Take your future plans into account when you take out motorbike insurance

Steve Fortune had sorted his cover for his new Tiger 1050 and now he was ready to bolt-on a few extras.

In Steve's case that was an Arrow end can, that his IAM instructor, a serving Class one  police motorcyclist, had  said made a great sound when he went out with him that Sunday.

Unfortunately, his insurers weren't so delighted, and told him that the value for money policy he had was so keenly priced because it didn't allow for any tuning, and that end can added 15bhp to the bike, so he had broken the terms of the contract with the insurer,  they were going to cancel, and the premium for a replacement policy was double.

While it's tempting to look at price when you're buying cover, think about your plans for your bike over the entire year.

Are you going to tune it? Take it on an extended overseas tour? Become a courier? Then tell the insurer up front, that way they can tailor a policy to your needs and you won't end up like Steve.

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