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SUZUKI 60 years of Suzuki: RGV500 vs GSX-R1000 GSX-R1000

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MCN  says:

60 years of Suzuki: RGV500 vs GSX-R1000

These two blue and white machines represent the best of the Suzuki best. Right now, the 166bhp, 203kg 2012 GSX-R1000 is the ultimate incarnation of the Japanese firm’s road-going superbike and this 1998 ex-Nobuatsu Aoki RGV500, making 180bhp and weighing just 130kg was one of the last of the fearsome 500cc GP bikes.  One’s a two-stroke V4, one’s a four...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 April 2012 14:47)

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

Back when

men were men, and women were glad of it, and a poof was something you put your feet on

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Dec 04

Posts: 26


Given a choice why would you want to ride that lardy four stroke ?

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Jun 11

Posts: 2564

PaceyCasey says:




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Nov 05

Posts: 80

brianhevans says:

Not really fair...

You are comparing a stock street bike to a bespoke race bike, the 500cc GP bike.  I build racebikes and you can easily knock off 40-50 pounds and add 10-15 hp.   That being said I am sure the GP bike is still better handling but this article is completely misleading....suggesting that today's bikes are still nowhere near as fast or handle as well.  True that when entering a corner at a high pace the lighter bike with less reciprocating mass will be easier to ride.but mounted on the same rubber with similar modifications I bet a $20,000 2012 GSX-R track prepped with race ecu, full exhaust, and all the street parts jettisoned will give the GP bike a run for it's money.  It would have the SAME hp, more torque and be easier to ride with a 70-75 lb penalty.  I contend that the new bike with these mods would be within a second or less in lap time to the GP bike.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:


130 kg to 180bhp, think i forgot how crazy these 2 strokes was. nice to see tho. would not mind a few laps on that beast!!!.

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Nov 05

Posts: 9

toosmooth11 says:

not meaning to be picky...

brianhevans - when you said " this article is completely misleading....suggesting that today's bikes are still nowhere near as fast" I guess you must have missed the passage below.

"Despite their differences, the passage of time has made them very similar in performance so your new GSX-R1000 really is as fast as a 500 Grand Prix bike, which is pretty cool"

I like a grumble myself, so I'm not having a pop. But for the sake of accuracy and all that, thought it worth pointing out.



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Mar 10

Posts: 16

masterdave says:


"men were men, and women were glad of it, and a poof was something you put your feet on"


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Nov 08

Posts: 880

Ah, the glorious smell of a 2-stroke!

I read somewhere that 70% of my GSX-R1000's 208kg is in the engine and transmission. Okay, great for mass centralisation, but that's 145kg tucked in there! 15kg more than the entire RGV. Now consider the rest of the cycle parts - just 62kg trusted with handling all that mass and huge thrust involved in hauling it around. The RGV cycle parts were probably similar weight and handled much less brute force - let's face it, once a 130kg bike's on it's back (or front) wheel there's no more shove (or brakes) required, so chains, sprockets, suspension - none of it needed to be quite so manly. Yes, huge leaps and bounds have been made to make a mass produced superbike's cycle parts so strong and light. I thought last year's L1 GSX-R600 was light and fizzy, and a hell of a ride for it, but damn, I want a go on that RGV!

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

i got a idea

this has got me thinking how about a world champ with 500cc  2t  bet you get full grids with that and on of these wsb/crt crap things

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:


The article might not be completely misleading but it is being economical with the truth. The days top speed might be similar but that is set-up, these bikes would do 200mph at Hockenheim, aside from that these bikes are still a world apart in terms of lap times. No way will the porky GSX-R keep up with one of those in skilled hands, it would be down 15 seconds a lap on the least demanding circuits. 180bhp & 130 kg is an experience beyond anything that the likes of us can buy today. "Despite their differences, the passage of time has made them very similar in performance..." is an inane comment and almost wholly inaccurate.

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