Scooter and moped insurance tips

Plenty of car drivers have been moving to mopeds recently to cut transport costs during the credit crunch. Here's a few tips to cut the cost of your scooter insurance.

Here are some simple tips to keep the cost of your scooter insurance or 50cc moped insurance to a minimum.

1. Scooters and mopeds are popular targets for thieves or joyriders, so make sure you buy a decent chain and lock (Compare prices on locks in the MCN Shop). Most scooters have space under the seat to carry a heavy duty lock, so there's no excuses. If you buy an approved security device many insurers will reduce the level of premium charged.

2. Many riders of small machines are new to the road or new to two wheels and both these factors will increase the cost of their scooter insurance or moped insurance. The only things that can help here to save you cash are to pass the test to get a full licence for your moped or scooter, and get some advanced riding instruction from an approved training body.

3. Shop around. It's quick and easy to compare motorcycle insurance nowadays, through services like MCN Compare. This is especially important for younger riders, as scooter and moped insurance quotes for inexperienced or teenage riders can vary hugely between insurers.

4. Many scooter and moped dealers will offer insurance deals as part of a package with the bike, for example a year's third party fire and theft insurance for £99. But always check you can't beat the quote using a motorcycle insurance comparison service.


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