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Jan 12

Posts: 9

schnell82 says:

Frank Thomas Textiles

Hi Guys,

As and when the chance has arisen i've been in the nearest large bike/gear shop looking for my kit. The guys in my shop of choice have been quite helpful so far (albeit I am in disagreement with them that when i'm spending 300-400 on a helmet, it should be one that isnt on display) but you can never really tell how much of it is sales banter... so I thought I'd seek the advice of the experienced....

Given my "non-standard" (50/51" chest, 48" waist) body shape, and my tendency to sweat quite a bit, I've been finding it hard work finding textiles that are

a) Available in my size
b) Reasonably priced
c) not going to cause me to have to dry them out and shower after I remove them :hmmm:

I was shown/tried on a Frank Thomas Jacket/trouser combo the other day (FTW345 Tourino Aquatec). The jacket I was reasonably pleased with, although looks like i'm going to have to sew the elbow armour pockets so the armour sits in the right place... however i tried on the legs and I'd only had them on for a a few mins (2-3) and i could feel my legs getting a bit damp (I was already hot at the time but was otherwise dry). I had to remove my jeans to put htem on, so it was bare legs against the synthethic liner.

My questions are (finally):

a) Am I going to have to go full goretex to prevent the shower scenario mentioned above?
b) what is the general concensus about FT textiles? good quality?

My budget is around £300 for both the jacket and legs, possibly £400

I think I'm settled on the helmet:

I was looking at the Shoei Raid II, but when i saw the XR1100 had removeable liner, I knew it was meant to be :biggrin:

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  • Posted 3 years ago (14 February 2012 19:42)

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Feb 09

Posts: 548

I would

go with the XR1100 as it is a cracking helmet. For your budget you may be able to get a higher end suit on an offer somewhere. The FT stuff is ok but doesn't in my experience stay waterproof for long. Also to be waterproof it has a seperate liner that is really plastic and makes you sweat.
Goretex is the way to go.


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Dec 10

Posts: 12075

preunit says:

As above

never had much luck with FT,zips made of chocolate and dodgy waterproofing.

Maybe worth a trip to Hein Gericke and see how they fit, as their quality and performance imho,is exellent.

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Jan 12

Posts: 9

schnell82 says:

Cheers guys

yeah definitely going with the xr1100 for my helmet... thanks for the headsup on the FT stuff... might give it a miss :smile

I was originally looking at Weise, but I haven't been able to find anywhere that stocks it locally (I'm in SW London). I also looked at HG, but they didnt seem to have alot in big sizes and frankly speaking, didnt really seem wholly interested in making a sale (Given that there was only me and 1 other person in the shop, they had plenty of time to help me out).... I had been forewarned about their legendary customer service so it wasn't wholly unexpected.

I'm going back to the J&S tomorrow so I might see what other brands they have. I'm a noob to the bike world, so any suggestions re textile manufacturers that I should go for are much appeciated.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Bike Kit

Personally, I don’t like FT kit.  I bought an expensive set of touring textiles from them a few years back that felt fine in the shop but, after a while on the bike I was soaked with sweat.  Not good when you are touring Spain.  It was supposed to be all-season kit but it was very poorly ventilated and removing the liners (which I did before I went away) did little to reduce the thermal properties.  In the end I literally had no choice but to stop using the trousers after a few days and continue the rest of my holiday in jeans.  I certainly wouldn’t buy FT stuff again.

 The principle of you get what you pay for applies even more so to bike gear.  Those of us that ride regularly or long distances spend a lot of time in our bike kit and it has to be comfortable and protective.  It’s a real ache when you can’t concentrate on your ride because your bike gear is too hot or uncomfortable.

Goretex is great stuff but other manufacturers are getting in on the act.  J&S are a good bunch and I have shopped there myself.  I find their ISX brand to be good value for money.  I have a set of summer kit made by ISX which was reasonably priced, well made and fantastically cool in warm weather.  It’s a few years old now and is as good as new – although it does only get used in the warmer weather for obvious reasons J

The other brand I like is Hein Gerike.  My main textile jacket is their own brand stuff and is really good quality.  The after sales service from HG is brilliant also.    

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Jan 12

Posts: 9

schnell82 says:


I actually bought a mixed set of IXS legs and jacket with some hi-vis... not everyones cuppa tea i would imagine. I figure for the price they'll last me long enough to get a good understanding of what I should really get, and become a backup kit.

I was quite happy walking out of the shop. Got my XR1100 too, and they gave me a little discount. Defo going back to them, they aren't pushy and are really helpful.
Tomorrow I'm hopefully test riding an sv650s!

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Oct 10

Posts: 20

barksy says:


Got the very kit you have tried inc trousers, Yes you get hot quite quickly in the shop but soon cool down while out riding. I have learned quickly that you do not need too much clothing when all liners and thermal inners are used, a great tip is to simply wear cotton leggings and tea shirt underneath and you will be fine. Waterproof the jacket and trousers once a month with spray on Nikwax which waterproofs them great while enabling them to breath still, works for me! Also there are just enough pockets (you can never have too many) with only the inner ones with zips perfect!

I'm sold!:smile

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Jim JIm


Aug 02

Posts: 29

Jim JIm says:

Frank Thomas Textiles

Hi Schnell

If you go to J&S they are bound to try and sell you Frank Thomas gear. Used F/T stuff in the past and have never found it waterproof.

Just recently purchased the Richa Spirit C-Change jacket and trousers and have had no problems at all with wet weather. The jacket goes up to 8XL and the trousers 6XL.

The only problem is though that they are the coldest jacket and trousers that I have ever worn and the inner jacket that comes with it is next to useless. I am using my old Belstaf inner jacket and thermals to stay warm.

The only problem is that the RRP for the jacket is £420 and the trousers £300. However if you hunt around you may be able to get them cheaper.

Go to a shop and try a few on to get the size and then hunt around on the Internet to get the best deal.



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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


buy hats from display.

If you drop a £300 helmet are you going to want to pay for it? Is the shop going to want to take the cost of it? No. They'll put it back on the shelf. Also, you don't know what kind of manky bugger has been trying it on as well as it having lots of heads in and those crucial forming minutes with heat and pressure going to other people's heads. When I try a helmet on, it's usually a minute or two. If I like it or think it fits, it's up to ten minutes. You only need ten people doing that and that helmet has been exposed to almost two hours of other people's heads causing it to form slightly irregularly and meaning you may never get a perfectly comfy fit.

Safety, fit and hygiene are all reasons to demand it from out of the box. If they won't then don't buy from there. If they don't have one you can give them the chance to order it in but it must be one from the distributer and not from another shop where it may have also been a display model. If in doubt then walk away and see if it's cheaper online.

Ultimately, even if they've been really helpful, it doesn't matter as it's your head and your life and when around 80% of motorcycle deaths are due to head injury you need to ensure your helmet is right.

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