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MCN  says:

Poll: What's the most common bad driving habit you see while riding?

Filter through slow moving traffic these days and you'll invariably see a car slowly weaving out of its lane, its driver hunched over a smart phone updating his Twotter or Faceberk. But is this modern failing now more common than traditional idiocies such as not indicating before turning, swerving while shouting at kids in the back, and thrashing through a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 May 2012 15:50)

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Nov 07

Posts: 7

brooksy26 says:

Bad driving habits

There should be a selection for all af the above on the poll. Because I have saw driving standards drop over the past few years.

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Aug 10

Posts: 3

guzzman says:

What really gets my goat

the thing that really annoys me is drivers that pull over to let me pass... instead of them watching the road they are too busy watching me and have seen drivers mount the kerb whilst doing this causing them to swerve into where I would have been if I had done as they wanted me to do, also as I wear an open face helmet I find they kick up the dirt which ends up in my face, forcing me to either drop back or overtake, they do not watch the road and check it safe for me to overtake before they pull over.. my advice to them is yes watch for motorcycles, but hold your road position and watch your driving not mine!!.. if I want to overtake I will when I decide it is safe, I will cross to the other side of the road and pass safely..I am a Motorcycle and do not need enough room to drive a Bus!!

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Feb 08

Posts: 3

glesgaman says:

Bad driving habits

I find in general all car drivers are arseholes,there is nothing good to say about them,and as I often ride an old classic motorcycle I need to give hand signals,most car drivers do not understand them,and they think you are waving ! The modern driving test needs to be reviewed to include a session on hand signals,to achieve a pass.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1

brothergrizz says:

lane discipline on islands

Drivers that like to change to the left of two lanes leaving an island with no warning should be dealt with. Particularly when I'm already in the lane they're moving into.

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Feb 08

Posts: 9

Panchdara says:

UK drivers are good... well, in comparison

In Bermuda - no indicating, not stopping at stop signs, (we drive/ride on left side, same as UK) crossing the center line when turning left (and not indicating), incorrect road position, stopping and creating a hazzard (double parking), using phone whilst using a moving vehicle, drinking/eating when driving/riding, overtaking and then becoming a hazzard and I suppose the all time most diisgusting habit is that of people SPITTING. Above all is the total lack of courtesy and absolute void of traffic control officers.


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Aug 05

Posts: 2

alexanderph says:

All of the above (+ 2 more)

I agree with the previous comment on 'all of the above'. My REAL 2 pet hates however are:

1. Drivers who smoke and flick the ash, and yes, the lit fag-ends, out an open window (even in the middle of winter when they'd obviously rather freeze to death then (god forbid) use their perfectly clean ash-tray). I will raise my hand to shouting mouthfuls of abuse at them (through the open window), but hope is not lost, since one guy, this very morning, apologised and rolled his window up!

2. Drivers who sit with their foot on the brake at traffic lights at night, causing their high-level brake lights to dazzle me - being as they're normally right in front of my eyes at the time. I can get my revenge on this by turning on my full beam (sad, I know, but at least it gives me some satisfaction for a few minutes).

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May 12

Posts: 1

LewisCav says:

Guzzman's right !

All of the above includes most of what I see everyday. I ride close to 300miles a week, maybe 130miles commuting and the rest is pleasure riding and people drive differently at different times of the day...

Morning Rush: Most common bad habits include: Texting, Phone calls, Playing with radio/CD player/iPod, Moving INTO your way as you're about to filter or have filtered and they try to stop you getting into lane, Make-up, Hair, And a general bad driving style or not paying attention to the road.

10-2.30ish: The standard of driving improves by miles and I will rarely see someone being an ass between these hours. Most people are considerate and understand that you want to travel faster than them so don't speed up on straights to try and stop you overtaking.

Afternoon Rush: Pretty much the same as the Morning Rush, however most drivers go faster, brake later, and seem to want to hit you off as opposed to pushing into the other side of the road. I once got rammed from behind by a driver who got impatient with me for doing the speed limit +10%.....

As Guzzman says.....: What really frustrates me is car drivers slowing down, pulling into the curb, indicating, and then watching you and not them. I feel it is unsafe to overtake when they do that, mainly because they fail to notice an oncoming vehicle, but also because if they don't start to pay attention to what THEY are doing, then they will have an accident and take me with them.

I think it's fair to say that 60% of road users don't pay enough attention to the road. They either fail to notice I'm behind them even when I have high beems on, swerve around the place, don't indicate, hog middle/outside lanes, and just simply drive badly

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May 12

Posts: 1

StreetR says:


Nothing surprises me anymore, I ride Juntion 21A to 16 of the M25 daily and this morning saw a guy in the outside lane of the M25 between juntions 17 and 16 working on his laptop whilst driving.

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