Swinton backs plans to up premiums for mobile phone users

Swinton Bikes has backed plans to up the premiums of car drivers that are caught using mobile phones.

The plans come after a Swinton Bikes survey which found that the number of motorcyclists affected by drivers using a mobile phone while at the wheel had increased.

Using a mobile phone while driving impacts both car and motorcycle insurance premiums.

The survery polled 1000 bikers, and it revealed that mobile phone useage was the most annoying and dangerous thing a driver could do. Failing to use indicators and ineffective use of mirros while driving were also included on the list.

Antony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes, commented: "You can see how these things can annoy motorcyclists, but in many of these situations there is a serious danger to both the motorcyclist and the driver of the vehicle.

"A lack of observations by car drivers can result in them failing to see bikers and causing serious accidents. Actions such as increasing premiums for people caught on mobile phones should help to deter drivers taking this risk and ultimately breaking the law."