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Jun 09

Posts: 10

sascha1 says:

helmet stolen. new way of locking it up needed.

Some little idiot stole my lid.  The bike was parked in a secure area with CC Tv.  The helmet was chained to bike in a carrier bag as I dont have a helmet lock on my commuter ST1050. (Triumph dont make bikes for motorcyclists) Just as most riders have to do. So  I am now looking for a new safer  way of locking up my helmet.(because Triumph cant)  My idea is that I putting a hole in the top of a pannier so the D ring of my helmet can slot in and be locked inside it pulling the strap up tight so it cant be got at.  The hole will be filled with a blind gromit when not in use.  Any one think this is a good or bad idea.  All information to find a solution welcome.  Anyone else have the same prblem?

I truly love my bike I just dont like some of the design solutions  Triumph have made  

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  • Posted 6 years ago (12 July 2009 08:31)

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Feb 09

Posts: 260

CBR69 says:

alright mate....

sorry to hear someone nicked your lid! :mad:, unfortunatley these are the days we live in, my fireblade has got a helmet lock but i never use it, ive always thought it gives my bike unwanted attention, y'no, i always see people looking and always get comments on how nice it is........which is fine, it's when your not there and the scrotes of this world decide that your lid is so nice, they want it!!! i always worry how far will they go to get and if they'll just det frustrated and kick the bike over....... i definatly would'nt go drilling holes in my fairings, imagine how you would feel if you come back to a big hole where your lid and part of your fairing used to be, id be gutted, my advice mate, take it with ya, i know it's a pain at times but it's always there when you need it!!

RIDE SAFE!! THINK BIKE!!:sunglasses:

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Apr 09

Posts: 908

m1ks says:


Good on Triumph I say, helmet locks on bikes are the most useless bloody things ever.
I'd never leave mine fastened to a helmet lock, i've known people kick helmets fastened to bikes out of spite thereby destroying it's usefullnes.

Options are
buy a helmet bag, the draw cord can then sling over your shoulder, write summat like Karl Lagerfeld on it in permanent marker and people will marvel at your trendsetting ways :)
Buy a helmet carrying rucksack, these enable you to fasten your helmet securely but keep it out the way.
Get a top box, the small ones hold one, it's locked and out of sight, the big uns hold two, locked and out of sight. not pretty but practical.

Of course you could get a guard dog to take on pillion and leave fastened to your bike along with helmet? :tongue:

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Mar 07

Posts: 270

Ginnelli says:


Hi sascha1. Sorry to here some scum nicked your lid, I put this on your other thred as someone cut my brothers strap and nicked his. I take it your using an open faced helmet or a caberg  with flip up front. The only way to fasten your helmet is to put the chain between the visor and chin guard on a full face lid. An open faced lid cant be fastened to your bike safely..

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Aug 02

Posts: 3261

eatcs01 says:

Lid security

Fit a Givi topbox, then lock your lid in it.

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Aug 09

Posts: 45

GreenTea says:

Helmet stolen. new way of locking it up needed.

Would this be of use?

LidSafe features a high tensile stainless steel mesh construction which locks around a helmet and can lock to a bike or any other secure fixture. The eXomesh construction is layered between a waterproof outer and a soft inner liner to offer protection from theft, damage, and the weather. The compact and lightweight design allows for easy storage and portability.

  * eXomesh® Ultimate complete lock and leave system - slashproof, snatchproof, tamperproof:
    * Plastic coated, slashproof, high-tensile stainless steel mesh between body fabric
    * Locks closed
    * Coated heavy duty locking cable locks bag to motorcycle or other secure fixture

additional features

    * Tape sealed waterproof outer shell
    * Anti-wicking layer to keep inner protective fabric dry
    * Universal hanging strap
    * Folds small - storage pouch included
    * Padlock included

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Jun 09

Posts: 10

sascha1 says:

helmet lock idea

Hi thanks for your solution. I have looked into buying this but I felt if they got through a good lock then this bag idea would not be much of an chalange for them


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Jul 09

Posts: 132

chriswren says:

Lidsafe by pacsafe, not secure

Sorry to say but I couldn't recommend anything by pacsafe; check out this thread of mine about the stuffsafe, the big brother of the lidsafe:

There is a nice little picture attached that shows what was left of it.  Not that is would take long, a quick snip of some cable cutters and off it goes.

They got lid, gloves, jacket and change of clothes and ended up costing me a small fortune.

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May 06

Posts: 135

Best answer

Has got to be take it with you.
It only gets rained in anyway if you leave it on the bike.
If you have to leave it, Cycle lock through a full face lid and round frame would be enough to deter most muppets.
Or fit a power inverter and wire it to your bike 240v usually does the trick( kidding obviously)

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Sep 09

Posts: 8

penderlolo says:

Only Tools

I have a bike, but it is only a tools which I need to take it to office.:wacko::wacko::wacko:

How Many calories in a banana

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Jan 04

Posts: 333

wynner says:

stolen helmet

hi sascha,

 Sorry I'm late answering but my solution to helmet security is something I have been using for a few years. Although I can't guarantee absolute security it would take a determined toerag to beat this. After many attempt the design I came up with works with all full face helmets that I have tried. Perhaps I should have patented the idea but please feel free to copy my design if you wish. I have also made one for my brother and we never venture far without them. The only down side is the need to drill the top box and a flat top is preferable.This is why I have taken the colour matched Yamaha top box off my new bike and used my ancient Givi box! The D shaped shackles hinge from the middle outwards and are securely padlocked together in the upright position.One or two helmets can be secured, even when riding at ferry terminals, etc. A long padlock is best, and some velcro is good for securing the unused shackles to the top box when riding to stop rattles.When we stop, boots and trousers go inside the box, jackets are snake locked to the bike passing through the rear wheel and we walk around in shorts and sandals!

Good luck with your next helmet!

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