Get cheaper insurance on your scooter

Published: 11 January 2010

Scooters are a great way to get started on two wheels or just to get around cheaply – but scooter insurance can be an expensive obstacle for young or novice riders.

But getting a cheaper deal on insurance isn’t impossible – you just have to know how to work the system. This is MCN’s simple guide to getting a cheap insurance quote for your next scooter: 

Tip 1: Shop around for more quotes
The starting point for getting cheap motorcycle insurance is to get quotes from a range of insurance companies – it’s possible to save £100’s or even £1000’s on some quotes.
Traditionally you’d have to spend hours on the phone repeating your information – now insurance comparison websites like MCN Compare allow you to securely input your details once, and quotes are retrieved from dozens of different insurers in moments. You can save your details too – to retrieve a quote and buy insurance later, or change personal and scooter details.

Tip 2: Approved security devices
Scooters are shockingly popular and easy targets for thieves – anything you can do to stop or deter them not only saves you heartache, it can also lower your insurance quote. Alarms and immobilisers are most favoured by insurance companies – get a Thatcham approved one to save money on insurance. Bear in mind they are expensive to buy. Approved locks, chains and ground anchors are the best defence, but not always recognised by insurance firms. MCN still highly recommends these as your first line of security for your scooter.

Tip 3: Buy a new moped or scooter
Manufacturers of scooters recognise the problems you can have with insuring them – so many offer great insurance packages on new scooters. If you’re considering late-model second hand scooters, it might be cheaper to buy a new machine with a great deal on insurance through the manufacturer.

Tip 4: Buy insurance online, get a discount
Buying your insurance online removes the overhead costs of a call centre, so insurance companies often incentivise buying online by offering cheaper prices. It can also be done at any time of day – so for scooter buyers leading busy lives it’s often more convenient too.

Tip 5: Get advanced training
Getting advanced training from a recognised company or group is great idea for when you first start riding a scooter for your own safety and enjoyment – but insurance companies often offer discounts for trained riders. See MCN’s Rider Training directory, and speak to insurance companies to find out which training will get you cheaper scooter insurance.

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