Quad Bike insurance

Published: 07 November 2014

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Some motorbike riders might think quad bikes have two wheels too many, but they’re easy to use, great fun and MCN Compare can get you great deals on quad bike insurance.

Quad insurance differs from standard motorcycle insurance, as even though there are some road legal quads available, a lot of are built just for off-road or competition use. As such they’re not road legal as standard.

If you’re going to ride your quad on the road you’ll have to get it type approved to make sure it meets all UK and EU safety and environmental laws.

Once type approved it can be taxed, MoT’ed and insured. If your quad is road legal the insurer will assume it will be ridden on the road and as such the minimum level of insurance required will be third party.

If your quad has been modified to make it road legal, make sure you declare all your modifications when providing your details to MCN Compare. If you don’t declare all your modifications there’s a chance your insurance policy could be void should you need to make a claim.