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Cagiva NAVIGATOR Adventure Motorbike Review

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Cagiva Navigator motorcycle review - Side view
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MCN overall verdict rating is 4

The Cagiva Navigator isn’t a giant trailie in the mould of BMW’s chuffing GS. Au contraire - this is a sportsbike with wide bars, a super supermoto if you like. The comfort and tank range make the Navigator a great cross-country motorcycle and the ex-superbike motor takes the performance way beyond the reach of its competitors. Only the firm’s fragile economic situation and infrequent spares supply spoils the party.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 5

The Cagiva Navigator's V-twin DOHC motor is from Suzuki’s stonking TL1000S, albeit with softer cams, revised ignition and exhausts, which knocks the power down to just under 100bhp. But that’s still some 10 more back-wheel bhp than BMW’s R1200GS. On the road this means the Navigator has easy torque, effortless cruising and easy wheelies. The single-point injection needs finessing to avoid low-speed snatchiness.

Ride and Handling

MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 4.5

Although the Cagiva Navigator's suspension is basic, just preload and rebound at the back, it’s a neat balance between comfortable cruising and poised cornering. The Nissin brakes provide decent stopping power and there’s only a fraction of the unsettling fork dive that so often plagues giant trialies. The seat’s wide and comfy, the screen quiet and the motorcycle is stable right up to its top speed of 130mph.


MCN rating rating is 3
Owners' rating rating is 3.5

The Cagiva Navigator is well-specced, but a centrestand is only available on the aftermarket. Hard and soft luggage is available from the factory.

Cagiva Navigator (2000-current)

Detail Value
New price £6,999
Engine size 996 cc
Power 95 bhp
Top speed 132 mph
Insurance group 13 of 17
  MCN ratings Owners' ratings
Overall rating is 4 rating is 4.5
Engine rating is 4 rating is 5
Ride & Handling rating is 4 rating is 4.5
Equipment rating is 3 rating is 3.5
Quality & Reliability rating is 2 rating is 4
Value rating is 4 rating is 5

Quality and Reliability

MCN rating rating is 2
Owners' rating rating is 4

Frequent stops in production and corporate uncertainty at Cagiva means that spares supply is patchy at best, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the Cagiva Navigator. Some models had a problem with the battery leaking and corroding the frame and swingarm area. Switching to a dry cell battery prevents this.


MCN rating rating is 4
Owners' rating rating is 5

With questions over the factory’s longevity prices for secondhand Cagiva Navigators are low, which is something to bear in mind if you buy a new one. Find a Cagiva Navigator for sale.


Insurance group: 13 of 17

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Model History

2000: Cagiva Navigator introduced.

Other Versions



Top speed 132 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 12.3 secs
Max power 95 bhp
Max torque 63 ft-lb
Weight 210 kg
Seat height 850 mm
Fuel capacity 20 litres
Average fuel consumption 43 mpg
Tank range 190 miles
Annual road tax
Insurance group 13 of 17
Engine size 996 cc
Engine specification 8v V-twin, 6 gears
Frame Ally twin spar
Front suspension adjustment None
Rear suspension adjustment Preload, rebound
Front brakes Twin 296mm discs
Rear brake 240mm disc
Front tyre size 110/80 x 18
Rear tyre size 150/70 x 17

Owners' Overall Rating rating is 4(2 reviews)

  • trusty steed come itallian stallion


    Average rating rating is 4.5

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    Ride and Handling
    Quality and Reliabilty

    i have had my navigator for 3 years now and its been great i was worried about the cagiva rep for parts and relibilty but i have had no trouble at all in fact most main parts are taken from jap production bikes so everying works well and its reliable even the eletrics are good! all service parts have been a off the shelf job i have had some bike that are well known for quality like vfr's and bmw's and its well up there with them. power is good as std and is even better and smoother with a powercommander from a tl100s (same engine and eletrics) handling is realy good for a bike of this style better than most others i have riden and brakes are exelent only down sides i can think of is the bodywork fit between panels on my bike but you need to get real close to see it, no clock and the speedo numbers is hard to read as mph is red and kph is white this can be fixed with stickers or markers to make it simpler to see my bike has 35k burns no oil and starts on the button i commute on it dayly and joyride on the odd weekend never missed a beat

    22 September 2012

  • 2000 Navigator


    Average rating rating is 4

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    Ride and Handling
    Quality and Reliabilty

    Owned for 6 years and never let me down except when knocked over by parking cars or once stolen. Performance is really remarkable- a Multistrada for one tenth the new price. Handling as one would expect for long wheelbase but nimble for size . If you are tall enough there is not a better all round performer. Improvements would be a centre stand, a side stand that does not require you to tip bike beyond top centre of gravity and proper bungee hook locations

    01 July 2011


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