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In the UK, a moped is any low powered motorcycle with an engine capacity under 50cc and a maximum design speed of 31mph.

Machines registered as mopeds before 1 September 1977 had to have pedals, but engine power was unrestricted.

Moped insurance is generally quite cheap as they’re low powered, slow machines so you’re less likely to high-side out of the first roundabout.

They’re also cheap to buy, which again brings the insurance cost down – particularly for new riders.

Moped Insurance and Safety

Should you have an accident on a moped they’re cheaper to repair than most motorcycles - since they’re motorcycles in a very simple form there’s no fancy electronics, or expensive materials like carbon fibre which would put the price of insurance up.

As you would expect, mopeds can be quite attractive to thieves. They’re simple to operate, meaning they’re often used as field bikes, and they’re light which means a couple of local miscreants could feasibly lift one away and in to their back garden.

Just because a moped is a cheap, and perhaps, unloved commuter bike doesn’t mean kids won’t nick it, so bear in mind the usual security and theft tips and keep it locked up, as this will bring your insurance costs down further.

Mopeds can be ridden on a provisional licence provided you have passed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). If you obtained your full driving licence before 1 February 2001 you do not need to pass CBT to ride a moped on the road legally.