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Bike Chooser: Cheap Litre Superbikes

"I have been saving up to buy a new superbike but after being made redundant recently I have been forced to scale back my plans. I don’t want to give up on my dream of owning a litre sportsbike but I need to think a bit more economically. I reckon I can stretch to around £4,000. Any ideas?" James Dewhurst, ...

  • Motorcycle News
  • General news
  • 21 March 2013

Insuring a new bike to ride home

You will find that if you have a driving other motorcycles extension on your policy then your certificate will state so.  Some motorcycle insurers do offer cover for ‘Riding Other Bikes’ as an extension, and if you think you will need it to, say, test ride your next bike, or maybe borrow a mate’s machine for a spin, it’s worth ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 22 October 2010

Fitting a new chain

If you are thinking of changing your chain there are a few things you should consider. You can get more out of it, if you keep it scrupulously lubricated and adjusted through its life, ideally with the lube drip-fed as you ride by a Scottoiler or the like. Don’t just fit a chain on its own as it will wear ...

  • New rider
  • 24 September 2010

Legal advice: what to do if the work car park is dangerous

Riding to work is a great way to beat the traffic, especially if you have got a works car park to leave your bike in safely. But what do you do if the car park is in a shocking state with potholes and sharp objects that mean you have picked up numerous punctures? The law says that employers have a ...

  • Motorcycle News
  • General news
  • 03 June 2010

Had an accident in a car park? Read this...

So how does an accident that happens in a car park differ from an incident on the road? Well, as with any claim, it all depends on the evidence and the facts available. However, unlike a road traffic offence heard in a magistrates court where you have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, in civil procedure cases you only have ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 08 January 2010

What's the best tyre for year-round riding?

Q. As I commute through winter on my bike, I'm interested in fitting a rear tyre that will cope with all the rain, slush and snow and still give decent grip when the weather is fine. I've got the OE Bridgestone BT016s front and rear now, but the rear is due for replacing in the next couple of weeks. Nick ...

  • Motorcycle Products
  • Tyres
  • 16 December 2009

What's the best track day rubber?

Q. I'm gearing up for next year's track days already and I'm looking for some fresh rubber. I've used Pirelli Super Corsa Pros but my supplier is suggesting the Bridgestone 003s which are cheaper too. What do you think? Shane Brisband, Rugby Save money on motorcycle tyres A. The Pirellis are better, with more ultimate grip and feel, while the ...

  • Motorcycle Products
  • Tyres
  • 16 December 2009

Motorbike insurance advice: What happens if a claim is still ongoing when your annual policy is due for renewal?

If you've been using the legal expenses motorcyle cover that goes with the policy, if the claim is settled in your favour on a 100% no fault basis and if your insurer has recovered their financial outlay, then your no claims bonus will still be valid and your premiums should not be affected. Also, the legal service you're getting will only ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 13 November 2009

Basic Skills: How to pick up a motorcycle

Bikes are inherently unstable beasts on their two wheels and when they topple over it’s important that you know how to pick it up without damaging yourself, or your pride and joy some more. Whichever side it’s lying on, move round so you’re facing the handlebar nearest the ground. Turn the bar onto full lock toward the fuel tank, then ...

  • New rider
  • 06 November 2009

FAQ: What do I do if I lose my motorcycle key?

These days a lot of bikes have their ignition keys coded to the ECU to make it harder for thieves to get them going. But that means you have to take extra special care of those keys because if you are unlucky enough to lose both keys you could need a new ECU at up to ₤1000. The reason is ...

  • New rider
  • 30 October 2009


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