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Matthew Birt  says:

Jerry Burgess welcomes new MotoGP testing rules

New MotoGP testing rules that allow factories to use their contracted riders much more in 2012 will be a major boost for Ducati, according to Valentino Rossi’s crew chief Jerry Burgess. Under previous cost-cutting testing restrictions, Ducati could only use Rossi and American team-mate Nicky Hayden on a limited number of designated testing days to try and improve the Desmosedici machine. Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 December 2011 10:37)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Yeah fair enough more testing is a good idea, just thought it was funny how Ducati(back when it wasn't confirmed) got to their 7th testing day(out of 8) and wallah!

'Ezpeleta introduces new motogp testing rules'

Personally, i think it's hard to judge Ducati's potential as Rossi really doesn't look like he's trying hard enough.

Rossi too spoke frequently about how much Ducati was handicapped by the testing restrictions

He must well and truly have won the 'moaner' title now, right ? not just by this, but his whole season. Excuses for this, excuses for that.. bloody hell, what a moaner!

All just joking of course, but jeez it's just funny to think of the shit people would come out if the roles were reversed with Stoner if he was on the 'shit pig'(cheers milky) that Rossi created.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Just wondering what other people reckon.

Was this new testing rule decided, with mainly Rossi in mind ?

I think so. Like i said, Ducati get to their 7th testing day and well .. no progress, no break-throughs, and obviously pretty poor feedback from Rossi(!), it is then decided that there is unlimited testing with both main riders. Excellent. Fantastic. Lovely. 

Mind you, there was a bit of pressure on Ezpeleta after Rossi chucked his toys out of the pram on several occasions. 'no, it's not fair. waaaa.'    :)

More testing is obviously going to benefit everyone but here's the way i see it. Ducati are most likely to get closer to Yamaha and Honda than Yam and Honda are, to pulling further away from Ducati performance wise(but you never know, with the way their being lead by their star rider). Which is just what the powers that be, want. Fair enough, and it's one less excuse to tick off once they start the season.

Bring on the stick, i feed off it haha.

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Mar 11

Posts: 102

timgsxr says:


Why would you expect any stick for telling it like it is . Everybody can see that the golden child had foot in mouth disese now is making all at ducati and dorna jump through hoops but it wont work jl and cs are way to fast.

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Feb 06

Posts: 77

gaziskwakers says:

Just a thought.....

I've read all the comments so far and wonder why Rossi Burgess and Ducati are taking stick for doing what Honda always do, and i'm thinking of the change to 800's when they had already developed a fast 800. I would be the first to complain if it was a only one factory getting a boost ( like suzuki with the engine rule ) but it is even across the board. If this helps ALL THE Ducati boys to catch up then bring it on, it means better racing for us to watch, or do you just want a Honda precession next year? I think you should all consider the bigger picture and if it makes the superstars do more to earn there pay then that seems to me to be a sound financial plan too. And before you start i don't have a particular favorite rider, i admire them all, but i hate listening to Stoners post race interview, even when he buggers off and makes the others look ordinary he sounds miserable, come on Casey cheer up mate, your too good to be miserable all the time. lol

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

Seperate Rossi from Ducati for a second...

You need to seperate the two, its too easy to simply say 'Rossi' all the time.

There are 3 manufacturers in MotoGP. Only 3...
There are limited prototype machines and of these the Ducati is in a wayward situation - its lost.

What do you do?

  • One idea is to maintain the restrictions upon testing and see two manufacturers run away, the third struggle and then in 2013 leave due to financial pressure/competitive issues?
  • The alternative is relax testing for all teams and hope that Ducati sort thier shit out and make it into a 3 team championship.

Rossi this, Rossi that, blah blah - yep last year he was king of moaners with an excuse  for everything.
Thing bigger picture boys and girls - the new testing regaluations offer every manufacturer the same opportunities to be close to the pointy end, not just Ducati/Rossi

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Dec 11

Posts: 92

jackinthebox says:

How interesting!

I have been reading these forums for a while now but have never bothered to post but now feel the need to express my opinion.
Got to say some of the posts are quite interesting while others are just pure and utter rubbish.
I never realised there was such hatred towards some of the riders and all this squabbling between so called Stoner and Rossi fans is quite pathetic really.
Yamaha 3358 what is your problem?
Got to say you sound a bit of a crackpot with not much of an idea about anything unless maybe you are just an infant then you might be excused.

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1409

Should have stayed in your box!

So Jack, you've been reading these forums for a while and you've just made that realisation?

Sounds like comprehension isn't one of your strong points.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5211

Nostrodamus says:

Chris, you're quite right

with your post below. We do need a competitive Ducati. But I am very much of the opinion that Rossi has fallen from Alien status, and frankly Hayden's done nothing for the entiriety of the 800 era.

To my mind this makes it difficult to judge just how competitive the 2012 incarnation(s) will be. A rock and a hard place for Ducati I'm afraid. But then they're the architects of their own demise as much as Rossi is.

Rossi may have been the catalyst as he so often is with Ezpeleta, but the rule was a dumb one and good riddance.


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Dec 11

Posts: 92

jackinthebox says:

well Bob

You may be right but I am afraid you seem to be one of the ones that posts utter rubbish more than anything worthwhile.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1389

Richard1967 says:


Dont feed The Trolls

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