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Used Motorcycles: Yamaha MT-01 buyers guide

By MCN -

 09 August 2009 17:35

Used price: £4,500 - £10,000
Engine: 1670cc 8v V-twin, 6 gears
Power: 90bhp
Top speed: 131mph
Weight: 240kg    

The odd-ball Yamaha MT-01 is all about style - the looks are concept bike that made production. That and the thunderous exhaust note from that torquey motor make it a unique riding experience.

The 1670cc push-rod v-twin motor is originally from the Yamaha Road Warrior custom bike. It's very torquey and accelerates quickly, but it's mostly about the sound and feel. Don't expect brutal performance, but at the same time it's easy to fall in love with.

The MT-01 has sporting aspirations too. Yamaha gave it top quality fully-adjustable suspension (front and rear) plus radial brakes from the R1. But at 240kg, the MT-01 is a big bus to muscle around. It's more plush roadster than sporty naked.

The build quailty and attention to detail go some way to justifying the MT-01's high new price. The clocks, switchgear, mirrors and even seat are all beautifully finished and add to the ownership experience. It is a big bike though with a tall seat, make sure you get a test ride to be sure it suits you.

Unfortunately people didn't quite get the quirky Yamaha MT-01 and it depreciated massively very quickly. You can now get a 2005 MT-01 for as little as £4,500 - that sucks for the guy who paid £9,349 new, but its good news for used buyers. In 2006 Yamaha gave away £1000 Akrapovic exhausts with every new MT-01, making a low mileage example from that year one to look out for - but don't pay more.

Overall the Yamaha MT-01 is the kind of bike you buy with your heart, not your head. But being rational for a second - the model hasn't really changed much since it's launch, so why pay 11 grand for a new one when you can get a low-milage used one for half that. Tell the wife that and she'll think it's a bargain.

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