How to insure a track day bike

If you have a track day or race bike that you want to keep covered against theft between days out, but which isn't road-legal (so you can't get it covered on a usual policy) then specialist motor sports insurance broker Lockton can help.

The good news is Lockton has reduced the rates for its Motorcycle Offtrack Insurance which provides insurance cover for motorcycles and quad bikes used in motor sports events while in storage or transit anywhere in the UK and Europe.

A bike that's worth less than £2500 will now only cost £75, if you add accidental damage it comes in at £100 including taxes. Up to £3500 it costs £100 for fire and theft, £120 for accident damaged added.

That accidental cover kicks in if the bike is on a trailer and it's involved in a road traffic accident, or if it gets damaged in the workshop, or if the missus reverses her car into your bike.

It doesn't cover you for throwing it away on the brakes at Druids!

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