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Why we are going Gaga For Lana

It%X92s no secret that Lana Del Rey is talented and beautiful, so we are telling you some of her other star qualities that makes her this week%X92s #womancrushwednesday here at Lela Pearce Swimwear.1. Her style is TO DIE for. I mean, that Altuzzara ensemble worn for the 2012 MET Gala? In love!2. Serious hair envy. #enoughsaid3. She got to record music for Baz Luhrmann%X92s The Great Gatsby, making the movie that much more swoon worthy.4. Lana is no basic! Girl has lived through some serious hardships, making her that much more strong as a person and songwriter.5. She is an ...

  • Created 23 July 2014 07:24 by Rene01

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Recommendation Challenge

Evening, Been looking around for some decent textile stuff, for commuting and general 'throw on a go'. Anyone know of any particular articles (jackets and trousers) which are waterproof but have the ability to open up as many intakes etc as possible to make it more like an air-flow jacket...i get so hot... :( obvioulsy i'd be hoping for something remotely affordable..

  • Created 17 July 2014 22:10 by BikerToBe
  • Last comment 6 days ago ago by eatcs01

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Ear Plugs

Hi, I know...."it's a very personal thing", but after almost a year, I'm still trying to find the best ear plugs to reduce wind noice. I can't stand the wind noise, I've upgraded the screen on my VFR, neck snoods in hot weather, masking air vents on the lid, I've done the lot. In my last attempt, I was going to splash out on some of those bespoke made ear plugs, squidgy things or some thing, has anyone found them to be the optimum solution that works for them? At about %XA380 a go, I don't want to waste any more money on experimenting. ...

  • Created 15 July 2013 15:47 by dj233
  • Last comment 9 days ago ago by darrencolons

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Nolan N104

Anyone out there have one of these?  I want to remove the internal drop-down sun visor and can't figure out how to do it. 


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neck and face

I get bad sinuses when the weather is cold, what do you guys use to keep your necks and face warm,.

  • Created 11 December 2013 13:03 by flydnb
  • Last comment 29 days ago ago by Mikelsoria

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Old lid

Hey up I've just passed my das got myself a bike was just wondering how long does a lid last I've had a agv lid for 7 years and never used it till last weekend is it still safe or do I need to get a new one it may be a daft question but I really don't know cheers 


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Second hand boots?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a pair of boots just for general use, with a broken foot I'm currently out of work so don't really want to spend more than %XA380. Are second hand boots ok to buy or would you recommend getting brand new boots? I like the TCX S-Race boot as well as Alpinestars SMX4, what are your thoughts?Thanks :)

  • Created 13 June 2014 13:43 by Baver96
  • Last comment 39 days ago ago by Beelady

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jackets for long arms

Hi All, I'm looking for my first motorcycle jacket, as i'm currently going through the training and hope to be riding soon, but i'm struggling to find anything long enough in the arm to fit properly when on the bike. Any pointers on jackets that err on the longer side of normal sleeve length would be appreciated.Searched the forum and couldn't see anything appropriate, hence the questionthanks all in advance

  • Created 02 June 2014 13:40 by Calo43
  • Last comment 43 days ago ago by mirloXXbob

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Comfort and Visibility

After not riding a bike for about 35 years I hope to soon have a full "A" licence (still got Mod 2 to do) and I am starting think about clothing. During my direct access training I have been borrowing stuff from the school.Based on the stuff I have been borrowing I have would like to ask for some basic advice.I am happy to pay for the right stuff but I don't want to pay silly money, being a beginner I know I am likely to take a spill at some point and damage my gear but being old and ...

  • Created 04 May 2014 23:56 by wytco0
  • Last comment 51 days ago ago by oldenuff

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Cheap Sunglasses

I've always worn cheap sunglasses but always ones which had 100% UV protection.But, I've recently read about polarised and photochromic lenses. I've never seen the point in forking out for expensive sunglasses but now I kind of think it might be worth it.Does anyone have any experience of using polarised or photochromic lenses?I've read that you can't see the dash board displays properly with polarised lenses but they are clearly marketed towards drivers and bikers because they reduce glare.With photochromic lenses, do they adjust quickly enough when the sun suddenly hits you or when you come out of a tunnel?Are ...

  • Created 11 March 2014 21:54 by YoungHomer
  • Last comment 58 days ago ago by dsimmo


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