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Sep 08

Posts: 9

tomo1200 says:

Useless DSA

After almost 3 weeks of uncertainty, it has been decided that my local test centre will now not be reopening, even though i was told it would be and told it was now fully booked up till december, even though no one has been able to book a test for almost a month. Local learners now have to travel to the "new"...

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  • Posted 7 years ago (29 September 2008 10:44)

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Nov 04

Posts: 36

mick2 says:

Well we should not be surprised by this!

Hell they cannot make it more obvious, to them motorcycles and their riders are the route to all evil.

In this world with ever increasing fuel prices they are forever banging on about saving fuel, so we go to bikes to do our bit.

Then we get treated like second rate citizens.

Yes I agree that we should do certain manouveres in the safety of being off road, but! and this is a big but what are these manouveres and how much room do they really need?

They introduced the CBT, how many training schools use car parks for that?

How successful is it as well? my answer to that not very! How many people do you see riding around in trainers, jeans, no gloves!

Everything we are taught at the CBT............out the window.

Now I know it might not save lives but serious injury, most probably and as a consequence we may not get frowned upon quite so often. 

Let us get some comments going here, this is our chance to voice our opinions and if we get enough lets not do the British thing and hope someone else will sort it out for US lets do something for ourselves!



Happy Biking to you all


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Oct 07

Posts: 7

lorano says:

When i sat my DAS 2 years ago i told the instructer that the cbt was a farse after id came back into the yard.To which he replied "why?You didnt do anything dangerous and you seemed confident,which i was but how can they let somebody drive a two wheeled machine with just 2 hours experience on the road?I done  my cbt with a guy who was 17 and wanted to get a scooter to get back and fourth form his work which is fair enough,but when the instructer asked him if he had read the highway code he said NO!!So he had no idea what any road signs ment or the proper prctice of safe driving but yet he still got his cbt certificate?i think it should be made a bit more difficult especially for younger people but not that difficult where it just becomes another source of income for the goverment!!I think the new test is a shambles,only because of the 2 new manouvers that have to be done at 32mph?!Why dont they do them at OUR speed limit of 30mph??!!Sod other countries in the EU we should be defending our own tests not trying to please everyone else!

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Nov 04

Posts: 36

mick2 says:

Well it seems conclusive to me, well prove me wrong! It is a money making excercise.

Why else would you pass someone who has not read the Highway code.

There is nothing to stipulate how long a CBT course should take, or is there? But the training schools are all competing for business so why take too long. Quantity not quality perhaps.

30 do they check? more bullshit me thinks, Europe is a pain in the Jacksy.......why don't we do our own thing?

We always used to and never had half the political mayhem we have now, more rules for rules sake! To justify unnecessary government positions.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


CBT was brought in to make biking safer and to stop people just buying a learner bike and riding around on it without any training which is a fair move. However the biggest casualty group in urban areas (where most of us live...) for bikers is the 16-21 age group because at 16 you can get a 50cc scooter, do what is effectively a protracted cycling proficiencey test, and then be out on the road and fair game for other road users. It stinks. Either they need to raise the age limit for riding to 17 to be in line with cars or have a longer training period for CBT.

Perhaps rather than messing with the bike test the DSA should look at the car test as car drivers are still the biggest casualty group. Why not start by restricting them to a 50 bhp car for 2 years... If you're 17 and driving a clapped out 10 year old GTi your more likely to kill yourself and 3 mates and a few pedestrians than if you're riding a 125 but everyone seems to think that's ok because 'at least he hasn't got one of those dangerous motorbikes!'. Pathetic.

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Mar 08

Posts: 16

busabandit90 says:

new test

i know how you feel we had all the same problems .. we got on to dsa and had a moan and a few days later they rang us with a test date so we got it sorted that way we used my own bike with a couple of days training on it with school in hounslow and she passed all the best hope you get sorted out

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Nov 04

Posts: 36

mick2 says:

Are there any instructors reading this? What are your thoughts on the CBT?

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