for sellers' was most useful, as was the free masked phone number which completely stopped unsolicited calls from time-wasters and companies offering to sell the bike for a fee !! The cost of the Ad seemed reasonable for 6 weeks and I was very pleased that it was processed and appeared so quickly. Your service ticked all the boxes I was looking to fill and I would be happy to use it again and/or recommend it to friends.”
- Chris R, May 2013

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“I used MCN to advertise my CBR1000F because I knew it's where serious bikers look to purchase a new bike. Using the website was quick, easy and gave a professional result that was adapted for both the internet and the MCN publication. I received serious enquiries within 24 hours and sold the bike within 48 hours. In total I received eight enquiries before I had the advert removed. The service I received from MCN was excellent. I would recommend using MCN to sell a bike quickly and with minimum hassle to anyone. “
- John R, May 2013

“Your site was very easy to use when placing an advert. Although advertised elsewhere my bike sold due to your national coverage. My replacement bike was also on your site! Thank you folks for a great site!”
- George M, May 2013

“I would definitely advertise with you again!”
- Glenn L, May 2013

“I had a very good experience with MCN. The process of placing an ad was straightforward, the online advice about selling a bike was extremely clear and helpful and, best of all, my bike sold very quickly once the ad appeared. Thanks, MCN”
- Barry T, May 2013

“I received the first enquiry 4 hours after submitting the advert. That caller eventually bought the bike at the advertised price. Even though I sold it weeks ago I’m still receiving calls so I can’t recommend the service enough. Thank you! A very satisfied customer.”
- Mark S, May 2013

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“The service offered by the MCN team and their web and print services to see bikes is second to none!  Within a few minutes of my bike being visible on line enquiries were coming in and eventually I sold to one of these.  Great coverage and easy to do!”
- Pete H, May 2013

"Service? In a word, excellent!"
- Andrew L, May 2013

"I chose MCN to advertise my bike as it appeals to bikers. I found the on line set up for creating an advert very easy to use, It took me ten minutes and the advert was completed. I was pleased with the number of responses I received: 8 phone calls. I sold my bike for £50 more than my original estimate!"
- Jonathan E, May 2013

"I sold my bike within a few days of it being posted online, the advert hadn't even reached the press pages! Thanks ever so much for making it very easy for me to sell my bike with no hassle.
I have placed adverts in the for sale section before and each time has been a success and a very easy site to negotiate makes it all the more pleasurable."
- Lea P, May 2013

"I really couldn't fault your service as everything went smoothly and your advice on the site was very helpful. I chose MCN as I only wanted to attract bike enthusiasts and thought I might get time wasters and other undesirables advertising it in any other way, ebay etc. Thanks again."
- Mal P, Apr 2013

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"Your motorcycle selling service is simple to use, value for money and above all for motorcyclists. Placing the ad couldn't have been easier, enter reg, add you details, upload the photos all done in 5 mins.Once again thanks for the service and will definitely use it again in the future."
- Martyn & Lesley A, Apr 2013

"The MCN web site was recommended to me by a friend. I found the site very user friendly in creating my particular add, the uploading of pictures & large space allowed for the bike description text was great as I was able to put down all the points I felt would make my bike more attractive to buyers. A great service at a very reasonable price which got my bike sold within a week & just to add icing to the cake I used the MCN web to by a new bike which got delivered last week. Very satisfied customer!"
- Gary S, Apr 2013

"You make it very easy to post an ad, that's a big thing. The bike was sold in just over a week of the ad appearing. Superb stuff. Thanks a lot!"
- Martin W, Apr 2013

"I got 98% of the asking price which I'm pleased with. Your site was easy to navigate and use to place an advert!”
- Nigel A, Apr 2013

"I am extremely pleased with the response to my advert placed with MCN. To get maximum coverage I had advertised my bike with both MCN and Bike Trader. MCN cost me less money and I received five enquiries within a week from buyers who said they saw the advert on the MCN web-site: I received no enquiries via Bike trader. The bike sold within a week and at my expected price. Well done MCN!"
- Russell B, Apr 2013

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"I would certainly  use Motorcycle News again to advertise any Motorcycles, on this occasion we sold an Aprilia rs125 within a couple of days, and had about seven enquiries within the first 3 days, all for one set charge.
This service is head and tails over ebay, which is full of timewasters, and people who think they can offer silly money for bikes, then pull out of the sale, I also find that ebay cripples you with final value fees, and Paypal fees if you use the service. I know where I'm selling my next bike, MCN for sure."
- David W, Apr 2013

"The service I received at MCN was great. The whole process of putting in an advert was very easy to do - even downloading the photos which with some advertising companies takes a long time. The response we have had has been great, so there is obviously lots of people looking at the MCN Website. We wouldn’t hesitate to advertise in MCN again."
- Christine C, Apr 2013

"I haven't used MCN to advertise a bike before.  I have always either part exed or advertised locally. I found the whole process of creating an advert to be simple and straightforward.  Being able to view other similar bikes for sale helped in choosing what to say and to price the bike realistically not to mention the help files which were very helpful (whoops, I just mentioned them!).  The advert accepted photos from my 7.2 mp camera without complaint and the whole advert uploaded quickly. The bike sold in 4 days, and at the price advertised.  The bike had to be collected by courier and they said that they moved many of this model and the sale price was a fair one so it wasn't under priced. The sale price was much better than offered by the bike shop as a part ex. The fact that it was bought by someone 200 miles away showed that advertising nationally was a good idea. All in all a great service with great results and I will certainly use MCN the next time I sell."
- Phil S, Apr 2013

"Hi, I would like to thank MCN for all the help in selling my bike. The service is excellent helped all the way through: listing advice, how to compose your advert, photographic tips, also there was plenty of time to ammend your advert, the customer support is great thanks Alex. I will definetly use again."
- Tom K, Apr 2013

"I consult MCN on bike performance and reviews; and have had a positive experience buying bikes advertised on their listings. Even better, I have benefited from their swift and cost-effective service in advertising my bike for sale, in which three days after posting I sold my bike at asking price. Their service in all its forms is second to none."
- Mehrtash R, Apr 2013

