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Liam Marsden  says:

German MotoGP: Pedrosa takes victory

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has won at the Sachsenring in Germany in only his second race since breaking his collarbone. Current champion Jorge Lorenzo managed to decrease Casey Stoner's championship lead by stealing second place from the Australian at the final turn. The two riders both held the lead early on in the race, but neither were unable to hold...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (17 July 2011 14:03)

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

yam3358 - I think you took that rather well all things considered.

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

LMAO, Yammy3358's dummy goes into space...

I'd like to thank everyone and anyone who has suceeded in helping cause a massive 'baby boy tantrum' from Yamaha3358. Its frikkin hilarious. Well worth Moaner getting pipped on the last bend. I'm might have 'JL, we love you' tattooed on my arse cheeks!!! Damn funny. I hope its fucked your whole weekend up you sad twat. ;) GOLDEN.

Most of your post is about Rossi dude when he didn't even have any impact on the race nor did he try to. His chips are down and he's still the greatest ever. Hurts doesn't it that no matter what your Aussie boyfriend does he aint ever gonna get the respect YOU think he deserves. While you keep banging on about Rossi I aint ever gonna give Moaner anything but greif either. You aren't helping his cause. Maybe if you stopped ranting bullshit he might get some better critique?

I hope Lorenzo storms the Championship now and Moaner gets his ares kicked by Pedrosa, Dovi and Marco at every opportunity. MotoGP is suddenly looking better all the time?

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Jun 11

Posts: 2564

PaceyCasey says:

 ''I'm might have 'JL, we love you' tattooed on my arse cheeks!!! ''

I'd let 'milkyb-arse' choose the design and font etc as he'll be looking at it most of the time.


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Jan 04

Posts: 118

nigel041 says:

I think ratchetman pretty much got it right then, although I really like Stoner he does seem to come off worse when there is a good scrap for a win/podium etc. I always thought Dani was the worlds worse at that (although he's got better) but think Stoner is as bad. Get him out at the front putting in fast lap after fast lap with no one giving him any hassle and he's untouchable. Lorenzo is true champion material, extremely consistent and never scared of a scrap. Really pleased for Dani, shame another championship down the pan because of injury, really think he could have done it this year (still could i 'spose with a bit of luck). I'm not bothered that Rossi aint up there now simply coz it's shutting up his army of stupid fans. 

Yamaha3358 enjoyed reading your post but it's about 1500 words too long


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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

As usual

We have RDB ignore absoloutley everything and anything he could contradict with my post, but no, he fails at trying to make someone else look stupid. Carry on Lorenzo lover and retired Rossi hugger, i'll not bother with another long reply. The fact though you wrote 2 paragraphs on ME and one short one about the racing says it all, thanks for demonstrating. The difference between you and me, is that if Stoner crashes out every round from now, i'll still be a fan and i won't switch to another rider just because he's fast enough to sometimes beat a rider i dislike, how very pathetic. I must have asked you a dozen times, how old are you ? it would explain alot why you use the word 'dude'. Retard. There have been a ton of people other than myself these last few days differing your opinion and guess what, no reply. Typical Rossi fan, sorry i meant Lorenzo fan.

Tossi's career at Ducati, what a way to go out, and it's how he'll be remembered. Fairytale ending :)

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

so nice to see

So nice to see Pedrosa win again, and Suzuki starting to climb the ranks. They need all the help they can with only 1 rider. Good on them. and hopefully someone at Ducati will get sacked this week.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

what a sucker

you are 3358....u just cant compete with RDB probably cos u lack a brain.He makes u look stupid everytime!
Insulting Rossi and other posters is all your good at and even then u fail miserably cos u hav no humour!
You are a seriously deluded dickhead.

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Apr 11

Posts: 137

mike2265 says:

Well I'm about to give up on motogp.  The races are just soooo boring.


On the second last corner I was sort of doing a reverse pantomime audience impression.  You know how the kids go "he's behind you, he's behind you".  Well I was trying to tell Casey "he's not behind you, he's not behind you, he stuffed up the last corner".  Like in a pantomime he didn't listen, took the block line and opened the window on the next corner.


