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Steve Farrell  says:

Labour MP: Tell loved-ones not to ride motorbikes

A Labour MP has urged people to tell their male loved-ones not to ride motorcycles.Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman called motorcyclists “widow makers and orphan makers” who were “disgraceful in a civilised society”.   He said: “If you have a husband, boyfriend or son who wants to get a motorbike, please try and persuade them to get something with four wheels instead.” Join...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (26 March 2010 16:19)

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Feb 09

Posts: 2

MVAgustaF4 says:

I expect this is someone expressing personal prejudice, rather than any real concern for the death rate in motorcycling. Either way riding a bike is something I choose to do, and the risks that go with it. Why do MP's have to meddle in things that people do (legally) as a matter of choice?? I gather they've recently banned the cheese rolling contest in Somerset or somewhere coz people keep hurting them selves running after a cheese down a steep hill. F*ck me, these people know they could get hurt (as do we) but let them get on with it.  

The people who govern this country are getting more like a dictatorship as the years go by. You can't do this, you can't do that. And the hypocracy is the pretend concern for peoples safety when all it comes down to is money - saving the NHS treating people. God help Sunday football when they get round to concerns about that.

And the more Europe flexes its muscles the worse its going to get. One day we will live such a sterile  existence therewWILL be civil unrest at the strangulation of freedom. 


By the way, don't the European Human Rights laws apply to motorcyclists - surely we must qualify as a minority under threat and risk of extermination - a sort of ethnic cleansing???


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Sep 09

Posts: 2

savak1 says:

I emailed him with:

"I have just read about your remarks about motorcyclists who are “widow makers and orphan makers” who were “disgraceful in a civilised society”. I am appalled at your remarks, you should immediatly retract them. I as a father am fully aware of the dangers of motorcycling and take the risk. Instead of targeting us educate other road users to lookout for us. We are not all reckless or racers. I and my son enjoy our motorcycling and will continue to."

and got this reply:

"As a Member of Parliament, I have always been an advocate for road safety. My comments in the House of Commons arose from thorough research and quite devastating facts.

In 2007, the number of road accident deaths among motor cyclists in Great Britain was 588. Although this number has been decreasing over the past ten years, it still remains a great problem in road safety as it accounts for twenty percent of all deaths taken place on Great Britain’s roads. I agree that there are many other problems contributing to the number of deaths on the roads and I acknowledge the fact that many of these deaths may be caused by drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. Regardless, I am still a supporter of addressing every problem in road safety, including motorcyclist accidents.

I am the chair of trustees of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. The objective of PACTS, as a registered charity is “To protect human life through the promotion of transport safety for the public benefit”. In our efforts, we tirelessly work to advocate research-based improvements to transport safety

I will not apologise for my work to promote road safety in the Great Britain, but I thank you for your comments on this matter.

Yours sincerely,"



Garbbage or what!


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Jul 09

Posts: 6

AndytBlade says:

I Emailed him too...

It is a bit of a rant but it all just came streaming out...lets see if i get anything back....

Good Afternoon Barry I understand from the motorcycling press that you have made comment that motorcycle riders, like myself, are “widow-makers and orphan-makers" and you urge people to ask male loved ones not to ride and that this is "disgraceful in a civilized society".

Using your statistics of road deaths i would be intrigued to know how many were caused by un-repaired or faulty roads and by four wheeled vehicles? I would also argue that the state of our roads is what is "disgraceful in a civilized society" given the amount we pay in fuel tax and vehicle duty and would like you to answer that question specifically given your affiliation with road safety.

I would also question why you specified male riders as there is vast community of female riders out there too.

I also would not have compared road deaths to that of service men and women given it was your government who decided to start a war with no real purpose other than to cosy up a special relationship with the USA which surely would make your government the “widow-makers and orphan-makers".

As a motorcyclist and recent father I take my choice of vehicle very seriously and, as do the vast majority of riders, wear full protective leathers, boots, back protectors, gloves, high-visibility over bib and helmet - way beyond the legal requirement. However to take the keys to the bike or the car is MY choice and one made out of experience and understanding if what riding a motorcycle means and the duty of care I have to myself, my family and other road users. I appreciate your views as part of a wider road safety remit but why not ask people who drive high performance cars, ride horses on the roads or cycle without any form of protection to do the same rather than pick out one form of transport – especially one with a very loyal and vocal community – you probably would have saved yourself a lot of bother. I

’m not expecting anything other than a generic reply, but who knows perhaps you’ll restore my faith in politicians but I strongly doubt that.

Regards, Andrew Terry

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Mar 09

Posts: 70

Kingsil says:

generic reply

I received the same generic reply as everyone else. I sent a detailed and polite letter which he obviously didn't read which I regard as an insult. He thinks our opinions are worthless. If you live in his constituency you know what to do on May 6th.

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

Tellling us not to Ribe Bikes!

..what a complete idiot this Labour MP is, sounds that he contradicts the official figures. Is he saying that all bikers are complete nutters and joy riders? How about the MPs that do ride bikes? Sounds like this is another MP who does not know how to add up when it comes to statistics and money!

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Nov 09

Posts: 146

Typical Labour

for the last 40 years they have tried telling us how to live and what to think - this 'character' is no different from the rest, he has just picked a new target.

You get the government you deserve either through voting for it or not bothering to vote for someone else...

Up Labour - right up!

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Sep 07

Posts: 2

twovalve says:

Typical politician.

I have also sent him an email.I don't expect a a reply,I just think if we all contact him,(in a reasonable way), it shows our strength of feeling. As we run up to the election, perhaps MCN could try to get an explanation from the main parties as to their opinions on motorcycling. It would certainly be a big influence on how I vote.

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Old geezer


Jun 03

Posts: 24

Old geezer says:


Well surprise surprise a politician who knows nowt!....

I too got the generic response....His other website might be worth a try....

Have fun all.....And don't forget to vote at election time!

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Nov 09

Posts: 16


All MPs are the biggest  joy riders...  

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Mar 10

Posts: 46

fabCB says:

UPSET !!!!!

Ok now youve gone too far!!  some of you have called this guy a COCK, DICK, KNOB and youve really upset the missuss , she says a cock is really usefull and her second favourite thing to ride, (our CB13 being the first ofcourse)  By all means compare him to that undesirable brown stuff you hope you never step in when walking in the park, but please, no more upsetting the missuss guys !!!

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