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"I would just like to say thank you for the advertisement you included on your website for me. The advert was very clear and easy for prospective buyers to read. The value of the service was first rate and very good value. Thank you very much."
- Paul F, Apr 2013"I didn't want the hassle of selling the bike privately, but the MCN option of call screening, 7 day warranty, stolen/recovered checks etc. made things very easy for me. I put the bike on on Wednesday night and sold it on Saturday morning for cash. I priced the bike for a quick sale and so I could take a deal on it and I got £200 more than I was willing to take from a dealer. I think a specialist bike site like MCN would get more serious bike buyers than a general site that sells cars and boats etc. I was very satisfied with the service and the way the advertising setup guides you through the process and does half the work for you."
- Chris B, Apr 2013

"Sadly we advertised with Bike Trader in the first instance and wasted our money.  All we got were emails daily from con artists offering to take the bike with PayPal.  We then advertised with MCN and were really impressed by the ease and speed of getting the advert online.  We sold our bike before it even got to print - wonderful!  A really great service which I would certainly recommend to anyone selling their motorbike. Thank you."
- Lynda E, Apr 2013

"I sold my bike with MCN and there has obviously been considerable thought put into this service to make it very easy to use and with lots of assistance built in to reassure the seller and the buyer. You are to be congratulated!"
- Graham R, Apr 2013

"Very professional service - preparation of advert on website simple and straightforward and amendments undertaken with ease.  Overall good service."
- Ian S, Apr 2013

"A great service. To start with, at just over £2 a week to advertise in one of the leading motorcycle press websites, I thought this very reasonable. MCN automatically tells you how your price compares with the market when you develop the advert - a very helpful tool to test your rationale. I sold my bike in 6 days."
- Jonathan B, Mar 2013

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"I advertised my bike with MCN as I felt it was good value compared to other high profile sites. My bike was sold for the full asking price within the first week of the advert appearing online. Very happy!"
- Leigh C, Mar 2013

"The service was great, as always. I have sold two bikes with your publication and would do so again."
- Ben A, Mar 2013

"My experience of advertising and successfully selling my bike through MCN has been very positive.  Navigating the website and creating a ‘bike for sale’ advert is easy and does not take a long time to complete.  I had to request some help from the customer service team and found them to be helpful, polite and very quick to react to my request; I couldn’t really ask any more of them."
- Bill W, Mar 2013

"I have been delighted with the service received whilst trying to sell my bike through MCN.  Communication has been excellent, timely and personal whenever I have had a request.  The hints and advice prior to creating my advert were very helpful and I was particularly pleased that my advert was used as part of a feature article in the paper.  I am sure this contributed towards a number of inquiries and then a successful sale.  I would recommend MCN to anyone wanting to buy or sell a bike."
- Mat D, Mar 2013

"Excellent service, very quick and a good price. Very professional. Would definately recommend. Thanks for all your help!"
- Rudi L, Mar 2013

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“Thank you for the Ad it did the trick! I received a telephone reply to the advert, within a couple of hours of it being placed and the bike was sold over the weekend to the seller who produced all the asking price there and then!”
- Ken L, Mar 2013

"I like to use MCN for selling motorcycles as I feel it is a trusted site used by serious motorcyclists. I particularly like the fact that buyers are given security of purchase and the opportunity to insure their new machine free of charge for 7 days. Advertising is reasonably priced, and advert upload is easy"
- Kevin L, Mar 2013

"Thanks for selling my bike your services where easy and professional to use and made advertising easy, glad I choose you on recommendation of a friend. I got exactly the price I wanted and no time wasters, although I placed the most expensive ad it worked a treat!"
- Roy B, Mar 2013

"I have not used MCN before to sell a bike - a friend recommended MCN having used you before. From placing the ad to the bike being bought and taken away it was 15 days so I'm very happy with that.  I've had several enquiries and offers from most, so again great. The web site was very easy to use and upload photos too etc. I would definitely use your service again and recommend to anyone selling a bike."
- Stuart C, Mar 2013

"The website is very intuitive and doesn't time you out after a few minutes like some other sites.  Furthermore, it allows you to add multiple pictures, and quite big ones at that, and - for the website - allows you a huge amount of words, leaving you possibly struggling to fill the quota allowed! Within 2 days of it hitting the website, I had a buyer turn up with an envelope containing the asking price and he took it away very happy.  This is the second quick sale in succession I've had using the MCN classifieds; the system is hassle-free and clearly works! Thanks guys."
- Gavin D, Feb 2013

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"Thank you for a hassle free experience using your services to advertise my motorcycle, I went with the premium service which came in at a very competitive rate, this highlighted my motorcycle on the MCN web site and very quickly I received several phone calls and was successfully sold within 48 hours of listing, I will not hesitate to use MCN again in the future. Thank you!"
- Steve K, Feb 2013

"MCN offers a simple to use advertising system that offers the best value for money and great security for people wanting a private sale"
- Paul F, Feb 2013

"The MCN sales site is so easy and helps out with pointers for market value, key info, photo technique - the lot ! I sold my bike within 48hrs of the ad going live and got the full asking price - well worth it and I would use it again without a moment's thought. Don't px....sell it privately, it's not a nan could do it!"
- Peter M, Feb 2013

"Advert looked very good and extremely easy to produce. Bike sold within a week and was very happy with price received. If needed I would definitely use MCN again and I can recommend the service to anyone interested in selling their bike."
- Ian B, Feb 2013

"I had tried to sell this bike in Auto Trader Bike last autumn, with no success. Didn’t even try eBay for a bike. I placed the MCN advert – selecting the package which would leave the advert there the longest – last Thursday afternoon. One email question on Thursday evening. One phone call on Friday, arranging an appointment to see the bike on Sunday. Two phone calls on Saturday, both expressing interest and wanting to see the bike, if the first appointment didn’t sell it.
One of these callers from 80 miles away, the other from nearly 200 miles away. On Sunday, the first caller came to view and bought the bike immediately, performing a funds transfer there and then. In my book, it doesn’t get much easier than that!"
- Jeremy S, Feb 2013

