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Gary Pinchin  says:

Double fatality in TT sidecar practice

Sidecar practice was marred by a double fatality. Bill Currie and Kevin Morgan both lost their lives when they crashed their Yamaha outfit at Ballacrye on the first lap of practice. The session was immediately red-flagged and sidecar practice was abandoned.Currie, 67 from Ellesmere Port, was an experienced competitor who first competed at the TT in 1969. He finished eighth in...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (01 June 2011 11:14)

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May 09

Posts: 145

Agostini15 says:

The TT should NOT be banned

It's an event that everyone that enters knows the exact risks they are taking.Everyone also knows that over 200 people have died there since 1907 yet they still turn up and it's still one of the most popular sporting events in the world year in year out.If we banned everything that could harm us or kill us we wouldn't leave the house.All those that go there to race do so because they want to be there.That pretty much says it all.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

I hope the tt is never banned

I seriously want to slap all the people saying "ban the tt!," its so fucking arrogant telling someone whether they can take their OWN life in their own hands or not, riders KNOW theres a big risk, bystanders know there is a small risk, theyre not mentally incapable, they accept the risks, its not upto some soft arse twat to decide for them, whether what theyre doing or not is right, because it has NOTHING to do with that soft arsed twat.....

This bubble wrap the world society is precisely whats wrong with this country, im going to go right ahead and say that the reason the tt is so exciting, for the spectators AND the riders, is the fact that someone could have a massive crash at any moment, im not going to pussy foot around, motorsport would becrap if it was too safe and thats the reason short circuit racing is getting boring, because something interesting rarely happens....

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Feb 06

Posts: 77

gaziskwakers says:

Thoughts to the families

A sad loss, my thoughts are with you.....

I raced home to add to this board having read the earlier posts calling for the TT to be banned,  thankfully in the mean time you lot  have done it for me ,the six posts before me have sumed up how i feel and without any of the foul language i was mumbling. Thanks guy's.

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Sep 06

Posts: 10

studownie says:

TT tragedy

Yes, the death of Bill Currie and  Kevin Morgan is very sad but to call for the TT to be baned is stupid. I doubt if the people who call for the ban would call for the ban of horse riding/racing, ocean racing, mountain climbing, potholing or even jogging round your local park. All these activities have some kind of risk attached to them and surely it is up the participants as to whether they take those risks or not. We manage to kill over 3000  people on ordinary public roads each year but nobody calls for the abolition of private motorised transport. No one lives forever and if some people wish to take more risks than others that, surely, is their affair and nobody elses. My condolances go to the family and friends of the dead men but at least they have the knowledge that they died doing something they loved and wanted to do.

From my personal point of view, I'm 71, it was a better way to go than rotting away in some old persons home or hospital. And I speak from someone who has lost relatives in that way.

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Jun 09

Posts: 57

Kegsie says:


Some people need to get their heads out of it.  That said, given the nature of this circuit, age, reaction times etc., maybe an age limit should be considered.

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Mar 10

Posts: 54

zannoti says:

ban this talk of bans !

ban  the  T T  races ,      dont  talk  crap.       no  one  is  forced  into  racing  there,         the  guys  that  do  compete   do  so  because  the  ultimate  challenge  in  motorcycling  is  there  to  be  conquered.        to  have  competed  in  a  T  T   or  a  manx   is  something   very  special ,     the  memory   and  the  bond  with  fellow  riders   lives  on  long  after  retirement  from  motorsport.        ban  the  T T ,    yeah   the  week  after  they  put  a  fence  around   everest  to  stop  people  climbing  it !                          " my  deepest  sympathy  to  all  who  have  lost  loved  ones  this  week  "

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Not talking of banning the TT...

... myself (although some with poor reading abilities apparently thought I had), but was pointing out that the Gloucester cheese-rolling event was banned ("Can't guarantee your safety!" - the filth), people get physically prevented from rescuing their neighbours from a burning building by the police ("Can't allow you to place that ladder to rescue those burning upstairs, sir.  We can't guarantee your safety.") - yet the TT is just fine.

Was pointing out the oddity of such stark contradiction in the approach, that's all.

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Mar 09

Posts: 24

BANDIT2005 says:

Ban the TT

If you work out the total mileage ridden in practise and the races over the last 100 years I think that you would find that the TT circuit is comparable in safety terms  to most circuits.Most circuits around the world are rarely used and the races are usually short.I think one TT meeting must be the equivalent to years and years of racing on some circuits taking into account the mileage travelled.The TT must never be banned as more people are killed on horses than on motorcycles.

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Jun 13

Posts: 1

laurahan89 says:

bill currie

Those who call for the TT to be banned need to leave the biking community an discuss the weather with other to**ers. Every time someone calls for the most difficult but most the competitive race to be banned they disgrace every rider that has given their life to try their hand at getting a win. Bill was a great man who was very caring i remember going to see him i the pits at a short circuit race i was so excited to watch my uncle go so fast round the track with a man he trusted with his life as his partner. His smile was huge you could tell he was also excited to be racing again after such a long break in his racing career. He may have been 67 but he was no old man ready to settle for a nusing home. He was a brilliant racer shown by the inquest which concluded that no one was at fault. I would however like to thank those who sent their condolences for our family at such a sad time although those who were on the island at the time did not see your messages until they returned home once the tt had ended. I know this is 2 years after the fact but due to those who can not respect a riders decision to race held me back from putting anything as it would not be respectable and bill would not have approved of the language i would have used. Thanks again for all you kind regards during our sad loss it will not be forgotten by our family xx

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