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MCN  says:

2012 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade first ride!

The 20th anniversary Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is currently being put through its paces at the Portimao circuit, Portugal by MCN chief road tester Trevor Franklin. This new model now comes with Showa Big Piston front forks and a new ‘Balance Free’ rear suspension design, developed for racing. There are also a host of revisions which include the ECU and fuelling system,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 November 2011 12:23)

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Sep 06

Posts: 302

gixercarl says:


christ there is some muppets on here

eddy998 stick to your shed ducati mate you are clearly from fraggle rock

blades are boring bullshit

how can any modern 1000 superbike be boring are you a moron fella

while the muppets will all be falling over themselves to look at the 1199 at the nec, this will be another in a long list of shit over priced  road bikes

meanwhile mr honda has been quietly improving probarly the best 1000 superbike of the generation

dont get me wrong never really liked any of the fireblade models but that 08 new model with the help of hrc is pure genius, you cant really fault it as a road bike it awesome and certainly not boring

this bike is all about showa work on the suspention, better wheels, 9bhp more bet you did not know that,  this blade is  a brillant bike for the masses if you want a bike for the road and a few track days thats fast ,agile, useable power, good mid range, and power all the way to 180+ with great styling, best fuel consumption  in class what more can we ask for

let the muppets keep there ducatis or over hyped bimers, turn the bimers traction control off see how well it handles, yes a bag of s++t

the blade is the thinking mans bike, you know the ones that enjoy the riding not  the knobs bimbling to the cafe

drinking tea all day  and disussing how much power they got whilst gazzing  at their gold ohlins

i say well done mr honda in a time when the world seems a desperate place you keep producing the goods to give us the tools for a good great ride which makes going to the pit of despair every monday morning worth

look forward to a test ride


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Oct 09

Posts: 5

nippinon says:


Well said. enough said.

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May 08

Posts: 12

ringmad says:

boring - for oaps

well done gixer carl for telling it like it is , you misguided people have obviously never used a new blade in anger , -, , it is NEVER  out of control , only thing to defo come past it [ on a straght ] is the new s1000rr , finish and build quality typical honda , say no more , , , other guy wants a everyday rider to test it ,- ha ha , how exactly are u meant to properly use a blade on the commute then , my advice is this , ducati man , commuter man and boring man , take it to the nurburgring nordschliefe, and rev it hard as you dare , the blade WILL  laugh at your best effort, , and youll never find its limits - thats blade territory , not thebimble to the cafe with your replica troy bayliss leathers on and not your commuter run either ,, leave the blades to real riders who appreciate real roads .

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Dec 10

Posts: 243

blue200tdi says:

Boy do you lot throw ya dummies out the pram lol!

"it is NEVER out of control"

Exactly, I never for one second said it was a rubbish bike, far from it, they are great bikes, I just can't explain how I feel about blades. They could certainly out ride my ZZR1400.

As for never riding one in anger, give me an original one, go back 19 years, and I'd probably ride round the outside of your present day Suzukis and Yams, smoking a cigarette, whilst reading a playboy mag! :):)

And just for the record, I live just down the road from willingham woods, and nine out of ten blades that pull up at the chippie, are ridden by older men, with greying hair, just an observation like! lol!

As for the nurburgring, when exactly am I going to be riding round there? On the commute, on a tour just riding round hoping to find a campsite? What exactly is the point of a race rep if you aren't on a race track? You spend the money on a bike that is meant for a track, I'll spend mine on something comfy and designed for roads thanks. So if I want to ride round the nurburgring, I'll buy a blade (or not), or an R1, or a GSXR1000, or a ZX10R

Real riders? What? the ones who only ride at the weekend to show off how much money they can waste on the latest race rep with rediculous matching leathers, gloves, boots and helmet? No sir, real riders buy bikes that are comfy, and built for distances. I didn't see Ewan Mcgregor or Charlie Boorman riding a blade on thier epic trips, enough said, buy a bike for what you need it for, not just for posing, unless you own a Harley.