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"Advertising in MCN to sell my bike was so easy and it was sold in one day of appearing in the paper. Highly recommended!"
- Glynn G, Feb 2013

"I have sold the bike. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone where to go to advertise their bike!"
- Chris B, Feb 2013

"I particularly appreciated the telephone calls being made through your safe system. I definitely had a good service (sold my bike quickly) and would recommend it to anyone thinking of using it. It is the first time I have used it."
- Colin G, Feb 2013

“Thank you for advertising my bike which sold for the full asking price with loads of enquiries. I would like to thank you for the efficient way you dealt with my advert, I had fantastic response and your price was good. I would not hesitate in recommending you and using you when we sell my other bike. Thank you!”
- Pete F, Jan 2013

“I have sold my bike and received excellent service from MCN. Thank you”
- Zak K, Jan 2013

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"The MCN service is good value and provided good quality enquiries - it is the no.1 place to sell a bike, the bike sold quickly and the effort was minimal."
- Sarah B, Dec 12

"Basically selling my Fazer through MCN could not have been easier. The ad was easy to set up and I sold the bike within a week of the ad appearing on the web. The purchaser was happy to view a private seller bike only because of the fact it had been advertised in via MCN with the protections afforded and the offer of free 7 day insurance. I only used MCN to advertise the bike, for the protection given and the fact that only serious bikers tend to view MCN. Thanks for a great, and good value, service"
- Name witheld, Dec 12

"I can't say how much easier it was to sell my Triumph Trident through MCN than another major website. MCN gave me eight responses by email and phone. Auto Trader gave me one over the same period of time and that one was spam! The buyer was confident because he knew the bike had been theft checked by MCN and had read your instructions on how to check the bike Vin and chassis numbers, so he knew my bike was a safe buy. It made the whole process easier and far less worrying for us both. Well done MCN for providing a fantastic service helping bikers buy and sell!"
- Stewart S, Nov 12

"The process of placing an ad on MCN is very simple and intuitive and the buyers pack and checks etc. are obviously highly regarded gathering by comments made by prospective purchasers.  I received a significant number of contacts from my recent used bike ad on MCN and when I sold the bike the request to cancel the ad was dealt with immediately. Try getting an equivalent service from any other advertising source - you won't."
- Mike B, Nov 12

"I chose MCN to sell my BMW as I didn't want any time wasters, just serious motorcycle buyers. The MCN service could not have been better! The ad went online within hours and before the day was out I had an enquiry about my bike, the next day I took a deposit on the bike and completed the sale shortly after. Excellent value and a great service."
- Graham L, Nov 12

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“I would just like to thank you for placing my ad in the MCN paper on Wednesday the 31st Oct 12, Please be informed that I had an email that very same evening to arrange a viewing on Thursday the 1st which took place, and the bike sold for the exact price I wanted, how could you better that! Excellent service great paper, carry on the good work.”
- Tracey P, Nov 12

“Thanks to MCN for the quick sale of my BMW 1200GS. I have never used this type of advertising before and was very impressed with the easy step by step guide to place the advert. Also having all the professional advice on what to be aware of when dealing with scam buyers etc. Thanks Again!”
- Ernest Smith, Nov 12

“MCN is obviously THE choice for all bikers - be it to keep in touch with current news, new bikes and the like, or for looking to buy that special machine! I sold my BMW R80 within a week - and had 2 serious contenders for it - due partly to the price and quality of my bike, and the great ad both in MCN paper and the online section. To set the ad up in the first place was quick and easy to do! Thanks MCN!”
- Ken W, Oct 12

"The only thing I can say is I tried other mediums, including biketrader, and failed to get one enquiry, despite 4 weeks on their site. The sales opportunity given by the MCN magazine, which people keep and reread, along with the continuous web presence was enough to get my bike infront of the right person. I think you have the attention of the bike rider audience, and your sales package offer beats the opposition hands down!"
- Paul E, Oct 12

"Great service from MCN. I had a couple of enquiries within hours of the ad appearing online and several more on the Wednesday morning when MCN hit the shelves. Bike was sold for full asking price within 24 hours.Thanks very much!"
- David T, Oct 12

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"Having advertised my bike on two other freebie sites and wasted valuable selling time with little or no response, it was great to advertise (an easy process) on MCN and get a sale within a week.  Buyer made contact within a few days of advert going live, came to view within 2 days and came back 2 days later for second viewing and then handed over the dosh.  The buyer didn't haggle on price, so I'd pitched it right for the age and condition.  Had three other callers in the first 5 days of advertising. Definitely worth the cost of the advert. Thanks MCN!"
- Julie E, Oct 12

"I found selling my bike on MCN to be very easy. The small touches such as checking the advert and screening emails and telephone calls makes a difference and provides the seller with an extra level of confidence.  The documentation, I think it was the buyers pack, that my buyer brought with him was also very useful to allow us both to have a receipt of sale. Lastly I got my asking price which is always a bonus!"
- Adam P, Oct 12

"Just a short note to thank MCN for the service afforded to me. I would recommend the service to all of my friends as this is an excellent service and the only one I would use."
- Richard S, Oct 12

"From the date the advert went onto the Internet the bike was sold within the week, with numerous interest for the bike (this being the type of bike people want) so all very efficient and very pleased with the service."
- Graham E, Sept 12

"The MCN advert was easy to place and good value. Calls,  some from as far as over 200 miles were recived immediately. The first to see the bike bought it, and the telephone number protection is a reassuring free benefit."
- Tim S, Sept 12

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"Sold my bike - Great value and far superior to the free alternatives"
- Mark T, Sept 12

"Very easy and quick service, the online advertising is excellent. Would recommend you. Many thanks again!"
- Rudi L, Sept 12

"Thankyou MCN ads. The site was easy to use (even for a technophobe like me), very good value for money compared with the competition & the bike was sold within a few days of going in the paper. I would recomend it to anyone who wants to sell their bike."
- G S, Sept 12

