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Scooters are as varied as motorcycles – they’re not just 50cc two-strokes used by 16-year-olds to tide them over till they can get a Citroen Saxo. In fact, they go all the way up to 850cc behemoths like the Aprilia SRV850.

As such, scooter insurance prices can vary greatly. The definition of a scooter is a motorcycle with a step-thru frame above 49cc.

Scooter Insurance vs Motorcycle Insurance

While perhaps more expensive than moped insurance, cover for scooters is generally cheaper than it is for motorcycles, since scooters are simple vehicles and as such relatively cheap to repair if damaged.

They’re also cheaper than motorcycles to buy and cheaper to run with better fuel economy, making them perfect for inner city commuting.

As with 125cc motorcycles, scooters up to 125cc can be ridden after you take a CBT, but this would mean you have to retake your CBT every two years, and the cost of insurance won’t be as cheap.

The price of taking your full motorcycle test may be more expensive, but insurance will be cheaper and you won’t have to do any additional retesting.

Scooters between 50cc-125cc are likely to be ridden by L-plate totting youths or new riders, and as such the insurance on certain models could be slightly higher, due to their youthful fearlessness - another great reason to take your test for more options.

Although it can vary, scooter insurance is still generally cheaper than motorcycle insurance. It can provide good value compared to a motorbike of the same capacity.