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Steve Farrell  says:

£77 million of bike test centres scrapped

A controversial off-road part of the motorcycle test is to be scrapped under Government proposals announced this morning. From the end of next year, learners will have to take just one practical test instead of two, according to Road Safety Minister Mike Penning.  It will be conducted entirely on-road and offered at a greater number of sites across the country...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (20 December 2010 12:20)

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Sep 10

Posts: 30

Histy says:

End of NEXT year?

Why the end of next year? They rushed the new test in why not kick it out? It is obviously causing more bad than good. Get it sorted please MCN help

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Mar 09

Posts: 36

Chris14 says:

Not that bad.

The two test idea itself wasn't that bad, cause you can focus on each section in turn, practicing manouvers then the road riding bit.

But what killed it was how poorly it was implemented, new test centres wern't built, and there was no allowance for weather conditions and such like.

The scheme could've been very sucessful and could've trained better bike control and more competent riding, but instead the idea was half baked and not adapted to this countries rules or facilities, meaning it collapsed. All in all, a waste of £77 million, purley because it wasn't thought out.

Cheers Chris

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Challenge accepted

It's about 5150 Mod 1 tests (sat) per month over a 9 month period.  Ignoring seasonal variations, and assuming Mod 1 runs to December 2011, that'll be 169950 tests in all, or a cost of £453 per test, just in the infrastucture.

Still, you can't put a price on safety.

Oh, did I mention that 836 people will have been injured in Mod 1 during that period, compared to almost none in the old style test?

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Oct 03

Posts: 21

ragnar1 says:

Mod 1

About time, trainers can get back to teaching people to ride on the road and not waste time getting new riders to speed into a dangerous manoeuvre, when road riding will help them spot the danger in advance.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1536

superbol says:

Sack the CEO of the DSA

That smug  ginger grinning witch Rosemary Thew  should deffinately face the sack and her side kick the chief ( arrogant know itall ) examiner  Trevor Wedge were probably behind it all .They waste money like water on crack pot scemes and because they are "civil servants " they expect to get away with it .Hound em out !

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Mar 10

Posts: 119

MudDoctor says:

Why scrap

the test centres? Why not use them for training? Not everyone who takes to two wheels is confident enough to take to the streets immediately, and these existing centres could continue to provide some valuable local off-road training in those areas.

Alternatively, turn them into public mini-moto tracks, so that those who insist on riding them on our streets " 'cos there's nuffink else, innit?" can have somewhere to ride their machines.

To simply scrap them is a waste of a valuable resource.

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Nov 10

Posts: 11

olimount says:

On my last bike lesson in November, we pulled up for a break and my instructor was telling me a story of a guy who failed his Mod-one 4 times and cost him £90 per attempt and how if the test was ever scrapped then people like this would be looking to sue the government and generally be very pi**ed off. He made me think "Sh*t I don't want to be that guy" so thought I would hold off until the new year to see if there was any developments - so obviously I'm well chuffed with today’s news, although got to wait 12 months now, was really hoping to get out on the open road next spring!! - I wonder how many motorcycle schools will go skint over this as there will unquestionably be many people in my position who are going to wait until 2012 now!

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Dec 10

Posts: 15

thehoss says:

@ olimount

Your prepared to wait an extra 12 months? Just go out and do it now man. If you read the actual quotes from the bloke its about "a review" and he would "like to see it adopted". I'd be p****d off if i waited 12months and the test didnt change!

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Jan 05

Posts: 92

coliwobble says:

Someone's Responsible

Someone in the government/DSA was responsible for the decision to waste £77M of tax payers money and should be held accountable for it. At a time of economic difficulty this is disgusting. They should be jailed. 

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Sep 09

Posts: 52

MattMorris says:

typical beuracratic idiocy

I started learning before the new 2 part test and passed just after its introduction. That was less than 2 years ago and  it looks very much like we're going back to the old test. This is typical of civil servants. One wanker has a brainfart.They pretend to pay attention to the people in the know during their expensive, time wasting, consultation phase then instead of trialling it on a small scale they roll it out wholesale to the entire country chock full of built in fuck-uppery like a new version of Microsoft Windows. And £77m  of our money is spunked so that 2 years down the line another bunch of parastic civil servant wankers can hold another expensive consultation to change it back to the exact same fucking thing that has worked just fine for 20 years before these cunts started pissing about with it. Not to mention the poor bastards who got hurt on the swerve test because " its more than my jobsworth"  didn't have the brains to realise that a 32mph swerve in the wet is fucking dangerous and just because Pedro Donkeyfucker has to do it we do as well.

The only silver lining is that the training schools who reported a massive drop off in new pupils due to the complicated test should hopefully see an upswing in numbers.

 If I honestly thought I could get away with it I would cheerfully kill every wanker involved in this monumental cock up.

Merry xmas and peace to everyone.

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