Classic bike insurance

Published: 07 November 2014

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Classic bike insurance is generally much more affordable than standard motorbike insurance and offers great value if you’re looking to relive your youth.

To gain classic status, a motorbike must be at least 20 years old.

Classic bikes are generally cheaper to insure because there are fewer claims involving them. Classic owners generally take extra care of their bikes and as such they get ridden far less often – maybe to the odd bike meet a couple of times during the summer if the weather’s tropical.

Thieves also tend to target the latest, shiniest bikes, which decreases the risk for an insurer to quote against. This is mostly because the resale value of new bikes is much higher.

But classics most certainly aren’t immune to crime, so be sure to check our security and theft page for the best ways to keep your bike secure and keep your premiums down.

Many classic bikes never get ridden on the road – they may only be used as show bikes or ridden at classic events off the road. If that’s the case then you’ll still need third party insurance just in case anything should happen to your pride and joy while it’s not in your garage.

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This means you’ll need to get a certificate of insurance from your insurer or broker. Insurance is still required, unless your bike is SORN. So even if you don’t use your bike but it still has an MoT and is not SORN, you’ll need to insure it.

Many classic owners are also members of their respective owners clubs, which in some cases means they receive additional discounts on their insurance. Be sure to check out which classic clubs get discounts with which insurers before choosing your classic.

But remember, classics generally need a lot more maintenance than modern machines and they’re more likely to breakdown, so make sure breakdown assistance is provided by your insurer.