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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner slams Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha return

Casey Stoner has criticised Valentino Rossi’s swift return to Yamaha after the Italian legend recently confirmed he will quit Ducati after a disastrous two-year stint with the Bologna factory. The 33-year-old has been a shock failure to perform on board a factory Desmosedici and will return to Yamaha next season to partner bitter Spanish rival Jorge Lorenzo. When Rossi arrived at Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (15 August 2012 09:04)

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


Must let it all go. Yes if I were him, I'll say it too. I think the above thread is right. It's rossi that kill stoner's image. Since 2007, it's him who spread bad news about stoner, influence ducati to kill stoner's career cause they are italians, and use uncle ASSPELATA to bring crazy rules. Even influence bridgestone to weaken the tire!!! Again I say, stoner cann't fight the world. Better for him to forgive and go on for another life challenge. He already got millions of dollars. Enough to live till 2nd generation. Let it go stoner. Forgive him. God bless.

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

The article on Motomatters that moaner posted said it all, it's down to tyres and Rossi getting preferential treatment from Dorna that made Stoner jack it in. Tailor made Bridgestones vs tailor made Michelins in 2007 and Stoner had no real problems riding the Ducati as fast as he dared. 2008 and Rossi gets his Bridgestone tyre deal and Stoner starts to lose the front on a regular basis. Coincidence ?

2011 and Stoner has no problems taking the Honda to its limits and cruising once again to the title, come 2012 and Bridgestone are at it again, changing the tyres to try to cure the Ducatis front end problems with a rider who can't take the bike to its limit. This new tyre gives everyone chatter, everyone that is except Lorenzo and lo and behold Dorna then broker a deal for Rossi to go back to Yamaha and partner Lorenzo. Coincidence ?

The fact that Dorna are complicit in this is frankly outrageous.

How come all you dummies with 46 in your username can't see it, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to pick up blatant clues like this. Bridgestone are running a business with Rossi advertising their product, despite the fact that all other riders are using the same product they are using Rossi to sell it so of course he is going to get preferential treatment. It even raises the spectre of the control tyre maybe not being equal for all riders.

George Orwell wrote, "everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others." too fucking right.

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Aug 02

Posts: 324

mattbirt says:

hurdyfurdy and racingfan99

You appear to have been misled somewhat by Casey's statement that the article we published recently was taken from a series of quotes collated together over the past 18 months. For clarification, this is not true. The vast majority of the quotes were taken in a media debrief which MCN attended in Laguna Seca on July 26. We never claimed that we had a private interview with him. A small portion - on the same subject - were taken from a media debrief with him on June 27 in Assen. So 29 days and two races apart and not a year and a half.




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Aug 12

Posts: 2

MotoFanGP says:


This article is garbage and obviously trying desperately to stir up unnecessary drama and controversy with Rossi leaving Ducati. I watched the Indy Press Conference last night and the attitude and quotes from these riders was the complete opposite of what this article suggests. Stoner himself clarified that he made these comments within the past 1.5 years, & understood why Rossi made the decision to go back to the M1.

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Oct 10

Posts: 461

racingfan99 says:

So the discrepancy now is somewhere between your 29 days and Casey’s 18 months – seems quite a big difference. Whatever the aim I’m afraid to say it has put you in a pretty bad light. And you’ll just have to argue the toss with Casey about when he said it to you.

Whatever is the truth, can you please clarify the actual purpose of the article? (multiple choice)

It achieved all of the below but what exactly was the aim.
Was it? A: to force Casey to have to correct your MCN article at the Indy press conference?
B: To attract attention to MCN in any way or method possible good or bad?
C: To further stir up bad feeling between the ‘Stoner v Rossi’ bunch?
D: To wind up or embarrass either Rossi or Stoner?
E: To let the world see that the once great bike publication (that I have read since aged 7) has now become ok at the ‘untruth’ gutter level of tabloid sensationalism. The National Enquirer of the bike press.

With great power comes great responsibility as someone brainy once said. I think you should think a bit harder that’s all. MCN was a trusted and reliable read and these little incidents are happening more and more and making the credibility of the paper less and less each time. For years now you’re eggs have been in one basket by relying on parading the ‘Rossi’ name to get sales, headlines or attention, which has not done much for the evolution of the whole Motogp class, which appears devoid of big names. It is surely the bike press to build riders up into big names and even stars for the good of the sport. And by also biting the hand that feeds….meaning either the riders you are now messing with, or taking your readers for granted like idiots and feeding us crap – I think you’ll find the policy may well be detrimental to the cause and not the best way to treat the readers.

My comments are meant to be constructive criticism aimed at keeping you all honest– we all deserve a credible paper for the genuine bikers. Please don’t drop your standards just to appeal to the utter garbage written by us ‘amateur’ writers on the forum.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3207

wosihound says:

Question time..


There you have it..from the horses mouth.

That Stoner said what he said is no's been blubbed by every bitter #27er here inbetween the tears and frilly orange hankerchiefs to wipe the sniffles away. Casey's just been boning up reading MCN recently..that's all.

I'd like Birt to ask him,

Why he thinks he won in 2007 with a points gap bigger than the total amount of points he scored the year before?

How he explains the downward spiral the following 3 years?

How come he finished behind Rossi and Pedrosa 2010 when they had all those races off through proper racing injuries?

What it was exactly he asked for from Ducati he didn't get?

What's the miracle cure for his sporadic arm pump that's conveniently trotted out when he has a bad do?

Why did it take so long to find the winning settings at the end of 2010 if there were no new parts?

Why he keeps blaming Dorna when it was the Honda led MSMA that made the rules he's so pissed about?

and finally..

Why he's such a miserable bastard with all that money in the bank while he's riding in GP for a job?


Fkin big girls blouse..


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Aug 02

Posts: 316

cthwaites says:


“Have you conveniently forgotten the big whinge Rossi [with] Toni Elias…?”

No. But that’s not a respect issue. That’s a complaint. For example, I could complain that you make ad hominem arguments. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you.

“I think you'll find RdeP has no issue with receiving a thump on the arm for endangering Stoner in the manner he did. Why do you?”

Same reason Dorna and the press did. It was childish.

He is a great rider though. No argument from me on that.

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Nov 11

Posts: 812

Firebird3 says:


I know the oompa loompas must be upset that Stoner is retiring, in the same way as I would be if Rossi was retiring, but it seems that some people have too much time on their hand, as some of the comments on here are complete paranoia.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5398

Nostrodamus says:

Mr Thwaites

Perhaps you need reminding of your own words

Now he may have been sharp with riders who he felt were a threat (Lorenzo, Stoner, Biaggi, Gibernau) but that's a different point. And at least he didn't punch them on the arm on track (you know who I mean_) or complain about their riding style (Lorenzo on Sic).

Whinge about Elias' riding style because he got beaten is most certainly what Rossi did.

So what in your opinion was the bigger offence. RdeP pootling dangerously on the racing line, or Stoner thumping him on the arm there after? If you want to be taken seriously a bit of common sense please. It was a heat of the moment thump - not real vitriol. Randy made his heart rate jump 50bpm through absent minded stupidity. Bloody fair response in my books.

Stoner was fined by race direction because we're not supposed to show punchy behaviour to kids on the telly. PC world.


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Aug 11

Posts: 797

acanada46 says:


Back to the conspiracy theory,how sad and lonely your life must be.

Maybe dorna could put a shrine somewhere,orange county sounds apt.

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