"Dear MCN, I am just writing to say thank you. I placed an ad for my 2004 Bandit 1200S on Sunday evening.  I found the on-line procedure very simple and opted for the basic ad + six photos.  I wasn't expecting it to be on your website until midnight the next day, but received a phone call earlier - at 7.30pm, the buyer arrived at 8.00pm and bought it there and then (it's still more than a week before the newspaper ad is due to be published).  My bike was in great condition but I am sure your magazine’s reputation together with its theft check reassured the buyer further.  All in all a very effective and reasonably priced service."
- Paul D, Sept 12

“Overall I found the service excellent, very user friendly (from someone who is not a computer boffin this is important), reassuring for both seller and buyer, plus exceptional value. Thank you”
- Graham S, Sept 12

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“I have now used MCN for selling my motorcycle and my son's scooter. I find the site easy to use and the price with one picture reasonable. Both adverts resulted in a sale and I would use MCN again and would recommend to other people wishing to sell a motorcycle. Thanks.”
- Steve B, Sept 12 

“Yippee, I've sold the bike! I found the MCN website very easy to use and fast putting my ad up. I found the staff extremely helpful.”
- Rob S, Sept 12

“Thank you MCN for excellent service. I was very impressed with MCN's whole advert experience. The website is clear, user friendly and very easy to navigate. I found the advice on "how to sell your bike" really useful. The section on photography was particularly helpful to a camera-phobe! The scam and fraud filters were very reassuring and seemed most effective. My buyer had obviously used all the tools MCN offers to buyers, consequently we both had a positive experience.

My buyer travelled a long way to collect my bike so it was necessary that he was assured through the advert and subsequent communication that our time would not be wasted. I hope that you find this feedback useful.  I will certainly recommend MCN to any of my friends who wish to buy or sell their bikes. Best Wishes”
- Anthony B, Sept 12

“My Bike was sold within 48 Hours of going on the website. Well pleased! Despite a fear of trying to do anything on-line I found the whole process simple to do including the uploading of the photo. The masked phone number is a good idea and the checks for theft etc. The ‘for sale preparation’ article was useful as a check to see if I’d forgotten anything.”
- Wayne B, Sept 12

See your motorcycle 

“In parallel with your ad I took out a second one on another website, and was involved in much correspondence when that one didn't appear on the website, chasing them up; it still didn't appear, so I cancelled it. The ad on MCN appeared promptly, people responded and came to view my bike (Ducati ST4) which then sold. While I was occupied with the other ad, yours did the job with no fuss whatever, and sold the bike in 2 weeks! Much obliged for a hassle-free service.”
- Geoff B, Sept 12

“Through MCN I have sold my KTM this morning. The privacy and security features have been phenomenal. I last used MCN to sell my previous bike about 3 years ago. This time the new anonymity and security features offered by MCN were really useful and permitted interest to be readily screened. Fortunately I only really received genuine interest but it allows you to keep a level of privacy and remain in control of info you give out. Thanks MCN, you can sell a bike in difficult economic times :D”
- Graham B, Sept 12

“MCN provide a simple to use but comprehensive way to buy and sell your motorbike and plenty of information to decide on your next one. Thanks”
- Stan T, Sept 12

“Very positive - fair price , good coverage , easy to place an advert, email saying the buyer was interested was useful , I actually sold the day after it went live and have been getting a steady stream of calls until it was all confirmed. Thanks
- Paul D, Sept 12

“Motorcycle News allowed me to sell my moped with maximum ease and minimum effort and really quickly too.  Really pleased.”
- Philippa B, Aug 12

See your motorcycle 

“Thanks! I was very pleased with the service provided by MCN, excellent value for money and the buyer was grateful of receiving the checks and insurance which allowed him to tax and ride home. First enquiry about the bike bought it, I also received other enquiries which was pleasing and proved that the advert reached a large audience as the bike was fairly uncommon.”
- Andrew F, Aug 12

“I found MCN Classified Ads very convenient to sell my CBR125, and the team were very helpful.”
- Phil M, Aug 12 

“Amazing - bike sold within three days of entering info on website. Went at the right price to a good home! I was in a tricky situation as I needed to sell my much loved Triumph at short notice to cover my son's Uni accommodation costs. After surveying the price range of similar bikes up for sale I figured out a fair price. MCN provided clear guidance on how best to get through the selling process. The website was clear and easy to follow - even after a long day at the office. The best of all, it took me 15 minutes to get through the whole process. In 48 hours the bike was sold - a genuine buyer who knew what he was looking for and what he'd be travelling to see. The phone screening was great, no 'spam' calls. Using the sales contract text provided was an added bonus. No messing about - result. Thanks!”
- Richard S, Aug 12

"I was very impressed with MCN's whole advert experience. The website is clear, user friendly and very easy to navigate. I found the advice on "how to sell your bike" really useful. The section on photography was particularly helpful to a camera-phobe!

The scam and fraud filters were very reassuring and seemed most effective. My buyer had obviously used all the tools MCN offers to buyers, consequently we both had a positive experience. My buyer travelled a long way to collect my bike so it was necessary that he was assured through the advert and subsequent communication that our time would not be wasted.

I hope that you find this feedback useful.  I will certainly recommend MCN to any of my friends who wish to buy or sell their bikes."
- Anthony B, Aug 2012

“The advert I placed with MCN appeared on the web site quicker than predicted, and for the price the target audience is fantastic. I have bought and sold through MCN before and would not hesitate to use this service again.”
- Malcolm H, Aug 2012

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“I previously sold a bike last year through MCN, and with the quick sale of my Kawasaki last month, I've found that MCN is the hassle free, very well priced way to contact folk who are genuinely looking for a motorcycle. (Unlike some bidding sites we could mention). Thanks again. You can quote me on that one.”
- Y T, Aug 2012

“Selling my bike on MCN was quick, the service and updates I needed were actioned immediately without any fuss and best of all I sold my bike (BMW F800GS). Thanks MCN!”
- Graham A, Aug 2012

