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Steve Farrell  says:

Somerfield: We’re intimidated by motorcyclists in helmets

Motorcyclists must remove open-face crash helmets to avoid ‘intimidating’ petrol station staff, a supermarket chain has said. And riders must be ‘earthed’ before filling up to prevent risk of explosion, according to the bizarre policy statement from Somerfield. The supermarket said: ‘We have to consider the feelings and views of our workforce who currently find being approached by someone in...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (28 October 2009 11:13)

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Nov 08

Posts: 35

stRickly says:

I can understand the issues with a full face helmet but being a courier I use a flip up lid which in my experience is normally acceptable - afterall if it is good enough for the Police/Paramedics what's the problem?

I guess part of the problem is that a bike needs to be upright in order to fill up the tank so if your bike doesn't have a centre stand you have to sit on it.

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Feb 09

Posts: 5

blusta says:

No one realises how annoyingit is to take ya lid off then put it back on for what takes 15mins to fill up and pay, I recently went into a Texaco/Somerfield station and the attendent over the tannoy told me to take off my lid before I could fill up this caused more or less every one on the forecourt and standing at the tills to look over, so now I feel like a criminal on show.

I obviouslyflipped him the bird and rode to the BP/Marks&Sparks station 2 mins up the road pulled in the pump was started, I filled up went in, paid and was in and out in about 10 mins. Guess what all was done with my lid on!

I am sorry but it is stupid 'This is to help staff verify the age of the customer but also to help police with enquiries should they need to review CCTV footage if a stolen bike is driven into the petrol station' what does my age have to do with anything and if my bike is stolen why do you want to know what I look like, I thought the police look for the registration mark of the vehicle. I also  that using words like 'intimidating' is very discriminating and offensive, what all bikers holigans or bullies now?

Also 'when the rider gets off the bike it will cause any static in the clothing to earth' I may be about to say something stupid but I have always had static shocks when I have stepped out of my car mainly because cotton material and the car sits on four tyres and has no earthing and why does no other filling station have the same issue? Also the majority of riders wear LEATHER or TEXTILE and to date I have never received a static shock from any bike and as stRickly has pointed out the bike needs to be upright to fill you knobends. I personally think Somerf is full of sh*t and think that all bikers should just boycott the twats...

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Jun 07

Posts: 12

Dullthud says:

I wrote a letter to the paper about this last year, I think.

Where are you supposed to put the helmet? And are they going to take responsibility for it?

If they've asked you to remove it and it gets damaged by fuel residues or a drop they should be prepared to make good the appropriate compensation for the sake of their staff.

The human being is only equipped with two hands and using both of them while fuelling and paying makes the job a lot easier.

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Jan 09

Posts: 76

Nephilius says:

Helmet removal

I find that there more often I take my helmet off on any given journey, the more my hair gets messed up. It can be a proper state by the end of a long journey involving several fuel stops. In view of Somerfield's ridiculous policy, I think the very least they could do is provide some basic styling products next to the bucket of sand and the disposable gloves. Maybe a pot of gel and some hairspray, and a mirror. A hairdryer would be good too, but I accept that there may be issues surrounding the use of a device with a heated element inside on a petrol station forecourt.

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Jan 09

Posts: 76

Nephilius says:


All we have to do is found a religion where the headgear worn is, in fact, a motorcycle helmet. Then if they ask us to take it off, they'll be breaching our human rights. Wonder what we should call it? The Order of Sheene?

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Nov 08

Posts: 4

scwelsher says:


Enough about the berka, yes it covers your face but what about the spotty herberts in their corsa's with a baseball cap on? Not only are their faces covered so cctv can't see, they are intimidating with their million decibel stereos and 4 of them in the car all wanting to buy porn or chewing gum, and they say we are intimidating!!!  They've probably nicked the corsa in the first place.

Its just indicative of our 'democracy' that yet again a little piece of freedom is stolen from us....'please sir, can I take a dump yet?'



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Jan 06

Posts: 2

jonsan44 says:

Large "group" ride to fuel up

Rather than "boycott"  Somerfield and other anti-bike stations, we should take the time and follow their procedures, to carefully and very slowly   fuel up. Ask the Somerfield fuel station attendant for somewhere to put your helmet safe, and for the "earthing" equipment,  and for some sand to put on the slippy diesel spill ground around every pump!  (Modern multi-fuel type pumps are a pet hate, I don't drive a dirty diesel so why do I have to put up with diesel-spill filth when I'm buying petrol!)   The notorious stations should get a large "group"  visit hopefully with a positive outcome like  the motorcycle anti-toll  group rides!

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Jun 06

Posts: 30

ROBBIE61 says:

Diesel Do Nicely...

I'm with Nephilius and Scwelsher on this one: I've got a bit of a mop going-on and when I take my lid-off: I look a right two and eight. Surely a six foot five 'Edward Scissor Hands' with green inserts in his ears is more frightening than leaving the lid on? I agree with the static risk -But the rest of it is tosh: They still get your registration on CCTV and if you were that intimidating your bike would run on distilled rage -not Somerfield petrol. 'Somerfield' then expect you to stand in a que behind a granny doing her weekly shop and somebody with stacks 'money-off' vouchers for the wrong items of shopping.... the ungrateful, discounting, corner shop killing b*st*rds!! BOGOFF -(and I don't mean 'two for one'). PS: I like the bakery items and that new lavender toilet cleaner smells divine.

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