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Steve Farrell  says:

Jailed 166mph biker to appeal

A motorcyclist jailed this week for speeding at 166mph on a 60mph road in Scotland plans to appeal against his nine-month sentence, his lawyer said. Neil Purves, 27, was caught in May on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 on an empty stretch of the A702 known as the Dolphinton Straight, near West Linton, Peeblesshire. He was given a five-year driving ban on...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (30 October 2009 16:59)

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Mar 09

Posts: 2

walkermarra says:

166 speeder

Any onehear about the girl speeding on M4 shooting up heroin, busy road no jail sentence. Bloke in Scotland should have said he was in hurry to get to dealer to score some smack, probably get a nice bit of therapy and some free needles.   

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Jun 06

Posts: 43

exsup says:

159 MPH Police Officer Not Punished.

159 MPH Police Officer Not Punished.

Police Officer Mark Milton drove at 159 mph on the M54 and at speeds of 120 mph in a 60 mph zone and more than 60 mph in a 30 mph zone Ludlow magistrates court heard.

Pc Milton’s excuse was that he needed to practice speeding in the new, unmarked patrol car and that police trainers encouraged officers to TOP 145 mph.

District Judge Bruce Morgan cleared Pc Milton of speeding and dangerous driving.

Once again we have one set of rules for the police and one set for the general public. The Crown Prosecution Service should launch an appeal and demand a prison sentence plus 10 year ban for Pc Mark Milton.

Police kill 30 people each year in high speed chases and recently Pc Hibbert crippled a 12 year old girl while speeding in a bus lane.

Police appear to be able to kill innocent citizens, either by shooting unarmed people or using police vehicles “in the line of duty.”

No wonder the police and the court system are held in such contempt.

Article updated 19 May 2005

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Nov 07

Posts: 540


I will start with a controversial point... My ZX6R has been off the clock at 180mph. In the real world this is probably around 150-160. My friend who ride those big bad sports bikes have been on the limiters pretty much every time they are out. It's no big deal and actually quite FUN.


It seems that the people who wish to control every aspects of our lives want to make examples of others. A more prime example than this story I can not find but the nonsense is not simply limited to this poor chap.


Have any of you actually every done 100+++. I seem to question a lot of these 'i never speed' type people. Maybe the whole 'image' thing about bikes has missed them... Let me remind you. People buy bikes for various reasons but I would imagine that by FAR the biggest reason is the acceleration and the speeds that they are capable of. If there is a REAL issue with these speeds then why the hell are the bikes able to do them????????????? Answer me that in a clear and concise manner without any persuasion towards political dogma and I will buy you a pint!


The other aspect within the 'control of everyone' field is this nonsense that is constantly spewed forth by the under-educated and completely blatantly useless prosecutors/judges. This big bad 'WHAT IF' nonsense has went on long enough. If you have EVER been in one of the local money making franchises of the 'justice system' (courts) then you will be able to back me up on this one or at least hazard a convincing agreement, COURTS ARE SUPPOSED TO FOCUS ON ACTUAL FACTS. Just you try going in there and talking rubbish.......


Seems though that the court itself and those within are allowed to simply ignore the facts and 'send out a message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated'. Well, f*ck me, WHY NOT? We bend over backwards to tolerate hate filled religious groups, ferile youths mugging grannies and shoplifting drug abusers yet we simply will not tolerate a MAN out on his bike getting a 'little' carried away. Don't for one minute think the guy didn't just get a little carried away!


Christ. If the guy knew what the results would've been then why'd he stop? Why'd he not keep going? I know I would've as I've been patronised and I know the 'heavy hand' of the law is a one sided joke. The guy twisted his throttle, got some blood pumping and was then stopped, charged and now jailed by a bunch of self interested ars*holes that give little care to anything other than their own little pockets and their own simplified agendas.


Now, please feel free to have a go. Write some bull*hit about what 'could' have happened but I more readily like to focus on the facts, the ACTUAL FACTS. Guy was speeding, guy stopped, guy jailed.


Take your 100mph theoretical Range Rover and stick it where the judges doesn't shine. Even better, ram it into your local court building............... Then again, WHAT IF?


'What If' is a control mechanism. Use you blooming intelligence and see the sentencing of this man as a complete failure in the justice system (or at least what pretends to be justice). That mans life has just been RUINED for the sake of a little bit of fun which resulted in NO HARM, NO ACCIDENTS AND NO INCONVENIENCE TO MAN OR ANIMAL... Then again, WHAT IF?

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:

What If?

