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Jul 08

Posts: 872

wackjonny says:

JOKES OF THE DAY over 18's only

Dustman calls to collect Dustbin. He knocks on the door and a Chinese man comes out. Where’s your bin...? Chinese man says I bin in the bedroom, Dustman says No where is your dust bin, Chinese man says I just told you I Dust bin in the bedroom. Dustman says NO where is your wheelie bin, Chinese man say ok I wheelie been having a wank.

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  • Posted 7 years ago (04 September 2008 12:21)

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

A scientist

has developed a bra that stops tits from jiggling and bouncing about, and nipples from sticking out in the cold.

Fortunately, his co-workers have kicked his head in....:blink:

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Sep 09

Posts: 295

zak03 says:


dwarf goes to docs says doc please help when im walking my fannys killing me hmm says doc lift up your skirt goes under with pair of scissors starts snipping away then says try that walks round says doc thats great no pain what did ya do doc says cut a couple of inches of your wellies:lol:

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Mar 09

Posts: 21

leopardboy says:


I wish americans'd stop bleating on and on

I mean

what happened on the 9th of november anyway???:hmmm:

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Mar 06

Posts: 2505

MadKwakaMax says:

aren't blow up

dolls great ? I mean where else can you find a woman that always looks shocked at the size of your willy :shock:!


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Sep 09

Posts: 8

penderlolo says:

first golf lesson

This is my first golf lesson

The schoolteacher was taking her first golfing lesson.

"Is the word spelt p-u-t or p-u-t-t?'' she asked the instructor.

"P-u-t-t is correct,'' he replied.

"Put means to place a thing where you want it. Putt means merely a vain attempt to do the same thing."

Shingles Contagious

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Anonymous  says:


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Anonymous  says:


An English teacher wrote these words on the whiteboard: "woman without her man is nothing". The teacher then asked the students to punctuate the words correctly.

The men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."

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Aug 09

Posts: 4208

lesleyh says:


Just taking my Xmas lights down for this year and realised I wasnt sure or not if they had offended my Muslim neighbours.So just to be on the safe side I've painted 'Allah is a cunt' on my garage door!!!

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Oct 09

Posts: 8

zx10pete says:


knock knock

who's there........Atch

Bless you

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Jul 09

Posts: 309

RogerRSV says:


when you cry, no-one sees your tears. When you're worried, no-one sees your pain. When you're happy, no-one sees your smile.

But just try having a wank on the bus and see just how much fucking attention you get.

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