Scott Nicholls was disappointed to be excluded from his fourth race at the Sweden Speedway GP

Scott Nicholls was disappointed to be excluded from his fourth race at the Sweden Speedway GP


Scott Nicholls diary: Sweden Speedway GP

By Macalister Bryan -

 29 May 2008 16:00

We flew out to Sweden last Thursday in plenty of time for Saturday’s Grand Prix.

Unusually we managed to have a good stroll around Gothenburg – mostly it’s turn-up, race and fly out again. We even managed to have a leisurely lunch.

We practiced on the track on the Friday, which went pretty good. I was happy in practice. The track wasn’t so bad, a few little bumps here and there. I was pretty happy with everything really. The bikes seemed good and I felt good in myself too.

Saturday we managed to have a chilled day and managed to see a bit more of Gothenburg in the sunshine. And then it was onto the Swedish Speedway GP.

Again I was happy with everything, myself the motorbikes, but again it was a bit disappointing in the end. I was happy with my first three rides and I was looking to go forward to the semi finals. But then I was wrongly excluded in my fourth ride, which cost me a place in the semi’s.

I really didn’t expect to be excluded. It was a first corner incident. It’s been widely publicised that the track was pretty bumpy and unpredictable, which caused a lot of crashes.

I got sandwiched at the start and I made an early decision to cut back. Billy Forsberg was the reserve in at the time, and he hit a hole, and eased of and I just hit his back wheel which knocked me off. The bike wheelied up and threw me off.

I had no doubt in my mind that it would be a re-start with me back in it – but I wasn’t. That hit me hard as the race had already been re-started when I was in second place after Gollob crashed, so I would have had two points, and as there was only three in the re run I would have been guaranteed at least one point which would have put me in the semi final.

No disrespect to Forsberg but he was the reserve and I was riding good and I was confident of grabbing at least two points out of that race that would have put me in the semi’s and also a gate pick.

Looking back it is very disappointing and frustrating as everything was going well. The motorbikes were good and I was well on the pace. You have to take the positives out of it though.

After the sunshine of Sweden I was looking forward to the Bank Holiday and a day off in the sunshine – or not!

It was back to Sweden for a league meeting on the Tuesday. Unfortunately we lost, disappointing but it was the first time we’d lost all season, so it had to happen some time.

I came back to race for Eastbourne on Wednesday at Poole but that was rained off, so I had another night off to catch up on paperwork.

Tonight is the British Final at Swindon. When I lost the title to Chris (Harris) last year, it didn’t seem such a big disappointment, but I want to get it back now. I’m going there looking for the win. I won’t be happy with anything less. I feel that I am riding well and I’ve had good meeting at Swindon, so I have to feel confident.