Perhaps he should have thought what if I get caught doing 160mph? Rightly or wrongly the law says the limit was 60mph on that bit of road. Given the long and extensive previous history of bikers being made examples of for speeding offences it's not actually unreasonable to think that if I get caught at 160 mph I'll probably go to prison. That's not a real intellectual leap. It might not be right but that's the way it is. Yes his sentence is harsher than similar offences for drivers - the fastest ever speeder was a guy in a Porsche who got done at 172 I think, he got 10 weeks inside and a ban and a fine - but it's not entirely unexpected.

The reason we can buy bikes that are that fast is the same reason we can buy fast cars -  you know what the law is, you chose whether to brake it or not and as an adult you chose to deal with the foreseeable consequences - in this case I would argue that a prison sentence was foreseeable. If I get caught at 85 in a 60 zone I expect to get points and a fine, if I get caught at 95 then I'd expect to get  ban. Regardless of how the legal system deals with muggers or junkies I know what the likely outcome of doing big speeds are.

While we're on the subject of excessive speeds and the 'what if' factor. It's when someone doing 160 mph gets caught or gets killed that's the issue. All this does is re-enforce the general publics image of speed freak bikers and the police and the courts become even more determined to make examples of those who chose to do it.

I enjoy biking, I have fun whether I'm doing 8 or 80, but perhaps those that can't enjoy themselves unless they're well over the ton should look at getting their adrenalin kicks elsewhere because they'll be the first ones to hang up their boots if and when 'speeding' becomes impossible due to systems like ISA.

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Jun 09

Posts: 6

NumptyScrub says:

Why are bikes able to do that speed?

quote: "Have any of you actually every done 100+++. I seem to question a lot of these 'i never speed' type people. Maybe the whole 'image' thing about bikes has missed them... Let me remind you. People buy bikes for various reasons but I would imagine that by FAR the biggest reason is the acceleration and the speeds that they are capable of. If there is a REAL issue with these speeds then why the hell are the bikes able to do them????????????? Answer me that in a clear and concise manner without any persuasion towards political dogma and I will buy you a pint!"

I'm assuming that by this you are asking why motorcycles (and sports cars, by extension) that are capable of exceeding 160mph are allowed to be sold in this country? The same reason that fireworks can be sold over the counter, and that UK citizens are allowed to apply for and hold shotgun and firearms licenses. Fireworks and shotguns can (and do) kill and injure people every year, they are designed to explode, or to shoot projectiles at speeds intended to be fatal. Yet fireworks displays are both legal and fun, and clay pigeon shooting is both legal and fun. Just because you own a gun doesn't mean you have to shoot people with it. Just because you bought a bunch of explosives (fireworks) doesn't mean you have to blow someone up with them, and just because you bought a vehicle that can get to 160mph doesn't mean you have to go that speed on the road.

We do have racetracks in this country where exceeding 160mph is not an offense, which are available to the public and where you can take your Desmosedici or R1 and really test the limits of your skill and the bike. There are perfectly legal ways you can use your warp speed race bike (or Ferrari) in the UK, so why shouldn't you be able to legally purchase one in the UK? Would you really prefer that the government told you what you could and could not purchase because they assume you are too stupid to control your own behaviour?

No, banning the ownership any vehicle that could exceed the speed limit is far, far worse than than the draconian measures that Mr. Purves got, in my opinion. You are responsible for your actions on the bike, not the bike itself. If you choose to ride at 150mph on the road then that is your choice, myself I'll keep it to the track thanks, and hope that it remains legal for me to own a bike that can exceed 70mph so I can still have fun on the track :)

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Nov 07

Posts: 540



You seem mis-guided. You would EXPECT to go to jail for breaking the speed limit? Where did you formulate this expectation? Is it simply that 'others' have been wrongly jailed for simply speeding and you now base your thoughts on the assumption that if you are caught you WILL get the same? Why would you expect to get a ban for 95mph in a 60mph zone? Where are your expectations coming from? Control dear fellow...


The more the police and the courts seem 'determined' to clamp down on things the more things get out of hand and the more individuals start to seriously question the relevance of the legislation. DO NOT CONFUSE LEGISLATION WITH LAW (I recommend you do some reading up on this!).


Your last paragraph is nice. i entirely agree. Sometimes though it is nice to simply open the bike up. I sure don't fly around maxed out constantly but I sure do see it as a nice thing to fit in somewhere on my ride. Everyone and their grannie 'knows' a place where it is assumed safe to speed, that big long straight for miles where there aren't any roads joining et cetera... I don't condone speeding in unsafe circumstances but I do feel that jail should not even be considered UNLESS there is a consequence of the speed involved. Dangerous people should be in jail not those who possibly could be dangerous (bit of Minority Report anyone, it's happening in America just now...). Guy stretched the boundaries a little and a two year ban would've been more fiting but saying that I would ban him for 6 months and restrict his licence to 33 bhp for 3 years...




