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Steve Farrell  says:

Six-month suspended sentence for 149mph speeder

A motorcyclist has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence for pulling a wheelie and speeding at 149mph on the M2 in Kent. Danny Bleach, 37, was filmed from an unmarked police motorcycle as he wheelied and reached over double the limit on the M2 bridge between Strood and Chatham. Bleach, from Belvedere, was ordered to do 200 hours’ unpaid work, banned...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 March 2011 10:57)

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Mar 11

Posts: 6

newstu says:


whats the speed limit on the autobahn snev?

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Of fufhucksake! Can't the weekend warriors on here see what this story is doing? It is raising the profile of fucking idiots on bikes who REALLY have no skill other than pulling a wheelie. Oooh daaahling, that's SOOOOOOOO 70's. 149 mph, on a motorway, in daylight. Yeah, really tough and brave. Until it all goes shit shaped and the bike turns into an out of control lump of metallic debris. Then, when it injures/kills a motorist or passenger, WE ALL GET THE FLAK. 

Like it or not, the reason unmarked cars and bikes exist is to catch out the wankers who have no self control or simple fucking common sense.

I can't be arsed to justify myself to any of your readers who think I'm talking out of my arse. But just remember - if biking gets killed off, introspection will become a way of life for all ex-bikers. For once, we'll only have ourselves to blame by supporting tossers like this. Even MP's read MCN. Think about it, if your mental capacity stretches beyond hollow rhetoric.



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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

For the safety of other road users?

Motorway speed limits are ridiculous tbh, the problem is for the most part the police, its the people who write the laws.


The national speed limit is irrelevant with modern vehicles, especialy high performance vehicles, it was put in place because at the time people were driving very poor vehicles very fast, it only exists because the average IQ of a public servant is similar to that of a chimp.


With a bit of common sense i guarantee you any half decent biker could ride the motorway at an average speed of 130+mph perfectly safely during off peak hours, all you have to do is slow down everytime your passing a car that has any reason to change into your lane then as soon as your clear again get on the gas.


Also police are no more qualified to drive fast than any other rider, yes theyll be probably just about as quick through a town centre as its possible to be but "special training" doesnt make them valentino rossi on the backroads/motorway.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:


Due to the very small size of a bike, they tend not to do alot of damage when they hit things, it tends to be the bike that comes off worse.


Ive seen 30tonne HGV's bump things when reversing and totally destroy them, a turbo charged busa going full pelt into the back of said thing probably would do less damage, if were talking safety then surely HGV's should be banned? infact people die in cars all the time, surely roads should be banned, infact, people should be wrapped in bubble wrap and strapped up all day, that way no one can ever die.

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:

hey billysollocks...

totally agree with you mate - you're talking total sense.

We all enjoy speed - but there's limmits. And common sense.

if someone wants to do 149mph - book yourself on a trackday, then ride home keeping it kinda sane.

Yes, it's unforgivable when some stupid car driver like Claire Cooper gets away with murder (literally) , but idiots like Danny Bleach make it almost impossible for us sane motorcycle riders to plead a reasonable arguement when faced with criticism from car drivers who wouldn't know how to drive safely in a million years...


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May 05

Posts: 144

cardiology says:

MCN - simply because you can pander to the worst elements of your readership, doesn't mean you should.

Truly a terrible article. The vast majority of comments on this page are all the evidence the anti-biking lobby need to re-inforce prejudice against bikers. The same people who vent their spleen about the loss of free parking/loss of bus lane access/police treatment of bikers, are the same people who give it high-fives to tossers like this guy.

You can't have it both ways. Highlight injustices? Yes. Imply that the 149mph rider was somehow hard-done-by by the law? Errr, no.

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Mar 06

Posts: 107

Hedgeholer says:

Its a notable ride when some loon in a car DOESN'T try & kill you

Like you say, if they're not speeding its hard to prove 'Well yer honour she was simply incompetent' & expensive to pursue so CPS won't act.

Speeding makes money AND the politicians like it cos they think it makes them look decisive .... but then the sheeple vote for the politicians who ..... Local wannabes nearly all have it on their fliers.

We need a 'For fks sake grow up' party.

Til then, you're right, we're stuffed.  By idiots and namby pambies but still stuffed.

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May 09

Posts: 11

48gixxer says:


Here in Australia more people commit suicide than die on the roads, i dont see near as many resources committed to mental health?????

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Feb 11

Posts: 124

IsraelsRSV says:

need sense

Having now watched the video clip, I dont think the guys very good on a bike. His riding is irratic, fast one min slow the next. someone on the form said "their is a time and a place for fun and this is not it" and its true. You cant ride like that on the motorway and not expect cops to see you eventually. And if your studip enough not to realise that, you shouldn't be riding bikes at all cause you'll just get yourself killed because your not using commen sense. 150mph is fun and so are wheelies. But if yor not smart enough to choose wisely where yo do it, then should you really be on really? I do admit the police are a con, just spoiling our fun sometimes, but this guy was just stupid. and having lost a dear friend and biking buddy to a studip old fool not not looking where he's going in a car jst months ago, I know that car drivers can be totally crap and shouldn't be aloud on the road half of them, and they get off so lightly for murder! But all you can do is look out for number one when out enjoying the roads we pay for.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


He broke the law, he got caught, he admitted dangerous driving, he got punished. Welcome to being a grown up.

Why should he be let off lightly just because on this occassion there wasn't a crash or a near crash? If someone breaks into your house and nicks your telly but does the washing up and the hoovering while they're at it should they be given a lighter sentence because they were good about it?

Unmarked police bikes aren't allowed to stop vehicles as they don't have blue lights which is why the guy wasn't stopped until there was a marked bike on the scene. By which time the bloke had done more than enough to allow even the CPS to get a good conviction. Had he chosen not to ride like that then he wouldn't have been stopped. Saying that seeing another biker behind you eggs you on is no excuse and probably just re-enforces the idea that you shouldn't really be riding a bike and haven't really mastered the art of self control, or reading without moving your lips and furrowing your brow.

Trackdays and club racing are great ways of proving what a riding legend you are. Public roads aren't. Fairly simple really. If you chose to ride in a way that's likely to attract the attention of the plod then you can't really grumble when they suddenly appear and nick you. Doing speeders might well be more about the money than anything else but then if it wasn't profitable they wouldn't still be doing it.

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