“Service was excellent.  It all worked absolutely fine.  I received a number of calls and actually had two buyers turn up at the same time who then proceeded to bid against one another.  Sold for cash and printed off contract from MCN website.  Result.  Sorted!  Thank you.”
- Tim N, July 2012

"I placed an advert with you and received a reply with two days from someone who wanted to make an offer.  I had priced it to sell, so I said I was looking for the full price.  He said, he was sorry, but he couldn't afford the full price. Within a few days I had another enquiry, from a young man who came from Bath to see it.  He agreed to pay the full price. Since then, I have had another four enquiries, two of whom asked for advice about the type of bike I had advertised and what I had liked about it. One who was prepared to come from Carlisle! I have been vey pleased with the service. It was quick and easy to set up on the internet and I thought, reasonably priced. I would strongly recommend the service to others."
- Kelvin F, July 2012

"I was very happy with MCN with regards to the sale of my bike, I found the process of setting up the advert quick and straight forward, the pricing reasonable, it was easy to amend the advert, and best of all the fact it was sold within 7 days. I do feel that MCN has a good customer base of bike enthusiasts which helps!"
- David B, July 2012

See your motorcycle 
"I had my bike advertised on another website for a month and received one call in that time. The bike had been on MCN for little more than a day (at the same price and with the same pictures) before I received a number of calls and took a deposit. The entire process of placing the ad through to sale was professional, secure and straightforward. Top marks to MCN – absolutely the number one place for selling your bike!"
- David I, July 2012

"An excellent service. Easy to use and very effective. The various safety features appear to work well. Impressive support and communications from MCN staff. Overall, highly recommended."
- Alf C, July 2012

"I sold my bike within four days of placing the advert with MCN.  Great service and would recommend it to anyone. Would definitely use it again if I needed to. well done everyone at MCN. PS: also sorted my insurance via MCN compare! Keep on Biking!!"
- Dave P, July 2012

"The service you provide is fantastic value for money, placing an ad is very simple and the web page is easy to navigate. The upgrade option is also great value and well worth the effort.  It's good to be able to offer your bike from different perspectives and give potential buyers a full pictorial view. The 'help and tips' section is also an excellent source of information which is easily accessible and highly visible on the web page. Thank you also for the great communication, I believe this provides excellent customer satisfaction on it's own."
- Neil M, July 2012

"I don’t think you can do much more than you have done, I can only have praise for MCN as it target the bikers. I put the bike on eBay where I found people we-mailed me with all sorts of silly comments, and on Autotrader it never got a single response, so then MCN, the week you put it in your paper I had 4 people texting me and within one week I got an offer I accepted, so yes well done MCN."
- Nico S, June 2012

See your motorcycle 
"I would like to thank MCN for offering a brilliant service, my bike sold within 5 days of the advert being published. So easy and so efficient, recommended for all"
- Brian W, June 2012

"I chose MCN Ads instead of eBay because I knew I'd get a good price for the bike and get exposure to a large audience of potentially interested buyers.   Given the price and ease of placing the ad, I found the whole process excellent, and the bike sold quickly with plenty of interested buyers making contact.  I'd highly recommend and will use again next time I need to sell a bike!"
- James E, June 2012

"I have found MCN perfect for selling a moped (biker parents use MCN) and My CBF500-A6 found a seller just 9 hours after the ad went live!  Thank you MCN.  I've also bought a couple of bikes through your ads - overall a satisfied customer."
- Brendan K, June 2012

"The bike has been sold on the first day of showing on the internet! Excellent service thank you."
- Dave W, May 2012

"The web site was very easy to use, and it felt safe and secure.  I sold my bike within a day or two of the advert being published.  I will be using you again should I sell my new bike in the future."
- James P, May 2012 

See your motorcycle

"I chose MCN to sell my pride and joy, and on the third week sold very close to my asking price. My bike has now gone to a real enthusiast, and I am very happy indeed. One week nationally printed in the paper and 6 weeks online publication, catagorised, theft checked, warranted and covered for breakdown is exceptional value for the fee, which in my experience will always attract real bikers and honest people. I am now seeking my next used bike in the safe hands of MCN"
- Chris B, May 2012

"Thank you for the service provided by Motor Cycle News during the recent sale of my Africa Twin. The instruction & advice given on price, description, photo's etc. were clear & concise which resulted in the ad being eye catching. I had numerous enquiries about my bike throughout the six week run of the ad, even getting enquires on the last day, which I think shows that the internet is a very good way of reaching a large & varied number of people. I successfully sold the bike on 12 May with both myself & the new owner very happy indeed. I will certainly use your service again should the need arise & I will thoroughly recommend you to anyone else wishing to sell their bikes as it is excellent value for money as well. Thanks again for everything."
- Arfon J, May 2012

"I’m impressed with MCN as a tool for selling. The cost is good and you get a lot of text, plus it has telephone number screening. Also, changing ad text mid-term has always been painless. The search engine is good and it’s nice to be in a well recognised environment such as MCN."
- Julian J, April 2012

"The service I recieved from MCN Sales staff was excellent, helping to upload pictures and ad changes halfway through
website duration - I would recommend MCN to anybody wanting to sell their bike."
- Christopher B, April 2012

"Just like to say how pleased I was with the speed in which my Suzuki DR350 sold using the MCN classified on their website, the bike was sold within 2 hours of listing.  I continued to have at least another 20 enquiries for the bike. The bike was sold for more or less the full asking price, so no time wasters. The MCN fees were very reasonable considering the fee for my local paper was the same price and the fee on eBay would have been at least 10% the sale price of the bike. Many thanks to MCN"
- Simon H, Lakes and Lochs Motorcycle Tours, Apr 2012 

See your motorcycle

"My Ducati 900SS sold within 3 days of going live with MCN. The process of placing and paying for the advert was clear and straightforward, and the associated charges fair & reasonable. I believe MCN gives you direct access to genuine motorcycle enthusiasts who are the people I want to deal with. Would definately use your service again. Thanks!"
- Karl M, Mar 2012
"Great site, used it to sell most of my bikes I have had over the years (going on to my 16th). It's just a nicely laid out site and the staff are helpful if you have any problems which is a rare occurrence. You can't go wrong."
- Ian F, Mar 2012