Great win by pedro and great to see him win... and Bautista to show his talent.


Here's to a Spies win next week (closely followed by Stoner).

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

The Da Vinci Code

has been cracked.

Buell And RDB are the same person, there's no doubting it now. I've had the suspicion for sometime but didn't say anything in hope you'd give the game up someday.

RDB  - this is the account you use to personally insult someone and shout moaner to the hill tops. Like the other account you don't reply when someone addresses you with something simple and to do with the racing. You will argue into the early hours as you have fuck all better to do.

Buell - this is the account you use to make a review of a race 'formal', and its pathetic and the same thing EVERY time. Well done to '?', and to '?' BUT if Rossi had more time on the bike he would have had a podium. oh and 'BUT ANYWAY THERE ALL GREAT RIDERS' after you do a pathetic little swipe at the likes of Stoner. It's the account where you always say 'i cant be arsed arguing with 3358' yet you ALWAYS try to start a confrontation with me.

I honestly don't know if you have mental problems or are just extremely lonely. What absoloute fools could be so stupid to bring such a deluded little retard into the world? I call rape :)

So everyone take note, this sad little muppet has 2 accounts so he can compliment himself on either one. It's nearly as sad as hearing Rossi's excuses.

Get well soon 'dude'. Or 'dudes' whatever makes you happier.

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Mar 09

Posts: 36

Chris14 says:

Actually a decent race.

That was actually a good race, with a good amount, and good quality, passing going on.

Great to see Pedrosa win, especially as he's not quite 100% fit yet. I reckon his performance today will have ruffled Stoners' and Lorenzos' feathers slightly, cause if he's this fast now, what will he be like after the summer break. . .

Lorenzo showed today why he's the world champion, he's fast, consistant and will scrap. Just cause he doesn't like to do it all the time doesn't make him a good, worthy racer. He did very well to close down Stoner on the last lap, and I reckon he would have got him regardless, his corner speed was much higher.

Stoner, again, lightning fast and able to "race", with good passing and decent race craft. He just needs a bit more practice at running up there all the time, and the extra thinking that goes with the territory. Next year he'll be as good and consistant as Lorenzo. His bike does seem to more around alot, and he appears to be the only Honda rider who's having an issue with edge grip, but I guess that's more down to his style than the bike.

Bautista rode brilliantly, and showed he is good enough to be in MotoGP, and that the Suzuki, with the correct development direction, can be aswell. I though Bautista really showed some good development and maturity to his riding today. If Suzuki will let him develop a decent bike then he'll soon be up there wih Dovi, Spies and Sic. For me ride of the day.

Rossi, hmm, In two mind about this. No doubt he did well to make up that many places, fairly rapidly, but it does raise doubts about what Ducati are capable of, and willing to do, in terms of giving him a decent, Honda and Yamaha fighting bike. I also think they're being a bit hasty in binning the GP11.1 already, as I'm sure they haven't used it's entire adjustment spectrum yet, or exhausted all ideas.

I'll do Hayden, Spies, Dovi and Sic all in one, as this is getting a tad long now, and my space bar is dying. They all undoubtly rode brilliant races, all consistantly fast. I was expecting Dovi to hassle the top three a tad more after his enthusiastic start. Hayden rode well, considering he's on a "bad" bike, and he looked comfortable running his pace, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. 'Till Rossi cut it a bit fine, then you could physically see the annoyance. And as Eurosport always say, "If you can see it on the telly, then it must be big."
I couldn't help but expect a bit more from Spies and Sic, I reckon they should've atleast been up there with the top 3. But still decent, consistant showings.

Finally a shout for Cal, not too bad, it wasn't a complete disaster, and atleast he finished this time. But he looked like a man about to jump at the end, clearly not happy and it's taking its toll.

Anyway I'll shut up now, these posts of mine are getting longer and longer.

Cheers Chris.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibilty if you've fallen asleep while reading this, and any of the circumstances that occur as a result.
R.I.P. Spacebar

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