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MCN  says:

Video: Ducati Monster 1100 ABS - brake tested

Ducati's new ABS-equipped Monster costs £700 more than the standard non-ABS version. To find out if it's worth the extra cash, MCN brake tests the Monsters back-to-back.         Find a Ducati Monster 1100 for sale Read the Ducati Monster 1100 review Watch the video to see the results and read the full test in this week's MCN, on sale Wednesday 7 April 2010....

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  • Posted 5 years ago (07 April 2010 08:45)

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Jan 04

Posts: 131

foggie996 says:


Although it wasn't exactly a purtely scientific experiment, I have to agree with the films findings as they match my (also non-scientific) experience. I own a VFR V-Tech and I also do not ride it during the worst part of winter. So when I return to riding it, I am in need of some braking practice. The ABS on the VFR works well and comes into effect to give me that safety buffer whilst I improve my braking. I find that this is better than just getting onto my R1 (no ABS of course) and putting trust in my out-of-practice brake-grab.

The additional cost of ABS against the cost of repairing a crashed bike is a no-brainer!

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

Thats quite a considerable stopping distance difference! Impressive.


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May 09

Posts: 18

Larzarus says:


Surely technology like this (and pothole repair) is what road safety campaigners should be fighting for!

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Jun 07

Posts: 12

mediter says:

Never ever buy a bike without ABS. ABS is a fantatstic addition to motorbikes, they are accident and life savers. ABS does not, however, mean you can ride carelessly. I had three accidents all related to locking the rear wheel and skidding off. After my last accident I bought a bike with ABS and the braking efficacy is paramount.

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Nov 09

Posts: 5

haiiro99 says:

MCN Videos

Has anyone else been having trouble with the MCN Video Player lately? It stays on the loading screen for ages and when you try to press play it says the video is currently unavailable..

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Jason Hall


Aug 02

Posts: 129

Jason Hall says:

Utter garbage!

If you keep falling off due to locking the rear wheel - the question arises - are you really fit to be riding a bike on the roads? I would recommend that you take some form of off road motorcycle training to gain a little more feel for riding in conditions of reduced traction.

On the road you should be doing most of your braking with the front - even in the wet.

You don't see many race bikes with anti lock brakes and I would never buy a bike with it on.

My car has ABS and on the few occasions it has kicked in - it has caused more problems than it has tried to solve. For example if you run over a pebble it disables the brakes to enable you to steer - thereby increasing the stopping distance markedly. Without ABS one wheel would have momentarily skipped over the pebble and I would have been able to carry on braking as normal.

The £700 would be far better spent on some braided brake lines and a Maxton suspension optimisation so that you can feel what is going on.

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Oct 09

Posts: 12

nordicbiker says:

I really don't understand people's negative attidute towards ABS!

For 9 out of 10 average motorcycle riders it will improve braking performance an safety, which is statistically proven (for example by Swedish "vägverket" = traffic administration).

Of course there will be situations, where even an ABS system cannont prevent an accident.

And of course on a race bike you might not need it, because a pro race rider has much better skills based on regular training, from what a everyday biker has and might even outperform a good ABS system. I would also never get the idea to compete with Lance Armstrong in a cycling competition! An average motorcycle rider maybe goes to a trainig at the beginning of the season (which can be recommended for everyone), but then doesn't practice over half of the season.

So for most of us ABS IS a usefull extra on any bike!

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Dec 09

Posts: 16

Jason Hall

Hi Jason. I take your point about braided hoses and better suspension improving feel, but what I found doing the test was that in dodgy conditions I was by far the weakest link. In the dry you could well be right, but as soon as the roads are wet and greasy, most riders will either panic and lock-up the front, or not use enough brake (like me). That split second assessment of grip levels is seriously tricky...

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

ABS may well kill you!

Sorry, but ABS for bikes is bad news.  If you could take a single "incident" in isolation you'd almost always say ABS might have helped. But you can't - incidents don't occur in isolation, they occur because of what happened before, because of bad planning, observation and risk assessment...

ABS errodes your understanding of grip, or rather the frequent lack of it, and builds false confidence in stopping distances (that can't always be relied on) and promotes risk taking.  It has already been proven not to reduce KSIs in the car world.  The only reason that doesn't (yet) show in the bike stats is that so far it's only purchased by more risk averse types.  Once everyone is required to have it then we'll see it's no panacea and will cause as many crashes as it prevents.

You need that fear, that knowledge that stopping distance can sometimes be enormous, to protect you from riding like a t**t, especially when the surfaces are dodgy...  People who've never experienced a lock up will have a lot less respect for low grip scenarios.

Oh, and what a numpty in the video.  He hardly braked at all on the non-ABS bikes and barely compressed the forks even when he was practically at a standstill!  Come on.  He either needs to practice locking the front at low speed, to build some confidence on the brakes and train the instinct to (a) not panic and (b) have it rolling again in an instant, or just stop pretending that's the best he could do.  ABS and such muppetry will be bad bedfellows.

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Dec 05

Posts: 39

owensj says:

Kill you???

bbstrikesagain - yes you are entirely right that incidents are usually the result of bad planning and observation.


But your comments about having ABS making a rider take additional risks - speak for yourself mate!  I have ABS and would not ride without it.  It does not make me take risks or ride faster and harder.  It has no bearing on my riding.  It does however give me the peace of mind that if I need to brake in an emergency I'm not going to have to worry about pumping the brakes. If you've ever seen Keith Code's video you will understand the idea of not having to use your $ where you don't need to.


Move with the times my friend! Ortherwise we'd all be kick starting and using chokes.



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