"I chose MCN to advertise my Triumph Tiger as I had used this service some years back to sell my previous motorcycle, and just as then I found that I received genuine interest from potential buyers, with the first gentleman who came to see my motorcycle actually buying it from me there and then (for the full advertised price.) In fact the new owner had travelled around 140 miles to view my Tiger. In a nut shell, with the classified section in MCN you reach a large number of GENUINE motorcycle enthusiasts who know exactly what they are looking for and when you have the motorcycle that matches their wish list, then it is a simple transaction. This said, it does not make it easier watching your pride & joy being ridden off by the new owner. Many thanks again."
- James M, Mar 2012

"Another successful sale through motorcycle news! Excellent communication"
- Mike A, Mar 2012

"The website is very quick and easy to use to set up an advertisement. It was extremely effective for me, my bike sold within 4 days"
- Ian J, Mar 2012 

See your motorcycle

"Brilliant service for selling, the buyer had full confidence in the bike before he arrived because of the security/checking of the ad prior to publication. This is also a testimony of how far the paper reaches."
- Mike A, Mar 2012

"I'd would like to thank MCN for being a great service provider. Selling a motorcycle for the first time can be a daunting experience. All the suggestions and good sales advice plus the security element instills an air of confidence. I had three bikes in my garage and decided to let two of them go, sob! This is the second bike that I have sold in the last month, both of them within a week of going into the MCN tabloid paper. The new buyers responded to the email adverts first. I used both the MCN paper and the fabulous web-site to research and then fix a fair price to advertise the bikes.Thanks once again for the great service you provide. 5***** just like the editorial comment in your news paper."
- Brian O, Mar 2012

"The service was great - Easy to use, a really quick and simply way to advertise a bike for sale, can't argue with the price either. I can't fault selling the bike two days after the ad went live on the website!  I'm glad I chose MCN to advertise with and would recommend it to anyone."
- Phil S, Feb 2012

"MCN was quick, easy to use and competitively priced - made the decision between MCN and BikeTrader easy."
- Paul B, Feb 2012

"I had over 20 calls and e-mails on the first day alone and sold to the first person to view. I took advantage of all the tips provided by MCN right down to the ‘contract for sale’. And the whole process of submitting an advert was idiot proof – step by step simplicity. I was surprised but delighted by the response – clearly the MCN online site is a great shop window"
- Allan E, Feb 2012

See your motorcycle

"Very pleased with MCN's service. Easy and cost effective to place ad. I think the site appeals to bikers and has resulted in a quick sale for a good price. Thank you!"
- Mark W, Feb 2012

"It helped me sell my bike effectively with a reasonable advertising cost and it has also helped me find my next bike. Having the website and weekly newspaper gives MCN the edge when it comes to buying or selling a bike with its huge following, so why would you consider advertising elsewhere? Thanks."
- Martin K, Feb 2012

"I've always had a real phobia about selling cars or bikes from home, but I've now sold not one bike but two through MCN. In each case the buyers were nice genuine people who didn't mess me around. My view is that buyers are given reassurance by the checks MCN carry out and although the majority of bikes I've bought have been new I would happily buy one advertised on your site because of your safeguards. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work in promoting all that's great about bikes." 
- Steve C, Feb 2012

"Thanks for an excellent service. It was easy to set up my advert as the website had lots of tips and useful information. The price was very reasonable and the ad was clearly effective as the bike was sold the day after it was posted! Thanks again - a great service all round."
- Tony R, Jan 2012

"I've been very impressed with the service offered by MCN, especially considering the very reasonable price.  The customer service has always been prompt and effective. Don't change!"
- Tim F, Jan 2012

See your motorcycle

"MCN was a great choice to sell my machine. Easy to go online and the advert was up an running within 24 hours. It was cheaper than the other sites, offered more web time and a printed advert in their popular paper. The resulting advert looked great but the cherry on the cake was the filtering of the responses ensuring I only got the genuine buyers calling. All in all a great service. Thankyou!"
- Rev'd Cole M, Jan 2012

"Very good value for money, I've made a quick sale so very happy."
- Stephen C, Jan 2012

"I was very pleased with the service. Having tried the free Gumtree route without success I realised I needed to part with some cash to hit the right audience. MCN seemed much better value than AutoTrader and proved to be the right choice. I sold my bike within 3 weeks of placing the advert and got a fair price for it, even though it wasn't the best time of year to be selling."
- Justin S, Jan 2012

"I was delighted with the process of selling my bike with Motorcycle News.  It was easy to upload pictures and good value.  I had two people interested in my bike, and one bought it (within 5% of my original asking price).  This was pretty good considering it was December, not the best time for bike sales!  I also advertised my bike on a competitor site at the same time, but that didn't yield any interest at all.  Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend Motorcycle News if you want to sell your bike quickly, easily and cheaply."
- Pete K, Dec 2011

“Sold the bike now, thanks to the excellent sales service provided by MCN.”
- Tim C, Nov 2011

See your motorcycle

“Bike advertised one week, gone the next! MCN offers competitive advert prices in a place where you know thousands of other bikers are looking. I also used MCN compare to find the cheapest quote for my insurance of my new bike. All round good service and very simple to use. Would recommend MCN to all people looking to sell their old bike and insure their new one!”
- Ollie R, Oct 2011

“This is the second motorcycle that I have sold using MCN. On both occasions the bikes were sold via the internet ad – before they were published in the paper. I would not hesitate in using MCN again in the future for buying and selling. The ad rates represent good value when considering the exposure.”
- Simon B, Oct 2011

"My experience with MCN has been excellent. As well as selling my bike, I also bought a BMW1200RT SE last weekend. The seller placed the advert on a Sunday, I saw it on the Tuesday and then went to see the bike and then bought it on the Wednesday.  I understand that in the week between agreeing to buy the bike and picking it up last Saturday the seller had six other enquirer’s."
- Alastair K, Oct 2011

"I purchased and sold my bike through your site and was very satisfied."
- Robert B, Oct 2011