You seem to miss my point. People kill people with guns and fireworks. People kill people with speeding motorcycles... There ARE those who are too stupid to be left to their own devices. This is all part of a wider picture. It's a political battle to deny you the exact pleasures you seek on your bike. Bikes WILL be limited as will cars as with fireworks and guns (guns already restricted!). Nonsense like this case where a guy gets jail for nothing but disobeying a piece of legislation simply solidifies the gobbermints position. The more they adveritse these incidents the more the brain washed general population begin to believe that REAL changes and restrictions are needed. 'Step changes' over a period of time are what's going on. My angle is that we need to stand up and tell em to bugger off. We are quite capable of controlling ourselves! Some people will never be controlled. Some people are inherently thick and will kill themselves or others, it is a risk that everyone takes and no gobbermint is ever going to change that and they know it so what they will do is impose tighter regulations and make more profit from the situation whilst pretending that they are 'sorting' it, they will then stop advertising things so heavily so we will all think it is happy days. Happens again and again and will not change, a bit like insanity in reverse...

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Nov 09

Posts: 8

sdv9r says:


Don't get the wrong idea about my comment but it's be proven that a lot of the human race has a need for excitment and they will find it anyway they can some say it's dangerous others take it as normal behaviour  but speeding is speeding and the law has it's way of dealing with it but its who,where,when that's the problem, bike rider's are treated differently to car driver's in the event of speeding or an accident and if your car or bike is capable of high speed then somewhere in a national speed zone is better than a 30 zone and if road conditions are sunny and bright it's better than cold and rain. Mr Purves chose a place that didn't have danger written all over it to open up his machine, nobody else was in danger or had to take evasive action to avoid him and because he didn't crash he must have been in control at all times so why have any speed over 100mph classed as dangerous if it was out of the way of other road users, there are to many out of date laws that don't take into account where we are in modern society,  if speeding is so bad why don't the goverment cap all vehicles to 70mph.....because it would destroy any goverment party who under took this action. A change in the law were heavier fine's rather than bans or jail time that could wreck peoples lives could be used in cases like this and would be more appropriate. The goverment try to brain wash us to often with speed kills it doesn't it's what you hit  that kills you. No doubt this will up set someone somewhere, anyway be safe everybody.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Yellowninja, you miss my point. I didn't say it was right, or wrong for that matter, that riders get jail time for getting caught at well over the ton just that it happens and on that basis it's reasonable to assume that I would get the same treatment. In that same way that I would assume that water will boil at about 100C based on the fact that this has happened a number of times in the past. Whether I agree with the laws of physics about why this happens is largely irrelevant. I just want a cup ot tea. If it suddenly boiled at 50C I would change my expectations based on those facts.

It's about taking responsibility for your actions. As a grown up you have a choice about what speed you do or whether you smoke or drink or shoot someone. But you know what the likely consequences are going to be and you deal with them if or when they come along - if you smoke then you accept that there's a good chance you'll get lung cancer. If you speed then you accept that there's a chance you'll get caught and you accept the punishment whether it's a fine and some points or jail time depending on the scale of the offence. Complaining that it's not fair because you got caught and you don't like the punishment is childish.

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Nov 09

Posts: 8

chankhan says:


So if you  kill someone in a car or you are caught speeding on a bike attract the same 9month sentence! what justice!

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

Jail him

He has knowingly committed a crime (yes, speeding is a crimianl offence) and given the level of his deliberate transgression, a jail term seems appropriate.  If he wants to do those speeds and can afford a GSX-R, why can't he afford trackdays?

As to the woman driver, one of the the things the law takes into account is intent.  Did she intend to kill anyone?  What level of "risk" did her driving put the general prublic at?  How does that compare to deliberately doing 166mph on the public highway?

In this roll of the dice he didn't kill anyone, but she did.  Could so easily have been the other way round and if it was; what you you lot be saying then?

Do you want every trangression dealt with as if someone had been killed?  You realise that you'd probably be one of the ones cuaght and jailed too; don't you?  Whatever way you cut it, it will have it's problems and its inconsistencies.  But cease with the knee-jerk, ignorant "Wot justice?" crap and think before you write.

BTW the law on causing detha by driving has changed - why not go find out about that?

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