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Steve Farrell  says:

‘Motorcycle detection system’ on roads by Easter

A new surveillance system designed to track movements of motorcyclists on the roads will be operational by Easter, MCN can reveal. The technology can tell motorcycles apart from other vehicles, measure their speeds and will be able to read number plates under plans. Data such as the routes taken by individual motorcyclists along with time and date will be collected...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (17 February 2009 13:53)

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Feb 09

Posts: 7

Oldredeyes says:

"Data such as the routes taken by individual motorcyclists along with time and date will be collected and kept even if they have committed no offence."

This is the bit that bothers me... Where I go and When are none of the governments business... What possible legimitmate reason could they have for wanting to know that I regulary ride from A to B on a wednesday afternoon if I haven't broken the law?

Can't ANYTHING be private anymore?


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May 07

Posts: 852

Its the same as keeping DNA...

If there's no charge for a crime then no records need be kept right?

I'm going after outing every single detail I can regarding these cameras and sharing it with the whole UK biking community. ANYTHING I find will be on here.

Starting by getting pics of the sites, distances apart, junctions in between then putting it all in the public arena. If its possible we can do much more damage to the reputation of the people who run these cameras than they can possibly do to us - names and contact details for starters. Surely its only fair we have our say right?

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Mar 08

Posts: 45

Charro says:

TDC Systems

You may be interested.


Derbyshire CC have fitted a bike detection system manufactured and maintained by TDC Systems.


Transport Business magazine good background article:-


TDC Systems:-


Check TDC website news section for further info.



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Jan 08

Posts: 5770

steve.g says:

not hard...

to break em is it?????:winkie:

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Feb 09

Posts: 3

bostonbiceps says:

bike cameras

Big Brother there after all of us:shock:

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Jan 04

Posts: 45

snailblazer says:

What do you expect ..

with a control freak government in power. But with no idea on how to apply that power effectively, and happily let ACPO do what the hell they like.
 If you don't like this vote them out of office.

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Feb 09

Posts: 1

Itsamanda says:


Its disgusting, again bikers are discriminated against. Why is the govenment not checking up on cars? Its an invasion of privacy, where I ride my bike, as long as I'm not doing anything illegal has nothing to do with anyone else except me... I wont be travelling on any of those roads listed, and I hope other bikers follow my lead. Let the govenment find out what a waste of money its all been, but then they like wasting tax payers money don't they!!! I can't think of words strong enough to describe how disgusted I am!!!!

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Jun 07

Posts: 13

kwaka_636 says:

bike trappers

Once again the government are allowing councils a free hand to make money from peoples enjoyment. they complain if we block up london to demonstrate for a fair deal then give the councils permission to pull a stunt like this. Well I think we should demonstrate at the derbyshire council. why should they be allowed to victimise bikers like this ? it's little more than police entrapment. First they put camera's in builders vans & horse boxes just to catch bikers, now this. what will they come up with next ? I suppose it's o.k. for boy racers to tear arse about in the souped up corsa's & punto's on these roads, cutting corners & crossings the white line when they cant keep it on the right side because they;re goin too fast showing off to their girlfriend or mates, with little or no consiquences. But they put in bike sensors to activate cameras to track people who are out for an enjoyable ride from god knows where to bring revenue to their shire. it's not bikes that should be outlawed it's the entrapment being brought in by beuricratic councils. Matlock Bath is a fantastic place to go on a rideout. I have organised one myself for the club i belong to, but I am now seriously considering cancelling it. why should we take our money & spend it in a place where the council victimises bikers.

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Jun 07

Posts: 20

cornbeef76 says:

I'm with kawasakibiker on this. It's absolute bollocks. The next thing will be compulsory GPS tracking fitted to every bike and car on the road. I don't even live in Derbyshire but I'd support any activity to bring this scheme to it's knees before other councils across the UK start thinking it's a good idea.

As much as I dislike Jeremy Clarkson, I couldn't help sharing this...

Kawasakibiker made a comment about using anything with tyres to bring one of these routes to a standstill but come on, you're really not using your imagination here!!! Surely the best way to do that would be for a couple of hundred bikers to walk the busiest 5 mile section of the route at the busiest time of the day, then back the other way, making sure that no vehicle, especially bikes, got in or out of the towns and villages. The local businesses relying on tourist traffic would soon make their voices heard and walking it would certainly make the media take notice as you're making a statement, rather than just being a hindrance.

Secondly, I also agree with publishing details of the people behind the scheme on the internet. Get as much information as possible including names, home addresses and photographs of the people responsible and also photo's of their homes, their cars and if you really want to make a point, their family.

And get maybe 10 motorcycles with video cameras, following them for a full day, being as conspicuous as possible, recording everything from leaving the house, going to work, going shopping, the school run, etc, etc, etc.

See how they fucking like it!

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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Any wired up yet ?

Sorry it`s me again. Went up over to Owler Bar from Baslow and back again looking for any progress on this camera scheme. Saw NOTHING all way over.   The only possible item was some wires in the road at Baslow end but see a lot of these near junctions. (I think it`s THEM sneaking in the road pricing technology before it`s voted in as a lot of these have sprung up along with lowering speed limits on B roads so can charge more for better and faster roads)             Anyway no poles or yellow buzzard things etc.  Also didn`t see anything on that young 125 ers video of Snake run.        Has anybody seen any likely preparation on other routes??  If not they`re going to have work cut out to get them done in time for Summer let alone Easter cos the excavations and wiring and coordination between parts of system take weeks if go by how long it took them to put Notts. A52 SPECS in by Bingham it was months and months maybe over a year ??   N   


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