"I found the site easy to use and to upload photos. The bike sold through the web and was bought straight away with the buyer coming the following week. We had other interested parties which I contacted saying the bike had been sold. I think using the web page is great as a lot of people can find what they want quickly. I would recommend it to everyone."
- Alan H, Oct 2011

See your motorcycle

"Placing an ad with your paper was really easy and the price was realistic, giving us hits on the web and also in your great weekly paper. Everyone is happy on the quick sale apart from my husband who didn’t really like seeing his bike being driven away. (some good memories on it!)"
- Joanna G, Sep 2011

"I don’t think I can suggest further improvement to your service, in my experience it did exactly what it said on the tin! This is the second machine I’ve sold through your site - Thank you"
- Alistair B, September 2011

"Very prompt and efficient way of selling my bike. No timewasters, but I did receive a couple of offers from scammers, which thanks to your tips and hints for sellers, were very easy to spot. Will definitely use the service again!"
- Andrew T, September 2011

"Superb service, quick replies to emails etc., good price for advert. I spent £60 on Biketrader before using you guys, and got no views. Will most certainly use your site first next time I sell something. Thanks!"
- Ross, September 2011

"I've now sold my motorcycle and was very impressed with the amount of traffic generated through the advert on MCN, so I'll definitely be recommending the site to my friends next time they want to sell a motorcycle."
- Jason C, September 2011

See your motorcycle

"I found the online process to be extremely straightforward and painless. I had eighteen responses to the first two weeks of the advert which seemed to me to be very good. When my buyer arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that using MCN to purchase a bike provides the buyer with a range of useful free benefits and assurances!  That has to be a bonus worth having!  All-in-all, I would say that using MCN to sell my bike was well worth the money, was hassle-free and would recommend the service to anyone wanting to sell a motorbike as the adverts reach nationwide."
- Joe Q, September 2011

"Having studied 'the form' for a few weeks to make a realistic assessment of the market value of my bike I advertised it with MCN. It took all of 10 minutes, start to finish and the bike was sold to the first customer in the first week for the full asking price. Phone has never stopped. Outstanding service from MCN classifieds. A very happy seller and a very happy buyer. Why go anywhere else to buy and sell?"
- David S, August 2011

"Excellent result – sold within 6 days at very close to asking price. Thank you very much!"
- Nigel S, August 2011.

"Placing an ad with MCN was easy, intuitive and quick; my bike was on the web within hours and I had my first calls the next day.  The ad was easy to edit, so I could update it at will, and so increase the chances of a sale."
- David R, August 2011

"I found the MCN webad service very simple to use, uploading my bike details and photo was very straightforward and the options available were clearly explained. I chose the highlighted ad and received a phone call which resulted in the successful  sale of my bike within hours of the ad going live.The site also contained very useful information for both seller and buyer on how to safely and successfully sell or buy a bike and the privacy and security options were appreciated by both myself and my buyer. The service exceeded my expectations and was excellent value for money. I sold my bike on the first day for very nearly the asking price. So much better than if I had taken it to a dealer.So thank you MCN and very satisfied customer"
- Sue C, August 2011

See your motorcycle

"I sold two bikes with MCN Web Ads. I took out the standard package of 1 week and both bikes sold. I had a number of calls/mails regarding both bikes. All very simple to do with no problems. All in all a fast and efficient service."
- Mark B, July 2011

"Just a short note to say how much I appreciated your help in selling my bike from the speed of getting the advert in place on your website to the follow-up courtesy emails to make sure everything was ok. MCN is definately the place to sell a bike quickly and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone with a bike to next bike to sell will be on MCN very soon..."
- Mike G, July 2011

"As regards the service I received from MCN I couldn't be happier. I had been reluctant to place the ad as I had expected to receive nuisance calls, however I am pleased to report that I only received genuine enquires, I think the number screening option is a fantastic idea. I received the first telephone enquiry within 36hrs of placing the ad and a day later the guy had been and completed the transaction - sold to the first caller. Other enquires quickly followed. All in all a super experience, way better than I have previously had using other media. I will DEFINITELY recommend MCN and will use again in the future."
- Simon S, July 2011

"The bike was sold through MCN right away"
- Tony T, July 2011

“I sold my ZX6 on MCN in less than five days. While it was admittably immaculate I got absolute top money for it. Thanks MCN!"
- John-Paul P, July 2011

See your motorcycle

“I have great admiration for the power of your website and weekly magazine to sell bikes. I have had over 42 bikes in my life and I have always sold them with you. I have a RS 250 on the web at the moment and have a gentleman coming from London tomorrow to buy it. I would like to thank the team for making the web site easy to use. You are by far the best way to sell a motorcycle fast”
- John W, July 2011

“The process was easy, quick and successful. If you need your bike shifted in no time, MCN is still the place to do it.”
- Kevin T, July 2011

“The upload of photos and completion of the prompted ad form are really helpful. I'm now looking for a replacement and in truth there is only one place to look - MCN!”
- Mike, June 2011

“I was very impressed with the ease and efficiency of the advertising process and the advice available on pricing along with the cautions on scammers. Also liked the availability of the forwarding telephone number and masked email facility. The cost was not prohibitive either!”
- Neil H, June 2011

“Very good customer service”
- Paul N, June 2011

See your motorcycle

"A good service from MCN. The on-line site is easy to use and the advert appeared quickly and in the time stated.  Response to the advert was good and resulted in a sale within a week."
- Michael S, June 2011

"I have received excellent, polite and efficient service from the MCN Bikes for sale team, and was very pleased to sell my bike. MCN is one of the cheapest advertising services available. Thank you for all your help."
- Anna D, May 2011

"Within 3 days the bike was sold and I now have room in my garage for another one!! Excellent!!"
- Maggie B, May 2011

"The advert I placed on MCN was easy to set up, had immediate impact and was economical. Within a week of placing my bike on the MCN website it was sold."
- Barry M, May 2011

"Even I found it simple to enter an ad on your web site! Thank you for your service, my motorcycle has now been sold!"
- Howell J, May 2011

