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Steve Farrell  says:

Guardian readers’ ‘thoughtless and aggressive’ comments on biking

The author of a Guardian opinion column about speeding motorcyclists has said it prompted ‘thoughtless and aggressive’ responses from the newspaper’s readers. Motorcyclists are referred to in posts on the paper’s website as ‘organ donors’, ‘annoying’ and ‘desperate and stupid’. One alludes to countering anti-social riding with the use of ‘piano wire’.    The comments are in response to a column by...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (09 July 2010 12:50)

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Jul 10

Posts: 4

moto6 says:

Lets get real

I agree 100% with CAPI300,getting your knee down,popping wheelies,small plates&loud pipes are all expounded by the likes of MCN and some of the 'sports bike' mags..I want to be able to continue riding & feel we MUST start to wake up and spread the word that its the minority who spoil it for the rest.. and MCN is in the front line!!

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Apr 10

Posts: 59

Gixxer1000L0 says:

I have been riding bikes since 1978 and currently have a so called 'superbike'.  I religiously stick to the 'red circle' speed limits and don't really exceed the national speed limit by that much.  If I do, it is where it is safe to do so and won't affect other road users.  I use 'acceleration sense' to overtake and rarely have to brake into a gap when 'car hopping' on A roads.  If I do, through my error,  I will 'apologise' to the inconvenienced driver.

'Boring' you may say and 'why has he got a 180mph superbike when he rides like that' some may say...and that's comments that I accept.

However, whilst riding like that I see what other road users and the predominately non-motorcycling wider public complain about and unfortunately in some cases I have to agree with them.

I am no boring old IAM BMW R80RT riding old fart, i have track raced cars and road and track raced motorcycles in my earlier years and done quite well at it too, but I got my speed kicks from that.

Finally, and the point I am getting to is, the problem will always exist.  People will always complain about motorcyclists and some motorcyclists will continue to bring the hobby/sport into disrepute.  It is a fact of life and no amount of rider education etc etc will stop it.


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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Not wanting to sound flippant

but have you seen The Guardian's distribution figures?


It's an unfortunate bit of publicity but at least it's only being propagated around a few crusty old teachers and naive local authority middle management.......

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Aug 09

Posts: 1

bjshanahan says:

A Young Rider's Perspective

I started riding about 2 years ago and I made my fair share of daft mistakes in my first couple of months (lowside at 15mph :D) but the majority of unsafe situations I have been in, were the result of a car drivers mistake. And while I see the occasional biker making unsafe maneuvers, I regularly see young car drivers in NOT fantastically fast cars performing dangerous moves in an attempt to wring the last shred of performance out of their cars. I am far more worried about a 1 litre Fiat Punto hitting me on the wrong side of the road, than I am of a Gixer doing the same. There is certainly a lot that needs to be changed about the car test. I was required to go through 4 tests to obtain a licence for a vehicle that is restricted to 33bhp. This I find slightly disproportional when compared to the 2 that are required for driving a 2 ton piece of metal of unrestricted power. I just hope that a publicity campaign promoting motorcycling can reverse the ever growing mistrust of motorcyclists. Rant over.

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

got to love it's readers

We all know that Guardian readers and just slightly more well educated Mirror readers who eat salad, and most vegetarian's are lefties. Hilter was a Vegie.

A Biggot, A Facist, Opinionated, A Bully, Self  Righteous. just like the words used to describe the right wing.

If this story were true, the biker was being careless and stupid just like a lot of many other people out there in all Demographics, be it Car drivers, parents, Geography Teachers and Northerners

But this does not acount account for the abusive and down right idiotic comments of some of it's readers, who were calously thinking about what they would like to do to bikers. ( Biggot,  Facist, Opinionated, Bully, Self Righteous.)

 I wonder if Ed Douglas' opinion would re work his piece if he got off his behind, from the safety of his Volvo ( a Bikers greatest Foe) and rode a bike. Nothing like a bit of objectivity and a little authority to help your argument, just like my initial flippant comment.


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Jul 10

Posts: 4

advoc8 says:

What do you expect

The internet gives all people their opportunity to share their opinions.  Read them and move on people.  Oh and Hitler was not a vegetarian.

Now the Nazi's have been mentioned this disussion must officially end.

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Jun 10

Posts: 4

Namadra says:

He's a funny guy. Shame he wasnt in the crash too.

(I dont really think that, I am just matching his style of writing) 

I agree, Nazi's did dress pretty cool, but I would just like to add...

Look at the photo of the gimp who wrote it - He looks like his passion is feeding the ducks.

Shame such bland operators and plastic-intellectuals get jobs where they get to voice their opnions in national print.


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Sep 07

Posts: 20

LaughMuBai says:

Ink Poisoning

I hear you can die from reading newspapers too, especially if you're irresponsible reading the poison within them....perhaps an article from them on....'Why I write poison?'

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