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John Westlake  says:

Near-standard S1000RR hits 202mph

A standard BMW S1000RR with an off-the-shelf Akrapovic exhaust, a smaller rear sprocket and some gaffer tape over slots in the screen cracked 202mph from a standing start in one mile. The speed run was part of an experiment by Performance Bikes magazine to discover the new BMW’s ultimate speed potential, and is featured in this month’s issue, out October 6. The...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (24 September 2010 17:13)

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Lightning Boy


Mar 07

Posts: 82

Broken record...

Lifelong... I refer you to my previous comment - they're just trying to sell their magazine. Its really simple, you publish something with a sensational headline and sell papers. In a country where the most popular newspaper is The Sun, I though you would have got this by now. A headline of "greasy biker helps old lady across the street" would sell no papers. On a similar note, I think its fair to say that babes in bikinis are rarely IT gurus and yet, the front of every Hi Tech magazine is plastered with these young ladies - irrelevant maybe, but it works. I cant argue with lazy reporting, but similarly, you cant argue that a little sensationalism or titillation sells papers.

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:

I think its fair to say that babes in bikinis are rarely IT gurus

Rare, but surely it does happen, Nixie Pixel must wear one from time to time.


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Nov 09

Posts: 31

bullpizzle says:

Hold on a mo'

Lazy reporting by brain dead journalists... that's an awful lot of brain-deads in the world. Sensationalism is a by-product of news and news reporting. It's been around since chimps scribed twigs in soil. Going by your moral attitude, Mr lifelongbiker, you've obviously been around far longer than the first ape. If such stories cause your kegs to twist tighter than a hangman's noose, don't read them, and certainly don't stand on such a high soapbox telling everyone what's right and wrong. I'm interested in 202mph from a road-going bike, even if it's just from a technical point of view. Swivel, Noddy.

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Jun 07

Posts: 1

Extremely good for a litre bike

Very very impressive for a bike with just one litre. For what it's worth, Hayabusas (gen1 and 2), ZZR1400s and ZX12s have all gone faster than 202mph with the same mods. You can check this at, when their results database is back online (look for class 2 results - class 2 basically means aftermarket exhaust and power commander).

Top speed is very prone to all sorts of aerodynamic variables - size of rider, wind speed / direction, etc. On any given day, your top speed may vary by anything up to about 10mph.



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Dec 09

Posts: 63

twobike says:


A bike this good and promoted this hard by MCN must win the 2010 WSB series, oh! sorry forgot it didn't. That tiny hardly mentioned Aprilia RSV4R did.

We all know in the real world all us bikers do 200mph plus on a daily basis, so this particuler fact is of great interest to us all.

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Aug 08

Posts: 24

meak9 says:

Good point twobike!

That aprillia has bin the fastest bike in most if not all speed traps in wsb. Wonder what that bike would be like with an aftermarket exhaust,power commander and a bit of duct tape!

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Jun 07

Posts: 13

bazzabusa says:


WOW thats really fast ....... but click here to see some faster bikes

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Sep 10

Posts: 4

aitchbusa202 says:

Couldnt do it ????

there are various comments here saying that even with the mods the BMW could not have hit 202mph

WELL IT DID I WAS THERE the timing was neither on the speedo or by radar gun, it is timed by breaking 2 beams accross the runway over a measured distance, the event was run by straightliners who have donkeys years of experience and the speeds shown are "TRUE"

Its a pretty awsome acheivement from a 1000cc bike but as also comented the BMW was made to compete with 1000cc sports bikes a side effect of which is its challenging for top speeds against our Busa's and ZZR's and in the mile although the bigger capacity bikes may open the gap a little more if given a bigger distance

Top speeds on a circuit dont compare even if your doing 100mph comming out of a bend onto a .6 mile straight, as you also have to brake for the next bend before the end of that straight, and from a standing start in .4 of a mile the busa's zzr, bmw whatever are already doing way over 100mph and wont have to brake till after the mile

its horses for courses

would have been nice to see some journalistic coverage of the UK Land Speed Racing Association who invited them to the event which was run by straightliners

aitch 202.8mph

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Aug 02

Posts: 1

kobogiz says:

It did it

OK so its sensationalist journalistic drivel, which is the same the world over, how else will they sell mags and papers??

I was there and I spoke with the rider about what mods they did - It did it, it did in the mile from a standing start, with proper timing equipment because at that speed the last thing you are looking at is your speedo!!!

This result for a 1000cc sports bike with minimal mods is bloody well done - is there any real world relevence to this... er no other than helping BMW sell more than its rivals which is ultimately what this is about.

To anyone who thinks achieving this is easy regardless of the bike and mods, get your arse out of the chair and come and have ago if you think you got what it takes - because trust me it aint that easy.

If you dont like the editorial content from MCN or PB dont buy their mags / paper - I dont they'll soon get the message but dont sit there typing about and commenting about an achievement you know nothing about, they (BMW) did it so well done to them!!

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

gavinfdavies says:

hmm, my zxr400 l5 can hit ann indicated 140mph with roughly 60 rear wheel horse. assuming that equals a true 120mph, and assuming the square rule for drag vs speed, then since a true 200mph is 5 thirds the speed, the power required would be 25 ninths of my 60 rwhp, or 167rwhp (rounded up). This, I assume, is maybe 20hp less than this s1000rr?

This implies that my bike with its 16 year old design complete with mirrors (and a tailpack at the time!) is more aerodynamic than the s1000rr! I know it's only a tiny 400, but the s1000rr doesn't feel too much bigger, and is a similar shape (inline 4 engine, same size front wheel, usd forks, db screen) and mass (around 180kg wet for me).

So how on earth did this situation arise (The bmw being less aerodynamic i mean)? And what would happen is we put a sleeker fairing on a bmw, or a s1000rr engine in a zxr400?

Anyone got any thoughts? Or a spare s1000rr engine for me to play with?

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