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Andy Downes  says:

Bird box disguised as a speed camera

A pensioner in Somerset has become so fed up with speeding road users breaking the 30mph limit through his village that he built a bird box in the shape of a speed camera and put it up outside his house. Ian Magee lives in Willerton, Somerset and spent a week building a wooden bird box as an exact replica of a...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (22 August 2011 12:27)

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May 06

Posts: 89

Kescheng says:


I can sympathise with this chap to be honest. The last house I lived in was on a rat run and there were times when some scrotes would charge up the residential road at 60 to 80mph as it lead onto a de restricted road. Cameras have become an object of hate because of their locations but I'm sure that even us bikers wouldn't mind a few in 30mph roads where they might actually make a difference. I even went to ask my local rozzers if they could do something about it particularly between 5 and 7 in the morning or evening. No chance. I was told in all seriousness that they couldn't do a speed trap because they couldn't find somewhere to park off the road. I figure that it was more likely that they didn't want to have to do anything at shift changeover when the donuts where being handed out.

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Oct 10

Posts: 306

Cyclonite says:

unless he plans to sleep in it, install a toilet or run a business from it he doesnt need planning permission for a non-permanent wooden structure...

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Aug 02

Posts: 554


It's hardly gonna fool anyone anyway, for starts it's too high and it's pointing upwards ... silly old fool.

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Mar 10

Posts: 53

Feakster says:


Word gets around. It'll only fool people not from the area. He should have put a remotely operated flash in it so he can activate it to freak out people driving normally by.

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Mar 10

Posts: 53

Feakster says:

One more thing...

How do the birds get in?

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:

A week to make a nest .? The old duffer needs to get down to B&Q for some power tools they've got some good offers on at the moment. He should make himself aware of planning restrictions or he might end up in magistrates court in front of the beak. :>) 

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Aug 11

Posts: 1

MayHill says:

Bird box disguised as a speed camera

Just put yourself in this man's position. He lives in a residential area within a 30mph speed limit. That speed limit was put there for a reason, but is clearly not being observed and the poor man's life is being ruined by the selfish behaviour of drivers who think the law doesn't apply to them. What is he supposed to do, move house? Building a bird house is going a bit far, but if that is what he has been forced to do can we really blame him? Before criticising and ridiculing the actions of this man, perhaps we should look at ourselves and the effect that our actions as road users have on others around us.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

Legal or what?

Whats the legal position on this, if theres any solicitors reading this? Its almost like being a vigilante! If there is a problem with  speeding, why have the police not done anything, and what are the accident statistics for this area? Is this guy a concerned resident or the village idiot? If, despite what it looks like, it is a bird box, according to the council, does that mean that mean everyone needs planning permission for a bird box? Get someone to build a bird box opposite his house that looks like a hoodie with a knife and it might stop him from going out! LOL!!

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Aug 09

Posts: 127

Szmolo says:

Dear Ian

And I don't like having to share the road with blind OAPs who haven't been able to read a number plate at 20 metres since 1995 without high strength glasses, let alone see or hear a motorbike, and when they do see you, jump out of their skins, get all angry, and give you that 'where did you come from?' look.

Does this mean I can make my own visual deterent so the world can suit me best?

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:

Perception vs Reality

I feel for the bloke.  It can't be pleasant living in a village and having cock-heads roar through all the time.  Everyone like a bit of fun, and I put it to you that through a village is not the place to be having such fun, it shows complete disregard and disrespect to everyone else.

If what this bloke says is true (people regularly doing double the limit) then it is a matter for the police and council to sort out either through enforcement or traffic calming.

What we should have are lights like they have in parts of Europe that turn red if you speed.  Then you sit at the edge of the village/town and everyone can see you.  Everyone knows why you've been stopped.  Everyone knows you are an unobservant*, self-centred, disrepectful, cock-head.  No need for enforcement, the shame is enough.

I know, I've been that cock-head.

*Yes, "ubobservant" because you didn't see the speed sign or spot the change in road conditions.  Cock-head.

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