And anyway, I don't like blades, you won't like my ZZR1400, if we all liked the same thing, the world would be one heck of a boring place to be, no need to get your thongs in a twist just because I have a different opinion and likes.

Ride well and safe guys and girls, what ever you ride.

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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:


As far as i could understand this statement.....never used the new blader in anger....well that is what kill people in the first place and make you an estatistic! Never ever ride a bike in anger that is my advice.

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Oct 08

Posts: 60

guyincognito says:


Well said chief, Can't fault blades, awesome tackle indeed.. Had one on a 07 then an 08 plate now sold but will be buying another when funds permit.. :)


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Jan 08

Posts: 283

steven.hood7 says:

Good Post Gixercarl.

Couldn't have put it any better myself. Having done over 140,000 miles on 4 Fireblades over 15 years i would say Honda's fit/finish and build quality coupled with balanced power and handling shines through from 1992 to present day. And long may it contiue.!!

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May 08

Posts: 12

ringmad says:

ha ha ha

right , i seem to remember a gent going ROUND THE WORLD  on a bmw trailthingy -no wait a minut - it was AN R1, a willingham woods pose mobile ,, and youve never obviously been to the ring - ooooooooooooo mummy wont let you go eh or you would know what i meant , take it to a track , and just open it up , then youll see why the blades design and engineering excellence and rider control is there in abundance [ by the way the roads around the eiffles are great for yout r touring as well ], the zzr 1400 is built for what 0 a fast toure , no as its comprehensively out toured by the bmw panzer trail wagon , sports -no as its comprehensively out gunned / cornered by blades etc , eats tryes etc - ah yes - its for straight line merchants . --------- yes lets all put our rose tinted glasses on and when your out riding and reading your playboy ill be wheeling past you on my kawasaki 500 triple -------------------------- vortex wobbler your the kind of tree huggin rider that gets in the way of guys like me and gixxer carl when were out enjoying our bikes , stop bleating on about speed , and hang your moped keys up - oooooooo too dangerous bah blah  , bikes are supposed to be fun right , and i would never give an opinion on a bike i havent ridden

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Mar 09

Posts: 21

aa4vans says:

Gixercarl. Less of the Muppets

Its not on calling Ducati owners Muppets, why would you call Ducati owners muppets?? I,  like gixercarl  have owned them all - zxr 750K1 - 916 BIP(bought new) - 999s (bought new)  and now a big bang R1 (bought new). I buy bikes to last and totally understand why guys buy Ducati's. They are the most exclusive bike that one could wish to own, the Ferrari / Porsche of production motorcycles, NO IFFS or BUTTS. I'm not saying that gixercarl could not afford, one but if he was quite wealthy i am sure that he would consider one allong side his Jap. I' not interested in knee sliders or leather suits and oftern go out for a modest blast to take my mind of the day job in a pair of Sidi's and jeans. I'm not slow and not the fastest so guess a R6 would do me all day long but i like the power of the 1000. I can aford the 1199 and might buy one BECAUSE I CAN, does that make me a Muppet, NO because i'm not a muppet, far from. I keep my bikes in my large dinning room like a piece of art on its padock stand and when i look at it, it makes all the hard work i do seem worth while. I would certainly like to look at the Art from Italy than the art from Japan and i'm not knocking the Jap bikes at all. We all buy bike's for different reasons. The 1199 looks a cracking bike and buyers won't give a toss about any Jap bike being faster etc, they just have trust in the Ducati product and the overall pleasure it will give them.

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Nov 10

Posts: 25

dkbunny says:

love it

Honda look to have done it again the Blade does not do one thing exceptionally but just does everything brilliantly and so easy to live with whether it is on track or on the road . This seems to be the ethos at Honda and it works so why not continue . We all loved the first Blade and nearly everyone loved all the variations in between and this will be no different can't wait to ride it .

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