See your motorcycle

"It was so easy to get the advert together, the ad was quickly set up on the website within 24hrs of me posting the details and the first call brought me a nice easy sale....excellent service, ....and at half the price of a big-name rival....Thanks very much, MCN...'nuff said"
- Craig S, May 2011

"Plenty of enquires - Thanks for your help."
- Edwin S, May 2011

"I found the service very easy to use and extremely good value for money at £13 for 6 weeks. The website was very easy to navigate and my bike was sold to the first viewer and in the first week. Awesome. Many thanks!"
- Mike B, May 2011

"I was pleased with the service MCN provided as it got my bike sold and I got a good price for the bike too."
- Daniel D, May 2011

"MCN is always the first web site I consider when thinking "BIKE". The News is well put together and covers many areas. The bike reviews are first class and professionally written, with added photos and videos. They have helped me with my choices. User reviews are also very helpful. I have now sold 3 bikes and bought 3 bikes through MCN. It clearly reaches the right audience. The selling process is easy and reliable. Details and pictures have now become so easy to download and amend. Your communication system is excellent. The responses are immediate and reassuring, to give great confidence. Your advertising prices are very reasonable. (Please don't increase them though, as a result of this praise!) All this combines to make a great trustworthy and reliable site, which I will continue to use regularly. Whenever I have a spare moment, it's good to log on to MCN. I hope your success continues. Thanks to the team and 'WELL DONE'."
- Colin W, May 2011

See your motorcycle

"What can I say? The bike sold to the first caller for just below the asking price. I've had to disappoint many callers since. I'm delighted with the excellent response to the ad."
- Laurie E, May 2011

"Many thanks MCN for your service I sold my VFR within the first week and received the asking price. The process was so easy to place the advert and had a number of responses."
- Jack B, April 2011

"I have used MCN before to sell several bikes, each time selling within the first week. I'll choose no other way to sell as the service is first class, good price to advertise and it works, many thanks! And each time I've used MCN to sell, I have always bought my next bike from MCN, excellent service cheers everyone!"
- Martyn, April 2011

"Your ad service did what it says on the tin. It was very good value for money and your ability to change the ad was very good, well done!"
- Vicki S, April 2011

"After 18 wasted days on eBay I put the bike on MCN and got a phone call within a couple of hours, deposit the following morning and the bike collected and paid for within 48hours. And whats more for half the fees that eBay was costing! Staff very friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Will definitely be using in the future - brilliant service!"
- Selina M, April 2011

See your motorcycle

"Just a quick note to say thank you to all at MCN for the excellent service provided and the ease of use of the site. I was a  bit concerned with trying to sell my BMW R 1200 GS as I haven't used MCN for some time. Should not have worried - One photo, quick description of bike, press a few buttons, and bingo! on the web Friday. Bike sold Sunday morning and had to switch off the phone due to the volume of calls. Brilliant! I will definitely use again as should everyone else thinking of selling their bike."
- Andy N, April 2011

"The service was very easy to use, the advert was easy to set up and I've had calls and emails every day since the ad went live. The reason I've contacted you is to ask you to take the ad off because even though I've sold the bike my phone won't stop ringing!"
- Danny J, April 2011

"The rates on offer are far more competitive than the competitors in the market and the advert appeared on time exactly as I wished. The response was almost instant and very succesful, resulting in an immediate sale. A far quicker and more succesful service than I have received in the past from your competitors!
- Leo C, April 2011

"I sold my bike to the first enquirer and could have sold it several times - Great ad, so easy to do. Bought the bike on the MCN website and sold it on the MCN website, Perfect! Beats e**y every time!"
- Ron N, April 2011

"This was the first time I have used MCN to sell a bike and was wary of the possibilities of fraudsters and tricksters. The advice which you give for potential sellers and buyers was first class which enabled me to sell with confidence. Thank you MCN"
- Robert D, March 2011

See your motorcycle

"Big thumbs up to MCN as the bike was sold within a week of the ad being booked! Thank you."
- Mark A, Essex. March 2011

"I found the whole process of advertising with MCN easy and on the whole very user friendly. My bike sold quickly at very close to the asking price."
- Stephen G, March 2011

"Thanks for helping me sell my Moto Guzzi 1200 sport so quickly. I thought the bike might be a bit slow to sell so started early in the season. It actually sold after 2 days on the website before it even went into print."
- Peter F, March 2011

"The service has been very impressive and I sold my bike very quickly. I will certainly use it again."
- John G,, February 2011

"I was anticipating a quick sale but never dreamed my bike would go the following day.  Excellent publication and amazing response! Extremely happy customer. Many Thanks!"
- Gerry O, February 2011

See your motorcycle

"Thank you for the great MCN ad value. £20 for 2 weeks in the paper + 6 wks online resulted in 2 happy bikers as we did a straight swap, he got the LT and I got the ZXR 600. Thanks MCN!"
- Keith P, February 2011

"The MCN service has been excellent. I was amazed at how quickly I sold my CB500 and the number of enquiries I received. The advert was simple to place, appeared promptly on the site, clearly reached a large number of people and then was equally promptly cancelled when the bike was sold. Good value for money."
- Malcolm M, February 2011

"The advert was successful and the bike sold quickly, so thank you. Overall if I had another bike to sell I would use MCN again."
- Peter F, February 2011

"I found the service very satisfactory. It was very straightforward to place the ad, and it represented good value, and reached a wide audience. In fact I ended up selling the bike to someone from Germany who had seen the ad. I was happy with the price received, which was reasonably close to my asking price. I also received a response very speedily when I had to cancel the ad due to concluding the sale earlier than expected. I would certainly use the MCN service again, and recommend it to others wishing to sell motorbikes."
- Tim S, Lampeter. January 2011

"I thought the service was simple to use, efficient and value for money, it allowed me to advertise my bike to a large section of the biking community culminating in a large number of enquiries. As a result I was able to obtain the best price for my bike. I was particularly happy with the secure telephone system which totally eliminated canvassing and other nuisance calls. The ultimate test is, would I use the service again and the answer is a definite yes."
- Geoff A, January 2011