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Bimota V-DUE 500 Sports Motorbike Review

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Bimota V-Due motorcycle review - Riding
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MCN overall verdict rating is 3

Only in Italy could someone bet the company's future on a complex, high tech, ridiculously expensive two-stroke, which couldn't compete with a 1000cc superbike of the time. The gamble was taken by Bimota in 1997, when (after eight years of development) the V-Due 500cc two-stroke appeared, and was almost universally slated as a rough-running, not particularly fast, oddball motorcycle for rich posers. Oh dear.


MCN rating rating is 2
Owners' rating rating is 0

If you're going to build a two-stroke, then make it a tiger, not a pussycat spitting up a fur ball. The sad reality is that the Bimota V-Due never really had enough poke, and it made its claimed 110bhp in a narrow power band, which made the motorcycle very hard work to ride. When the 175bhp R1 appeared a year after the V-Due was launched it made the Bimota V-Due look like some badly jazzed up club racer's 250 stroker.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 0

Big respect here, a superb chassis, probably over-engineered for the 500cc motor, but super-lightweight and possessed of outstanding suspension and brake. It made the Bimota V-Due a sweet thing to razz around corners, when in the right gear/rpm combo...


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 0

Hmm, perhaps it was the way that the mirrors looked straight off a Cagiva Mito 125, or the naff indicators poking through the carbon fibre bodywork, but the Bimota V-Due didn't exactly drip from head to toe in designer kit for £14,500. They even put two warning lights in the headstock and not the dashboard...bit poor. Compare and buy parts for the Bimota V-Due in the MCN Shop.

Bimota V-Due (1997-1998)

Detail Value
Engine size 499 cc
Power 110 bhp
Top speed 155 mph
Insurance group 16 of 17
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 3 rating is 0
Engine rating is 2 rating is 0
Ride & Handling rating is 4 rating is 0
Equipment rating is 3 rating is 0
Quality & Reliability rating is 1 rating is 0
Value rating is 2 rating is 0

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 1
Owners' rating rating is 0

Nearly everyone who bought a Bimota V-Due seemed to take it back and demand a refund at some point in the late 90s. The trick upper cylinder lube system didn't work effectively and the fuel injection rarely played ball below 5000rpm. Body parts were rumoured to crack. Oh Lordy. The motorcycle was such a warranty and PR disaster it more or less sank Bimota financially.


MCN rating rating is 2
Owners' rating rating is 0

As a classic bike investment, picking up a Bimota V-Due now might - just might - pay off in another 10-20 years time. But forget about riding it anywhere, just air bubble the thing and hope that the Italian government funds a musuem of motorcycle design folly in 2025. Find a Bimota V-Due for sale.


Insurance group: 16 of 17

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Model History

1997: Bimota V-Due launched, about 15 sold in UK.
1998: About 12 of the 15 returned under warranty.
Late 1998: Bimota V-Due discontinued.
2001: Receivers called in at Bimota factory.

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Top speed 155 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 10.5 secs
Max power 110 bhp
Max torque 64 ft-lb
Weight 147 kg
Seat height 805 mm
Fuel capacity 20 litres
Average fuel consumption 30 mpg
Tank range 125 miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group 16 of 17
Engine size 499 cc
Engine specification V-twin, two stroke, 5 gears
Frame Aluminium twin beam
Front suspension adjustment Preload, rebound, compression
Rear suspension adjustment Preload, rebound, compression
Front brakes Twin 320mm disc
Rear brake Twin 320mm disc
Front tyre size 120/70 x 17 in
Rear tyre size 180/55 x 17 in

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