Insurance bargains: Sports bikes

Published: 20 April 2012

Motorcycle insurance costs are an important consideration for any bike buyer. That's why MCN is highlighting some of the best cheap-to-insure motorcycles out there

Here's five of the best sports bikes on the market, with the lowest insurance groups.

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Aprilia RSV, 1998-2003
Insurance group:
If you want to step up to big-bore sports bikes, then a Mille is a superb superbike with a surprisingly reasonable price tag and insurance a group lower than many competitors. It’s a delight on fast, smooth roads, tipping easily into corners and firing out with a pleasant balance of stability and maneuverability.

Ducati 749, 2003-2007
Insurance group:
Coming in a group lower too, the Ducati 749 has a kind of balance, an addictive precision, in its steering, acceleration and braking that makes it a machine that surprises riders with its understated ability. Look out for a used Ducati 749 Dark that may well have some chassis tweaks on it to improve the overall handling and ride quality towards 749R standard.

BMW R1200S, 2006-2007
Insurance group:
Here’s a bike that benefits from not being as common as muck (or attractive to thieves). The boxer twin-cylinder motor has massive torque and the bike holds its line through bends, but it will be left behind by its Japanese competitors. If fitted with the optional Ohlins suspension it will hang onto their coat tails better.

Kawasaki ZX-6R, 1998-1999
Insurance group:
With its genuine 163mph top speed, six-piston brakes, low’ish insurance group and evil induction noise the Kawasaki ZX-6R G-series is the bike that overnight made the 750cc superbikes look superfluous. The six-piston brakes aren’t as harsh as the older ZX-6R’s fours and can be improved with pads for the ZX-9R. Budget on £300 to refresh the suspension and brakes properly.

Honda CBR600RR, 2007-2008
Insurance group:
The CBR600RR's MotoGP styling is sleek in the flesh and typical Honda build quality runs all the way through. The suspension is fully adjustable front and rear and you can feel every half turn or click, a real sports riders tool, that should hold its money too.

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